Mississippi announces support for T-Mobile-Sprint merger after reaching new agreement


Mississippi was one of the first states involved in the lawsuit from a group of state attorney generals who want to block T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger, but today, Mississippi has flipped sides.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has now come out in support of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. He announced today that he’s struck an agreement with T-Mobile that will bring benefits specifically for the state of Mississippi. Hood says that before the new agreement, the merger would’ve benefitted just two percent of Mississippians with future 5G service.

As part of its new agreement with Mississippi, T-Mobile has made the following commitments:

  • Within three years of the merger closing, T-Mobile will deploy a 5G network with at least 62 percent of Mississippi’s general and rural populations having access to download speeds of 100Mbps or higher
  • Within six years of the merger closing, T-Mo’s 5G network will cover at least 92 percent of Mississippi’s general population and 88 percent of the state’s rural population
  • The commitments include 5G service in rural areas including, but not limited to Amite, Carroll, Choctaw, Covington, Franklin, Greene, Issaquena, Kemper, Lawrence, Marion, Perry, Smith, Tippah, and Walthall counties
  • T-Mobile also made limited price commitments and vowed to decrease prices as supply increased, particularly as Dish enters the mobile market

Hood also says that in his discussions with T-Mobile, he confirmed that there will be no retail job losses and that new stores will be opened in rural areas.

“The world around us is almost fully digital, but Mississippi is lagging behind with internet deserts across the state.” said AG Hood. “My agreement with T-Mobile will help fill this gap, and I appreciate their commitments made specifically to Mississippi counties that lacked service. Access to the internet results in better access to education, jobs, and health care.”

With Mississippi switching sides, the lawsuit against T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger has 17 state AGs who argue that the deal will lessen competiton, raise prices, and harm jobs. The trial in that lawsuit is set to begin on December 9. Meanwhile, several other states have voiced their support for the deal, including Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Ohio, and now Mississippi is part of that group, too.

Source: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood

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  • John Doe

    T-Mobile needs to flip more states to even out the playing field sooner or later NY and California will cave.

    • Raylz

      Our NY AG she is stubborn, more than likely Cali would first

      • Roderick Knighten

        No way CA caves first. Its Texas that this merger hinges on. California is 10% of the US population and contributes 15% of US economic output so the state has a lot of weight to throw around on its own. However, the effort hinges on Texas because that’s the heartland of the GOP and it negates the “those whiny liberals in CA/NY” defense. It dosen’t hurt that CA,NY, & TX together are 30% of the population and produce 40% of national GDP.

  • steveb944

    Slowly but surely.

  • Christopher Lee Sims

    As someone who lives in MS this is a GREAT thing for us!

  • Sharti24

    Love that coverage on base. NOT

    255 Rosenbaum Ave, Meridian, MS 39309

  • Sayahh

    What about Sprint store closures?

    • marque2

      It’s ok the Pokemon stops will stay.

  • George B

    Seems to me that Jim Hood should have been most concerned with New T-Mobile adding coverage and capacity in parts of Mississippi where neither T-Mobile nor Sprint separately are strong competitors to Verizon and AT&T. Do you want your phone to work well across Mississippi for a lower monthly price or do you want more T-Mobile retail employees? Similarly, 5G promises in themselves aren’t that relevant. Any new equipment that New T-Mobile installs is going to be able to support 5G NR because it would be a waste of money to buy a base station today that can’t be upgraded to 5G in future. What matters is that New T-Mobile expands their network to add a strong 3rd nationwide carrier option for more customers in Mississippi.

    The other Mississippi-specific issue is how T-Mobile supports roaming for C Spire customers. Sprint needed any revenue it could get, so it was willing to support roaming for C Spire and other small regional cellular companies. Will New T-Mobile support C Spire?

  • riverhorse

    The O’Jays warned us way back when.
    Money Money Money Money, Money…
    Back Stabbers…

  • emcdonald75

    Amazing that you read this regarding MS making an agreement with T-Mobile for expanded 5G coverage, but you never/rarely see any MS towns or cities listed on the news alerts regarding low-band and mid-band coverage expansion or additional capacity. 2+2 = Whatever we want it to be???

  • marque2

    Jim Hood got his bribe.

  • JG

    Within three years of the merger closing, T-Mobile will deploy a 5G network with at least 62 percent of Mississippi’s general and rural populations having access to download speeds of 100Mbps or higher

    I know Pai et al wants to make 5G sound like it’s going to be the answer to all of our prayers when it comes to the digital divide & crappy internet speeds… But….

    Unless I’m misunderstanding something, only the milimeter wave frequencies will be able to produce the higher speed connections… And that’s only possible if your always within arms reach of a microcell…

    It won’t be possible to install microcells outside of uber populated areas like NYC and DC… For those of us living in rural areas especially, we’ll have to put up with low band 5G… Verizon has said that’ll be like being connected to a “good LTE network”… So we’re talking connection speeds in the 20-30 mbps range… No where near the 100mbps+ speeds Mississippi wants…