T-Mobile rumored to be in last-minute merger lawsuit settlement talks with New York


Just days before the lawsuit attempting to block T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger is set to begin, a new report claims that the two carriers are in settlement talks with one of the attorneys general leading the litigation.

T-Mobile and Sprint are in last-minute settlement talks with New York Attorney General Letitia James, according to Fox Business‘s Charles Gasparino. Details on the talks are light right now, but as one of the two AGs leading the lawsuit against the merger — the other being California’s Xavier Barcerra — a settlement with James would be a big deal for T-Mo and Sprint. Of course, it’s possible that no settlement will be reached.

In other merger news, T-Mobile is reportedly considering a price cut to the deal. CNBC‘s David Faber says that T-Mo is thinking about lowering its price for Sprint as the price of Sprint stock has fallen since the merger was first announced.site

Faber goes on to say that the the first order of business for T-Mobile is the aforementioned trial, but if T-Mo wins or can reach a settlement with the state AGs, the company is expected to want to cut the price of its deal.

The lawsuit over the merger will begin Monday, December 9th. After a few states recently reached settlements with T-Mobile and dropped out of the lawsuit, there are 14 state AGs remaining opposed to the deal.

Sources: Charles Gasparino (Twitter), CNBC

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  • Al Beto O

    It should drop.

  • Jamil Saeid

    Tmobile needs sprint badly for the spectrum to enable Tmobile to offer a real 5G. The tmobile merger is a stock exchange of 9.75 S to 1 Tmus when the stock was traded at $62 in April 2018. The media keep quoting 26 billions take over which is not correct it is the exchange of stocks Tmus is trading in the 70s range for about a year.

    • Aaron a

      Ya people are seeing how slow the 5ge clone is going for TMobile , 600mhz is giving them bad reviews on the 4g lte massive mimo aka fake 5g network. This will be a blow to TMobile if they don’t get the merger . Sprint will actually recover the next few years if the merger doesn’t happen. And people will be leaving TMobile if it doesn’t happen because they aren’t being honest with alot of the business. If the merger happens then none of the promises will come to be and they will only have a small fine of up to 100mil which is cheaper than deploying 5g where fiber doesn’t exist. So rual 5g is a pipe dream it won’t happen merger or not

      • Francisco Peña

        You work for Sprint?? LOL… Sprint is in a death spiral.. they won’t recover.

        • Aaron a

          Nope it’s called softbank. They are a very large company. If you look at what Sprint owns , VoIP technology, arm, spectrum etc. If the merger fails they would be just fine. Hell they just offered a job to John ledgere at a company they bought to have him as CEO. Softbank is huge I was actually surprised Sprint was looking to have this reverse buyout. When they have the cash to let TMobile tank with their 5ge clone. TMobile can only lie to consumers so long. They have to be careful. Why do I need to work for Sprint to see how everything is going to turn out if the merger doesn’t happen. Hell TMobile paid off Donald Trump to push this merger through. I don’t see why so many people are for this merger. I guess everyone that has TMobile wants more congestion on their towers. Becoming a 4g and 5g only service and cutting towers. Once the merger happens 2g and 3g on both CDMA and gsm will be shut down so they can consolidate everyone to the same towers and shutting down extra expenses causing more congestion. TMobile out west already has a problem my service is going to get worse I’m on a mvno of TMobile paying $15 a month and that is still too much to pay since the congregation is already bad

        • Francisco Peña

          Sprint is owned by SoftBank, yes. SB isn’t in a death spiral, Sprint is. Sprint was 3rd by a nice margin and now they are 4th by a wide margin. They aren’t going to jump ahead of Tmo anytime soon at the rate they are going.

          And your comment about “TMobile paid off Donald Trump to push this merger through.” shows what you are.. delusional TDS. Trump hasn’t pushed this through like you are claiming.

          I’d rather have TMo’s “5G” in a wider area, than ATT/VZW’s current 5G that only works on 4 blocks across the country.

          2G and 3G is already being phased out to use those bands for newer technologies. In case you missed it, ATT announced they’d phase it out, back in 2012, and sent messages to subscribers in 2015/16. VZW announced in 2012 they’d phase it out also, and recently said it would happen by the end of this year. Go search if you doubt me. Those aren’t announcements by TMO. they were done 7 years ago by ATT/VZW.

          Verizon in April said 92 of internet traffic was LTE. The few 2/3G phones out there, isn’t going to cause as much congestion (not congregation, unless we are going to church) as you think.

          I’m sure you are aware, that most MVNOs slow down that MVNO FIRST in times of congestion. Plus, at $15 a month, I’m sure you aren’t on any large data plan, so I’m sure you’ve maxed your 1GB plan the first week of the billing cycle and are complaining.

  • Aaron a

    With TMobile 5ge clone they are desperate. I don’t think they can afford it if Sprint backs out. And I don’t think they will drop the price. If not it’s too much to risk when all the other carriers are dropping true 5g networks . And TMobile 5g is a 4g lte with massive mimo.

  • Francisco Peña

    Shakedown.. pure and simple.

    • Red

      Standard procedure for that state and flavor of politician.