OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren update rolling out on T-Mobile with fix for GPS issue


Heads up, 5G early adopters, because there’s a new update now rolling out to T-Mobile’s OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren.

The new update bumps the OP7T Pro 5G McLaren to version 10.0.19.HD61CB and is 104.2MB. The changelog mentions a fix for a GPS issue that some owners have been having lately when connected to 5G.

Also included in this update are some other unspecified bug fixes as well as the December 2019 Android security patches.


This update is now rolling out over the air, so if you’re rocking a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, you should see it in the coming days. You can also jump into your Settings app and check for it manually.

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren owners, let us know when you get this update installed and if it does fix your GPS issues!

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  • Trevnerdio

    Thank goodness! I’ve only experienced the GPS issues once (very rare, I always have the worst luck with phones and experience every flaw) but I’m so glad they’re at least trying.

  • EdzGnote7

    Where’s the one for the GN10+5G???????!!!!!!!!!

    • Timbo1

      Maybe next year?

  • Alexander McCall

    Was having this issue with OP5G consistently and the update has, seemingly fixed it. Tested it on a 20 minute commute and no hiccups or disconnects.

  • Nikitao1

    So far I feel jipped on my GN10+5G. It’s by no means faster for downloads on the new 5G network, and new modem inside messes up switching between 5G and 4G causing any media, games and GPS to stop working right. Games specifically stutter like crazy, COD mobile just straight up stutters all the time, basically unusable. Worse the battery life has been below what I got on my normal Note 10. Feels a lot like a quick money grab from Tmo.

  • Glenn Gore

    I’ve been really happy with my McLaren phone. OnePlus devices are great and the company has the best record of timely and frequent Android OS updates of any manufacturer. 5G really was not much of a consideration for me when I bought the phone, I did it because my contract was up for renewal and T-Mobile was offering a nice trade-in value for my old phone. Even though 5G is available pretty much everywhere around here, the download speeds are no better, and in a lot of places, much worse than on T-Mobile’s LTE+. But at least it’s available and hopefully will get better. I am ready to see the next round of 5G expansions come about, which will hopefully be soon.

  • TheNitzel

    Got the update this morning and now I can’t send MMS messages. Just curious if anyone else sees the same problem?

    • Netsunesa P

      I got the update last night, and now this morning all my wireless is gone. I have requested a return label now. :/

      • TheNitzel

        For what it’s worth I had similar issues and just rebooted my phone again after the update and that’s solved my problems.

    • Mike

      I had that problem before the update. Couldn’t send mms but ONLY while on WiFi. I updated last night and just tried it now and it took about 10 seconds but it sent it. I am also using the google messages app in case that matters.

  • rbaggio00

    its better but still not fully fixed, still takes a couple of minutes before it locks in