T-Mobile customers now get $30 discount on iPhone 12 just like AT&T and Verizon users


When the iPhone 12 was announced earlier this week, it was revealed that Apple’s new phone would cost $30 more if you bought it for T-Mobile or Sprint than buying it for AT&T or Verizon. Now that pre-orders for the iPhone 12 have begun, though, T-Mobile and Sprint customers are getting that discount, too.

The iPhone 12 now starts $799 for T-Mobile and Sprint when you buy from Apple, just like it is for AT&T and Verizon. Pricing for the 128GB and 256GB versions of the iPhone 12 are the same across the board now, too, at $849 and $949, respectively. The iPhone 12 mini will get the same $30 discount when it launches next month.

To get that $30 instant discount, activation of your new iPhone 12 is required.


T-Mobile and Sprint customers buying an iPhone 12 from Apple can also get an additional $150 of trade-in credit from the carriers. Just trade in an iPhone 8 or newer in good condition and you’ll get your $150 credit in the form of a virtual prepaid Mastercard.

Interestingly, T-Mobile’s own website isn’t matching the new $30 discount on the iPhone 12, as it’s still priced at $829.99. I’ve asked T-Mo if it plans to lower its price to match the $799 that the iPhone 12 costs from Apple, but have not yet gotten an answer.

It was kind of strange to see that T-Mobile and Sprint customers would have to pay $30 more for the same iPhone 12 than AT&T and Verizon customers, especially after Apple advertised the iPhone 12 as starting at the lower $799 price during its launch event. It’s good to see that T-Mobile and Sprint customers will indeed get that same $30 discount as their AT&T and Verizon counterparts just in time for iPhone 12 pre-orders to start, though.

Source: Apple

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  • stuman19741974 .

    Of course I ordered my 12 right away this morning directly from T-Mobile for the extra $30. Sure hope they give us all a $30 bill credit or something. They couldn’t get this worked out YESTERDAY??? :/

    • Petey07

      I agreed! I ordered right at 4:50am… I hope T-Mobile does something about the $30 extra we all paying to pre-order via T-Mobile…

      • stuman19741974 .

        Yeah, I ordered at 6:58am (Chicago time) and it was $879.99 on T-Mobile and $879.00 about 15 min later on Apple’s site (I checked). Hopefully by tomorrow it will be the same price on the T-Mobile site and they will give credits. Chat with an “expert” just now, the guy told me I was wrong and that the Apple site also showed $879 (NOT).

    • Alex Pilaia

      Teaches you guys to order something the day it is released, rather than wait for specials on the phones that have been out for a month :D


      I don’t see any reason they can’t just deduct it when they charge your card. I know for mine it doesn’t charge till it ships so just take the $30 off or lower the payments for people putting nothing down.

      • stuman19741974 .

        I guess technically, if they keep that $30 higher pricing on their own T-Mobile website, they don’t need to credit anyone.

        But if tomorrow or in the next week or two they do lower their price by $30 to match the Apple website, I absolutely agree they should credit us!

        • THXULTRA

          If they lower the price to be the same as Apple anytime before the launch the right thing would be to credit your card the $30. Still want to know the reason it was $30 higher on T-Mobile to start with…

  • Chops

    Any strings attached to the $150 trade in credit if iPhone comes from Apple.

    • stuman19741974 .

      From what I read, the $150 is a lump rebate so no need to drag over 30 months. Not total however, is probably better with T-Mobile IF you can also get the $200 loyalty rebate.

      I don’t think the $200 loyalty rebate can be added to that $150 Apple deal (if it could, that would be the best one to do).

    • Mintz

      I think trade-in has to be iPhone 8 or above

  • stuman19741974 .

    No, mine was an upgrade to an existing line.

    • Petey07

      Same with me… upgraded two existing lines. I don’t think T-Mobile going to credit some of us because they already offering the loyal subscriber deal too…

  • john

    Which one is better the XS or the 12? I can’t find comparison charts for I need iPhone 12 vs 11 pro vs XS vas 12 pro comparison charts. I have 12 pro and XS oh my plan . If I trade in I would do the XS and keep my 11 pro 512gb phone . Thanks


      The 12 (I’m assuming the regular iphone 12 and not the 12 pro) is better then your 11 pro except it doesn’t have a telephoto camera. Every other way it is a better phone has 5g, Brighter OLED screen, magsafe stuff (if you care), better processor etc. I would get rid of the xs the 12 is better in every way. The battery life alone is a huge jump going to the 12. trade in the XS for the 12.


    Interesting to watch the sales on the Apple site. As of 4:17Eastern you can still get the regular iphone 12 in any color on release day but the pros are pushed into November. I would have expected the regular iphone 12’s to sell out before the pro line.

  • pda96

    Woo hoo!! I’ll take a dozen……NOT ! iPhones are terrible values.

  • krisstofer

    Is the $200 loyal subscriber promo ongoing now? How to get that? I’ve been with TMO for over 10yrs

  • vinnyjr

    The latest iPhone SE IMO is the best deal for any iPhone buyer to date. The best processor, 256 gb of int-storage. Solid Camera, Fingerprint unlock which I’m a fan of. After saying that I’ll still probably buy the new iPhone 12 mini. Still keep my iPhone SE 2020 just in case.

    • Brad C

      All with the power of an AAA battery to power it!

      Seriously though, the SE is a good deal as long as you can be bothered to charge several times a day, I will end up with another ProMax just to have true all-day battery.


      The SE has the a13 the current best processor is the a14 in the iphone12 lineup. Still for the money the SE is a good value. Battery life is a issue though so for me if I was buying I would at least get the iphone11 to get great battery life.


    What is interesting is as of 10/22/20 T-Mobile’s website still shows the iphone12 for $829.99. They should lower their price and match Apple. This and the higher down payments with JOD make me want to go to Apple for new phones.