Recent graduates of T-Mobile’s 5G Open Innovation Lab show promising technologies


The past year has forced many of us to continue our lives in a virtual world while we stay at home to avoid getting infected by COVID-19. With the ever growing need to improve technology, T-Mobile has been working with graduates of its 5G Open Innovation Lab to produce new 5G technologies that can improve remote communication and collaboration. And today, T-Mobile has finally unveiled these latest technologies– augmented reality for frontline workers and holographic telepresence. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality for Frontline Workers

T-Mobile has been working with Taqtile, a recent graduate of its 5G Open Innovation Lab project, in order to build technology for frontline workers. Timberline Communications Inc. has used Taqtile’s AR solution operating on T-Mobile’s 5G network to perform cell site upgrades and maintenance. 

With the partnership, frontline workers can use AR solutions to improve their skills and perform complex tasks from anywhere exploring objects such as machinery in 3D from all angles. 

You can check out the technology in action here:

Tech Experience: AR/VR Solutions

Holographic Telepresence

Another 5G technology that T-Mobile’s recent 5G Open Innovation Lab graduate presented is real-time holographic telepresence. For some time now, T-Mobile has been working with Omnivor in testing holographic video calling technology. 

Even though holograms have been around for a few years, they are usually presented as pre-recorded and highly staged productions. Through its partnership with Omnivor, a different holographic experience is being considered. Instead of pre-recorded experiences, they are working into creating real-time holographic video calls from a mobile device. 

You can check out the technology here: 

Tech Experience: Holographic Video Conferencing

With these partnerships, it is important to see how these young companies are shaping up the future. And with T-Mobile’s continued support for developers, they are more than eager to pave the way for technology to be created. T-Mobile has promised to work directly with around 50 startups through its programs T-Mobile Accelerator, 5G Open Innovation Lab, and T-Mobile Ventures. 


Source: T-Mobile

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