T-Mobile’s John Legere not expected to become new WeWork CEO


At the start of the week, a new report claimed that WeWork was in talks with T-Mobile’s John Legere to become its new CEO. Now at the end of the week, we’ve got a resolution to that situation.

Legere will not become the new CEO of WeWork. That’s according to sources speaking to CNBC, who say that the T-Mo CEO has taken himself out of the running for the position.

WeWork is reportedly still considering “a number” of different candidates for its CEO position.

Rumors suggested that Legere was one of the possibilities for the new WeWork CEO, which was especially notable because Marcelo Claure has become executive chairman and is working to fix WeWork after the company has had a tumultuous past couple of months. Claure is a former CEO and current executive chairman of Sprint, and he played a major part in T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger agreement.

The news that Legere is staying at T-Mobile is big for the company and the merger. The T-Mo CEO is credited with helping make T-Mobile into a more competitive U.S. carrier with the various Un-carrier moves its made over the past seven years, and many people want him to remain at T-Mobile if the merger is approved to help ensure that all of the commitments T-Mo is making actually happen.

Source: CNBC

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  • squiggleslash

    Always seemed a little unlikely. WeWork is too tied to its founder. While there’s a germ of a good concept behind the business, it’d be better to create a new company from scratch here than try to reculture a company broken from the beginning.

    • Acdc1a

      Ever hear of Regus? Exact same concept.

  • Phil

    Great news!

  • ub2noz4me

    Legere….Let him stay at T-Mobile !!

  • TrentonKnew

    I wish I could think of the words to convey the level of non-surprise I have.

    I was actually looking at all these articles coming out saying, “WeWork trying to [woo/court/whatever] John Legere,” and I’m like, “yeah, good luck with that”

  • RealShit

    Who cares

  • Android_God

    Against my better judgement I picked up the 7t from T-Mobile. Happy with it but oh boy, it was next to the Pixel 4 which has an odd looking screen. Way too much bezel and chin and it looked like a joke compared to the 7t

  • Jose Mendoza

    I am so glad! He’s the only reason somewhat of competition even exists right now! Or else, we’d be stuck with Verizon charging for data buckets or $100 just for one line. I hope he renews his contract next year!

  • Rob Delp

    Lucky for him. Wework is kinda of an Enron company.