T-Mobile accidentally leaks OnePlus 9 specs


The latest OnePlus 9 series is supposed to be officially revealed tomorrow, March 23rd. But thanks to T-Mobile, we’re getting more information about the new OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. 

The details of the two phones was discovered by known leakster Evan Blass after T-Mo posted its support pages for the two phones. But as soon as the mistake was realized, T-Mobile also quickly removed these pages. 

According to the leak, the two phones will differ mostly in their cameras and display technology. For starters, the OnePlus 9 Pro will be carrying a 6.7-inch screen with a 1440p display resolution compared to the 1080p panel on the OnePlus 9. Camera-wise, the OnePlus 9 Pro will be equipped with a 50-megapixel main sensor, a 48-megapixel camera, an 8-megapixel sensor, and a 2-megapixel camera. The base model is said to only have three cameras on the back. 

As for similarities, the two will be running on Snapdragon 888 processors and will have 8GB to 12GB of RAM and 128GB to 256GB of storage. The two are also reported to have 4,500mAh batteries. 

These are all the information that was revealed by T-Mobile. We can expect the full specs of the device when it officially gets released by OnePlus tomorrow. 


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