T-Mobile rolls out discounts on iPhone XS and XS Max, Pixel 3a and 3a XL


Today’s the day that T-Mobile’s Magenta Friday deals go live, but those aren’t the only new offers that T-Mo has rolled out.

T-Mobile is now offering discounts on Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max as well as the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Spotted by users on Reddit, the iPhone XS sales start at $250 off its original price while the Pixel 3a deals start at $150 off.

Here are the discounts that T-Mo has available:

  • iPhone XS 64GB: $0 down and $31.25 per month, $749.99 full retail ($250 off)
  • iPhone XS 512GB: $99.99 down and $31.25 per month, $849.99 full retail ($500 off)
  • iPhone XS Max 64GB: $99.99 down and $31.25 per month, $849.99 full retail ($250 off)
  • Pixel 3a 64GB: $0 down and $10.42 per month, $249.99 full retail ($150 off)
  • Pixel 3a XL 64GB: $0 down and $13.75 per month, $329.99 full retail ($150 off)

As of this post, all four phones are in stock and ready to ship from T-Mobile’s online store.

While the iPhone XS and XS Max aren’t the latest Apple flagships, they’re still well-specced devices that ought to serve most everyone well for a while. Plus, getting $500 off the 512GB version of the iPhone XS is a pretty nice deal for anyone who wants to carry a ton of music, videos, or games everywhere they go.

And then there’s the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which are affordable ways to get the high-quality camera found in the Pixel 3 as well as guaranteed updates through May 2022.

Are you thinking about jumping on any of these deals?

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  • steveb944

    Those Pixel deals are better than Google Store for Black Friday.

    • Perhaps, but T-Mo not offering discount of 4 XL? Google is….

      • steveb944

        Hence why I said these.

  • mikeZo6

    Don’t see this deal at all not on Tmo ?

    • r0xis

      It’s just a price reduction. Not promotion.

      • mikeZo6

        Im not seeing price reduction either

        • riverhorse

          May need to add a line first…

  • Angel

    So does this mean I can return the Pixel 3a XL I started an EIP on in August and get a new one at the lower price?

  • gramps28

    No wireless charging on the Pixel 3a XL is a deal breaker for me.

    • riverhorse

      Not at $300 it shouldn’t be. And even at flag$hip level I would overlook it if I got everything else.

      • gramps28

        I use my phone as a GPS so it’s easier putting it in a wireless
        charging cradle.

  • Andrew

    These aren’t deals. $749 isn’t $250 off the price of a XS. Maybe a year ago.

    • Martyy

      Seriously. I’d rather go with the 11 any day

  • gramps28

    I would put it as a tweener phone. For it’s suggested price it’s not
    a mid tier to me.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Going to but you unfortunately can’t use the Jump Plan for these. Laaaame…

    • Jared Hylton

      Now that John has officially gotten the Sprint spectrum, Deutsche Telekom only plans on churning out crap deals, and turning up the costs, regardless of what they’ve been saying. I’m going back to Verizon, where the network is always reliable, even if it does cost your first born child to pay for service. That Razr exclusivity is such a hot topic RN. As weird as the phone is in concept, I want the damn thing. Just for like, $1000, not $1499.

      • atown7475


  • Robert Powell

    Great… just great…. I got the 3a shortly after it was announced. I see that it went down $150 in price, and I owe significantly more than its current price. Wow, T-Mobile… is this what I get to look forward to from y’all? It would be nice if I could at least get a bill credit covering the difference.

    • Acdc1a

      I’m sure your Chevy dealer will cut you a check for depreciation and any new incentives given AFTER you buy your car too. Seems like a legit request.

    • jralphroman

      what world do you live in, that you get back what items depreciate?

    • Silly.

  • Jared Hylton

    There were a few models, although they’re now not available for purchase in the United States.

  • Anyone have any idea if T-Mo will be discounting the Pixel 4XL? Google is offering $200 off – I wonder if T-Mo will match them?

  • Koolme666

    I just got the pixel 3a and don’t regret it, great phone, feels a little cheap but can’t beat the price. I love it and it has USB C and headphone jack. And it feels great in the hand. Ladies you know the procedure.