T-Mobile customers can get a free Panera coffee subscription next Tuesday


Panera is making its return to T-Mobile Tuesdays next week, but the deal will be a little different than just the free coffee that Panera has offered in the past.

T-Mobile and Sprint customers can get a free 3-month subscription to MyPanera+ Coffee next Tuesday, November 10. Normally priced at $8.99 per month, MyPanera+ Coffee offers unlimited hot coffee, iced coffee, and hot tea. This includes any size and any flavor once up to every 2 hours, plus unlimited refills while you’re in a Panera cafe.

Also available to T-Mo and Sprint customers next Tuesday is a deal that’ll offer a $12 shave kit plus free shipping from Flamingo. Subscribers can claim 10 free 4×6 photo prints from CVS Pharmacy next week, too, plus $0.10 off per gallon of gas at Shell.

Next week’s contest will see more than 50,000 people win free gift cards. One hundred grand prize winners will each receive a $300 gift card to their choice of Walmart, Target, or Grubhub. There will also be 50,000 first prize winners who will get a $20 gift card to their choice of Walmart, Target, or Grubhub.


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  • Steve

    Hopefully, if you’ve been a Panera subscriber in the past, you can add these 3 months. That’s the boat I’m in.

    • MisterListerSir

      So how does this work? Can you go in and get a “free” coffee, or do you have to order something else?

      • Steve

        You can just go and get a free coffee. You give them your phone number and they pull up your account, you ask for your drink, and there is no charge. I’ve just gotten coffee about 10 times over the last few months. You don’t get the special drinks like espresso or cappuccino or iced tea for free, but that’s not an issue.

        • MisterListerSir

          That sounds great. That’ll work beautifully when they let us come back to the office. :)

          …now I just wish there was a Panera closer to where I live. :p

    • Sharti24

      Same boat. My panara subscription renews on the 9th

  • forbidinjustice

    I’ve found my local Panera coffee to be almost undrinkable. Absolutely terrible blend. I had to add milk/sugar to disguise it. Sure, the sub was free, but ended up not even being worth the effort to stop by. On the other hand, a lot of people love it…