T-Mobile Gear S3 Frontier now receiving One UI update


Heads up, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier owners, because there’s a major update coming your way.

T-Mobile is now pushing a One UI update to its Gear S3 Frontier. This update is 113.61MB and bumps the smartwatch up to Tizen version and One UI version 1.0.


The update to One UI includes updated motion and interface graphics for a refreshed look, improved Settings menus for easier discovery, and a battery optimization setting that’ll let you manage background apps. Here’s Samsung’s full changelog for the update:

One UI for Watch

  • Check information on your watch at a quick glance. Updated graphics(motion, interface) delivers refreshed look.

Watch faces

  • You can now download new designs of watch faces.

Quick panel

  • Now supports additional pages to allow quick access to setting control.


  • Setting menus have been updated for easier discovery. Daily briefing setting has been added for watch to be smarter. Additionally, Sleeping mode can now be turned on/off. Watch can now be set to wake up by touching the screen.

Samsung Health

  • Daily Activity feature added which shows user’s daily activity (Move, Workout, Hourly Activity).
  • Usability improved by continuous syncing in between paired smartphone and watch. Watch also begins to track workout quicker.

Battery optimization

  • Setting to manage background apps have been added.

This is a big update, and while it took a little time to make it to T-Mobile’s Gear S3 (the update was announced in May), it’s good to see Samsung’s improved One UI finally hitting T-Mo customers’ wrists. If you’ve got a T-Mobile Gear S3, you can check for this update by launching your Settings app and selecting “Gear info” followed by “Update Gear software” and then taping the check mark.

When your T-Mobile Gear S3 gets its update, be sure to let us know what you think of One UI!

Thanks, Tom!

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  • Francisco Peña

    this is only the TMo version right? I have the unlocked and I got it a while back.

    • Alex Wagner

      Yeah, this is for the T-Mobile version of the Gear S3.

      • Yonatan Ben Magen

        Lol, took me a minute to figure that part out that it was the LTe version.

        The One U1 is nice, it did kill battery life a little, but so have other updates since Spring 2018.

        I do like that website notifications and SMS jpgs are showing in notifications.

  • token2k6

    It looks really nice! Complete overhaul. Too bad I just cancelled my $5 data service last month. With the constant having to reset the watch up, it wasn’t worth it. Remote Connection only worked less than half the time. It’s been a great watch since launch, may get the new one, not sure!

  • jpco20

    Pretty sure this is the very first OneUI update, which is supposed to have a serious battery drain issue. Believe there’s a second update which corrects it. If true, hoping TMO releases that one as well.