New T-Mobile deal offers a free voice line when you add one


The Galaxy Note 10 BOGO deal isn’t the only offer that T-Mobile recently launched.

T-Mobile has rolled out a 2019 Buy a Line, Get a Line Free deal. With this offer, existing T-Mobile customers can add a paid voice line to their qualifying plan and get another voice line for free after monthly bill credits.

You’ll need at least two voice lines on a qualifying T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus Family, or Simple Choice plan to take advantage of this offer. T-Mo also notes that if you cancel service on any of your lines within 12 months or move to an ineligible plan, you’ll lose the monthly bill credit for the free line. There’s a maximum of one free line per account.

Finally, a T-Mobile employee on Reddit says that you can’t cancel your existing lines and then add two lines to take advantage of this deal. There’s no explicit mention of this on T-Mobile’s website, but we have seen T-Mo deals in the past that said you’d be ineligible if you recently canceled a line. So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about taking advantage of this new deal.

You can take advantage of this limited time offer by visiting a T-Mobile retail store or contacting T-Mo support.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • marque2

    Voice means no data? I wonder if there is a way to transfer my home phone number so it will ring on my wife’s phone without having to buy an extra phone. I would be willing to pay something for TMobile to hold the number.

    • dcmanryan

      No. You get data. Voice means not a tablet sim or a watch sim. You’d have the same T-Mobile One or Simple Choice benefits depending on the plan you’re on. That’s how it’s always been in the past so I’m almost positive this deal will be no different.

    • John Unrath

      Why not just set Call Forward on the home phone. I have a landline with Comcast. They will ring the home phone and the cell phone when a call comes in. T-Mobile also has Land-Link (LIve -Link??) for less then a cost of a new phone line. You can have that ring two places. You need to talk to them.

      • marque2

        We do that – but I am not sure why I should pay Vonage $25 a month for a line we don’t really use.

    • Andrew

      They mean phone lines not tablet/wearable lines. It has data.

  • francob911 .

    When is the last day for this promo?