T-Mobile works with farmers to improve the farming industry in the country


T-Mobile is paying special attention to the farming industry. Earlier today, the wireless carrier shared just how it is doing its part in helping innovation progress in this field. T-Mo has recognized the need for this industry to access 5G data, especially the farmers who have started to embrace wireless technology. 

With this, T-Mobile revealed that it has partnered with Snohomish County, the 5G Open Innovation Lab, and its partners to produce state-of-the-art agriculture technology field lab at a couple of farms situated in rural Washington. The collaboration, named the Food Resiliency Project, is funded by the CARES Act, which aims to bring together the farmers, distributors and technology in order to make a positive transformation in the agricultural field and improve food resiliency.

T-Mobile’s role in this collaboration is to provide 5G access to all Americans, including rural farmers. In doing so, they can provide them the tools they need to help transform their business. This way, they can transform farms into modern ones, which are highly connected farms. With T-Mo’s 5G connection, these farms will be able to use systems that can monitor crops and soil conditions and provide farmers real-time data so they can make necessary adjustments. This also paves the way for remote farming. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G network covers over 280 million people across almost 1.6 million square miles. They are also hoping that their Ultra Capacity 5G network will be able to reach 200 million people before the year ends. T-Mobile is rolling out a 5G network that supports all use cases for 5G, which they call 5G for All. This is built to reach everyone, including individuals residing in rural America who play a vital role in sustaining the farming industry. 

For more information about the Food Resiliency Project, visit this page.

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