Apple releases iOS 13.3 update with new Communication Limits feature, bug fixes, and more


Apple’s got another update ready for you iPhone and iPad owners.

iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 are now available for download. This update brings with it several notable features, including one that should make parents happy. Communication Limits is being added to Screen Time so that parents can control who their children can contact in the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps. The contact list for kids lets parents manage who appear on their children’s devices.

There are updates for the Apple News and Stocks, app, like the ability to easily like or dislike Apple News stories with a tap and new “Breaking” and “Developing” labels for Top Stories in Stocks. Apple is also adding support for NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari, giving users another option for two-factor authentication.

Other improvements in iOS 13.3 include a fix for an issue that could cause screenshots to appear blurry when sent in Messages, a fix for an issue where the Cellular Data setting may incorrectly appear as off, and a fix for an issue where some wireless chargers may charge more slowly than expected.

The full iOS 13.3 changelog can be found below. You can install it by going into Settings > General > Software Update. Also of note is that Apple today released an update to watchOS 6.1.1 for the Apple Watch that includes “important security updates”. It’s available in the Watch app on your iPhone.

iOS 13.3 includes improvements, bug fixes and additional parental controls for Screen Time.

Screen Time

  • New parental controls provide more communication limits over who their children can call, FaceTime, or Message
  • Contact list for children lets parents manage the contacts that appear on their children’s devices

Apple News

  • New layout for Apple News+ stories from The Wall Street Journal and other leading newspapers
  • Easily like or dislike stories with a tap


  • Stories from Apple News are now available in Canada in English and French
  • Continue reading with links to related stories or more stories from the same publication
  • “Breaking” and “Developing” labels for Top Stories

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements. This update:

  • Enables the creation of a new video clip when trimming a video in Photos
  • Adds support for NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari
  • Fixes issues in Mail that may prevent downloading new messages
  • Addresses an issue that prevented deleting messages in Gmail accounts
  • Resolves issues that could cause incorrect characters to display in messages and duplication of sent messages in Exchange accounts
  • Fixes an issue where the cursor may not move after long pressing on the space bar
  • Addresses an issue that may cause screenshots to appear blurry when sent via Messages
  • Resolves an issue where cropping or using Markup on screenshots may not save to Photos
  • Fixes an issue where Voice Memos recordings may not be able to be shared with other audio apps
  • Addresses an issue where the missed call badge on the Phone app may not clear
  • Resolves an issue where the Cellular Data setting may incorrectly show as off
  • Fixes an issue that prevented turning off Dark Mode when Smart Invert was enabled
  • Addresses an issue where some wireless chargers may charge more slowly than expected

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  • mikeZo6

    Always on Top keeping thing working Great

  • Disqus5218

    Works like garbage. Still no setting to prevent autocorrection (see “breaking”) the previous word when sliding to type. No option to disable the “animations” in text that Apple puts in automatically as I don’t want to have to reduce motion on New Years/4th of July/my bday to stop it when my friends don’t send animations AND Apple insultingly gives the option to KEEP the garbage automatic animations with reduce motion on, but not get rid of them with reduce motion off.

    Not to mention the 500 other tweaks they could offer but don’t.

    • Andrew

      This might blow your mind… but you could get a different phone.

      • Disqus5218

        “Don’t like something that should clearly be an option? Don’t buy it!” THAT’S why Apple and other companies are able to get away with releasing crappy buggy software. Any GOOD coder would add both switches not just “keep animations”

        • Andrew

          No. They get away with it because you give them your money in exchange for crappy buggy software.

        • Disqus5218

          False. Doesn’t work on things like this. That works for a mom and pop shop. Doesn’t work when there are two choices. And it doesn’t excuse Apple’s bad coding as enough people are still going to buy it. And to answer your next question, no, the fact people don’t realize this “isn’t how it should be” and report this, doesn’t mean it’s not an issue. Good job apologizing for Apple’s lazy coding!

        • Andrew

          I didn’t apologize for anything. I bought a Note 10 and returned my iphone 11 pro. Problem solved. But stay mad I guess.

        • Disqus5218

          You kinda are. I pointed out why it’s bad, and you just brought up “Buy another phone that doesn’t let you remove crappy bloated apps like Flipboard, and doesn’t let you operate it without a SIM card (speaking about my S8+ here since Samsung kept a nag screen on it that prevented me from using my Gear with it)”, let alone that they prevent you from removing their built-in spyware that is the Facebook installer if you want to also use the GearVR which they didn’t expressly say requires F-erberg’s software. I’m just glad I got SABS on that before Samsung sued them over nonsense.

          So no, buy another phone isn’t the answer. I hate that my TV has built in apps, I don’t hunt around for a lower quality TV without apps, I just don’t have my TV on the internet. I can’t do that with Apple, so I voice my disdain for their nonsense, as they won’t know any other way. I don’t know they’ll see this, but “you can’t change the world, but you can make a dent” – Sheldon Mopes/Smoochy the Rhino/Edward Norton