T-Mobile 5G goes live in Twin Falls, Corvallis, and other markets


T-Mobile says that its 5G network is now available in more places.

T-Mo has flipped the switch on its 5G coverage in Twin Falls, ID; Corvallis, OR; Jackson, TN; and Bozeman, MT. Here’s more information on where you’ll be able to find T-Mobile’s 5G in these cities:

  • Twin Falls and the surrounding area, including Buhl, Wendell, Jerome, and Milner
  • Corvallis, including the campus of Oregon State University, Lewisburg, Dry Creek, Philomath, and Albany
  • Jackson and the surrounding area, including Oakfield, Huntersville, and Pinson
  • The greater Bozeman area, including Montana State University, Springhill Park, Chestnut, Gallatin Gateway, and Manhattan

For more info on exactly where T-Mobile’s 5G is available, you can view the coverage map here.

These network expansions use T-Mobile’s low-band 5G that uses 600MHz spectrum. T-Mobile currently sells five phones that can access this 5G coverage: the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, the Galaxy S20 5G, the Galaxy S20+ 5G,a nd the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

The LG V60 ThinQ 5G is coming to T-Mobile and will support 5G as well, but T-Mo hasn’t said exactly when the V60 will launch or how much it’ll cost.

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  • David

    They need keep adding too Chico,CA they threw up 5G on 1 tower 95965 but not any others around 10mile radius!

    • Mark

      I thought California 5G won’t go live until the second half of 2020.

  • bkat11

    Keep an eye out for Tampa FL. Found some activated towers in Tampa and Clearwater FL and a full launch is imminent

  • Linx

    5G is a disappointment thus far for all the areas (Miami, Phoenix, Palm Springs) I’ve been to so far. 4G is consistently faster by usually double the speed.

    I am aware that this is very early on and it will get better, but the way the ad campaigns are designed it you might think the crazy speeds would already be here.

    • David

      When I speed test that 5G tower it was around 75Mbps down and 4G was 120Mbps..I will say that upload is higher I have seen on the 5G tower over 4G!

      • Glenn Gore

        I have noticed this too using my McLaren 5G phone. While the 5G download speeds have been FAR less than what LTE is putting out, the upload speeds have been noticeably faster, double that of LTE. This is not producing any noticeable improvements or changes but hopefully bodes well for 5G’s capabilities. 600 Mhz 5G is not capable of much faster downloads than LTE. And I don’t know whether T-Mobile is using LTE for uploads, they might be.

        • David

          I am also using McLaren 5G been a great phone minus the battery drain I just keep the 5G off..Looking forward to the 8 coming out!

  • Glenn Gore

    4 places in this round of 5G launches, man the pace of them has slowed to a crawl since the big launch back in December. One can only hope that when the Sprint merger (theoretically) finalizes in the next couple of months that it does not take 4-5 years for T-Mobile to put all the unused Sprint spectrum into actual operation. I sure hope not.

    • SirStephenH

      They only list the big cities in the area, not every single little town. Have you seen the map? At a glance roughly a quarter of T-Mobile’s total land coverage is also covered by 5G.

      You’re actually complaining that deployment has “slowed to a crawl” in the middle of winter though? All deployments, including this one, slow during winter due to weather and whatnot but it’s disingenuous to claim that it has slowed to a crawl in this case.

      The Sprint merger would only slow things down because resources would be spread even further to include shutting down old towers, upgrading Sprint “keep” towers to T-Mobile’s standards, and deploying Sprint spectrum on T-Mobile towers.

      • Glenn Gore

        With the new radios that T-Mobile has been installing in the 600 Mhz upgrades, most of these changes in spectrum use and capabilities can be done through software, not requiring an actual visit to a site. Not all sites, of course, but some of them, ones that have RRU’s and they have been moved up on the tower to the antenna bays. 5G was actually turned on here for 24 hours a month ago, it was running and fully functional on their 600 Mhz spectrum. I drove out to the local T-Mobile site to see what they were doing, and there was no one there, no technician/truck, nobody. It ran another 4 hours from the time I was there and then shut down and hasn’t been turned back on since. So I know the upgrade should be close and can be done remotely.

  • AA-Ron

    Guys chill out. Right now 5g on tmobile is more about coverage over speed. 4g is faster now because its combining multiple bands into one connection. With 5G you are pulling those speeds off of only one band. Wait until it advances a little more before you get all bent out of shape.

  • Mike Smith

    I’m going to pick up the S20 Ultra this week. Does anyone know where the mmw 5G is in LA? It’s my understanding in a few spots?

  • CC

    LOL T-mo 5G is slower than Verizon 4G – No thanks