T-Mobile has a big 5G-powered announcement on March 4th


T-Mobile has something big lined up for its users this week. 

Earlier today, the Un-Carrier released a blog post inviting interested parties to join their upcoming webcast on Thursday, March 4th. The post says that T-Mobile is getting ready to announce the next big 5G-powered move during that date. 

Right now, insiders don’t have a clue on what this big reveal would be. But there are some theories involving previous announcements made by T-Mobile, as well as its plans for 2021. 

A few months ago, T-Mobile set a couple of goals for 2021: Voice over 5G and 5G carrier aggregation breakthroughs. It’s possible that the big reveal this week could lead to an update to either of those goals. But it’s still uncertain at this point.

If you are interested in joining the webcast, you can click on the link here to watch the big announcement. The event is scheduled for March 4th at 8:30 am PT. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and several other executives will be joining in on the reveal, along with a couple of “very special guests”. But there is no mention on who these guests will be. 


Source: T-Mobile