T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active now receiving its Android Pie update


Nearly six months after the Samsung Galaxy S8 got its Android Pie update from T-Mobile, the Galaxy S8 Active has started receiving its own slice of Pie.

T-Mobile is now updating the Galaxy S8 Active to version G892USQU5CSG7, which includes bump to Android 9 Pie with Samsung’s One UI. The update to One UI brings with it several new features, including interactive elements moving toward the bottom of the screen to make them easier to reach, support for replying to messages directly in the notification panel, Unicode 11.0 emojis, night mode, and new always-on display clock styles.

This update for the Galaxy S8 Active also includes the July 1, 2019 Android security patches.


The 1687.16MB update is rolling out over the air and some Galaxy S8 Active owners have already gotten it, so you should see it on your GS8 Active soon. You can also check for it manually by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. It definitely took a while to get here, but at least the Galaxy S8 Active has finally gotten its Pie update.

Once your GS8 Active is updated to Android Pie, share your first impressions with us!

Thanks, BestMVNO!

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  • Android_God

    I get that there are no guarantees on updates but this is getting ridiculous in terms of LG. Maybe it’s time they move out of the smartphone space. I’m bailing for either Google or OnePlus in the next few months.

  • luke516

    Hahahahaha I was wondering if this phone would EVER get updated!

  • Glenn Gore

    One more month to go on my contract and I can finally throw this LG V30 in the trash. Two years and not one single Android OS update, it is beyond ridiculous! Currently running on April’s Google Security Update. Promise after promise, schedule delays after announcements galore, this debacle is the perfect example of what a failure and complete mess that Android OS updates are. It’s gotten so bad and evidently so embarrassing that neither LG nor T-Mobile even mention the V30 any more. Pretty damn sad.

    • Awesomeguy1234

      Thing is Lg phones depricate quick,hell even at launch. . At launch I was able to snag the g8 for 500.

      If you need updates get a pixel.

      • Bklynman

        It really bad with LG phones,u can brand new ones on ebay from anywhere from $120-$200.Depeding on the model. Used anywhere from $70 to $150.00
        From the g6 to v30,v7.

        • Awesomeguy1234

          For sure. G7 is still around 300 new, but that’s a steal in my opinion

        • Bklynman

          No,it lower than that,there a ebay store that sell them for $240.00 (with tax)brand new!! My sister ask me what phone she should get(she need new one)she didn’t want to spend awhole lot. Total cost with 2 yr service contact with Square Trade,and a look like pretty good case. total cost $280.00 Free shipping. Case didn’t come with it.

        • Awesomeguy1234

          Holy crap, that’s one hell of a deal. The joys of extreme deprication

        • Bklynman

          LoL,the name of the store is exelic (dot) store. They are in NYC,with 14 days shipping time,free shipping, I will see what kinds of deals Samsung has for bk,friday and Christmas,if they have nothing good,will keep my Note 9 until nx yr,sell it,see what this store has.

    • Bklynman

      I just saw youtube video (believe it was from South Korea)aV30 got Pie!! This was recent,I believe about 1wk ago I believe. Check my v30 got off of ebay for a backup,nothing !!!

  • Mike Smith

    Why does Samsung bother releasing an OLD operating system? It’s just crazy why not go right to Android 10?