T-Mobile has a big 5G-powered announcement on March 4th


T-Mobile has something big lined up for its users this week. 

Earlier today, the Un-Carrier released a blog post inviting interested parties to join their upcoming webcast on Thursday, March 4th. The post says that T-Mobile is getting ready to announce the next big 5G-powered move during that date. 

Right now, insiders don’t have a clue on what this big reveal would be. But there are some theories involving previous announcements made by T-Mobile, as well as its plans for 2021. 

A few months ago, T-Mobile set a couple of goals for 2021: Voice over 5G and 5G carrier aggregation breakthroughs. It’s possible that the big reveal this week could lead to an update to either of those goals. But it’s still uncertain at this point.

If you are interested in joining the webcast, you can click on the link here to watch the big announcement. The event is scheduled for March 4th at 8:30 am PT. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and several other executives will be joining in on the reveal, along with a couple of “very special guests”. But there is no mention on who these guests will be. 


Source: T-Mobile


  • Hmmmmm interesting

    • ggfb20

      That was boring for the home consumer, and may have been for the industry enterprises as well. Perhaps T-Mobile has another announcement lined up for later today? Would be nice.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Thanks Christine Torralba at TmoNews for keeping the site alive and updated, we are appreciative…

    • Sharti24

      What happened to Alex?

      • Fan_Atl77

        Unsure, I just noticed Christine Torralba has been the writer for the last few days, maybe, weeks.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Vonr for x55 and lower modems lol or more midband 5g

    • Sharti24

      Can X50 and X55 do VoNR?

      • Zerovanity

        I think they do not support it on a hardware level, but that they may be able to implement a software solution.

  • Justin Miller

    5G goes on and off at times and there’s been weird behavior for the past few weeks – I wonder if it’s related to this launch.

    • Mike Smith

      Maybe where you live. Not true for everyone.

    • Glenn Gore

      I have seen this all the time in recent weeks at my location. 5G has been turned on for months but it can go off for hours and even LTE goes off leaving my phone showing “G” for bare-bones GSM service only. They are tinkering with something. I have seen vehicles of all sorts at the local tower working on something. One day I drove past the tower with my phone showing “G”, so they must have had most everything shut down to do something.

    • Brian Hodges

      Happened to me this weekend. I was pumped to see 5G Saturday but disappointed then it returned to LTE on Monday. I also think something’s up and T-Mobile will (hopefully) the flip the switch on the 4th.

  • Rocketman27

    5G at Home. Let’s GO! F Comcast.

    • iansltx

      That’s my guess at the announcement as well. Seems like they’re getting much quicker at shipping out “trash cans” so maybe their hardware backlog finally eased up and they’re ready to throw more subscribers at the network.

      Could be VoNR or similar though?

  • Harlimus

    does the sd865 support ca?

    • Zerovanity

      The SD 865 does not support band n71-n41 carrier aggregation. That is why they have not turned it one yet. The SD 888 used on the Samsung S21 line, and the Mediatech modem in thr T-Mobile variant of the LG Velvet are capable of it, but not yet turned on.

    • iansltx

      Not NR-NR. Plenty of CA combos involving zero or one NR carriers though.

  • samsung freud

    Probably to turn off 5g for better battery life…oh wait a minute that was verizon.

  • postal worker bruce

    Q-anon is taking over all communications. Liberals report to transportation terminals and get on the bus

  • Willie D

    Whatever this announcement is, certainly won’t apply to my area, SF Bay Area, where TMo has petty much given up since BOTH At&T and Verizon have working, fast, 5G both in low and mmWave. Meanwhile on TMobile on 5G I get LITERALLY speeds that match HSPA 1st Gen 1.3mbps. Both NSA and SA. I’ve pretty much looked at all TMo announcements in the last 4 years as just one more over hyped “me too” Message that completely under delivers

  • iansltx

    While maybe they’ll talk about NR CA or VoNR, my guess is that they’ll say “we’ve widened n41 channels enough that we’re blowing the doors off on 5G based home broadband”, such that they’ll actually promote 5G based home service rather than being more low-key about it like they’ve done so far.

  • vlv723

    Just watched the livestream. It’s more focused for working from home and catered to business accounts.