T-Mobile offering 50% off on LG Wing 5G, LG Velvet 5G


Back in January, it was perceived that T-Mobile has permanently brought down the price of the LG Wing in a way to attract more people to buy the device. Instead of costing $999, the device was brought down to $696.

Unfortunately, it turns out that it wasn’t a permanent thing. T-Mobile has brought back the price of the phone to the original $999 price tag. But to help alleviate the price of this device, T-Mo is running a 50% off promotion on the LG Wing and the LG Velvet 5G (which costs $588). 

Instead of paying for either phone at an outright purchase, you can enroll it on a device payment plan. With this, you can save 50% on your purchase of the device. The promotion is available to both existing and new customers. 

You will need to activate service on an eligible plan so you can get either device at 50% off. With the discount in place, you can get the LG Wing 5G at $499.99 instead of $999.99. Meanwhile, you can opt for the LG Velvet 5G, which you can purchase for $294 instead of the $588 price tag. 

When you decide to purchase either device on a payment plan, you will have to pay a monthly bill credit for 24 months. But still, this is a great price for either device since you will only pay half for your purchase. 


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