New T-Mobile deal offers $400 off Galaxy S10 with trade-in


T-Mobile has unleashed a new deal to help you save some cash when buying a Samsung Galaxy S10.

Yesterday T-Mobile rolled out its 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 Trade In deal, which will get you $400 off the price of a Galaxy S10 when you trade in a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8. To get this deal, you’ll need to buy a Galaxy S10 on a 24-month Equipment Installment Plan and then trade in a fully paid off Galaxy S7 or S8 series device that’s in good condition.

If you qualify for the deal, you’ll get monthly bill credits, which means you’ll need to keep your account active and in good standing to continue receiving the credits.

This offer is available to new and existing customers as well as T-Mobile for Business customers. New customers must activate two new voice lines to qualify. The deal is open to all postpaid consumer and Business plans with two or more voice lines.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is currently priced at $799.99 from T-Mobile, which means you could score one for $399.99 if you take advantage of this deal. That’s a nice price for a flagship Android smartphone that launched four months ago. T-Mobile isn’t saying when this limited time deal will end, so if you’re interested in it, you may want to jump on it sooner rather than later.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    Did this deal earlier today. No issues. Not a bad price for a flagship phone.

    • alex959

      Do you have to have two lines on the account to get this offer. I’ve been a postpaid customer for years, but only have one phone line (but I also have a tablet line, but don’t know whether that counts). Thx.

      • besweeet

        I do believe they require accounts with at least two voice lines.

  • Android_God

    It’s time for OnePlus to step up to the deal plate

  • Michael Elkin

    Finally one that does not require a new line. I do wish it was available for the S10e though. As far as the trade in, does it matter than my screen has burn in or image retention?

    • Peggy J Adams

      They said the phone has to be in good condition so I’m thinking it should look like it’s barely been used….. I.e…… No scratches, burn marks cracks…etc but you NEVER know unless you go&try I would call before making the trip for nothing. Js

  • tmo_repatl

    Great deal…conveniently there is no more stock of the 512 gb variant when it’s the same price of the 128 gb smh