T-Mobile upgrades 5G network in Tampa just in time for Super Bowl 55


T-Mobile has just revealed that it has made some upgrades to its network in Tampa. One of the changes that it made is adding Ultra Capacity mid-band 5G to this area. As a result, customers can enjoy faster download data speed compared to low-band spectrum. 

This network upgrade comes at a perfect time considering it is also the location for the ongoing Super Bowl 55. With the 2020-2021 NFL season coming to a close on Sunday at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, T-Mobile customers will be able to enjoy fast and stable 5G speeds at the location. 

The new network makes mid-band Ultra Capacity 5G available in downtown Tampa. This means that those watching the Super Bowl 55 at the stadium will get to enjoy mid-band and mmWave service. T-Mobile’s network provides 600MHz signals, mid-band 2.5GHz spectrum, and high-band capabilities to fans watching inside the stadium and in the parking lot. 

And at the same time, those watching from home via streaming services will get to enjoy uninterrupted service. T-Mobile promised:

“All these network upgrades in Tampa mean T-Mobile customers in and around the city will benefit from permanently boosted network capacity for years to come. And with more people watching the big game from home this year, T-Mobile will have customers across the U.S. covered with America’s largest and fastest 5G network. Whether streaming the game over T-Mobile’s network or watching ad replays on social media, T-Mobile customers will be able to do it all on the fastest 5G network in the US.”

How are you watching the Super Bowl this year?

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