Samsung Galaxy Note 10 shown off in leaked images, including gradient color option


We’re now less than one month away from the Galaxy Note 10’s official reveal, but you don’t have to wait until August 7th to get a clear look at Samsung’s next flagship.

Several images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have leaked out, showing off the device in two color options: black and silver with a gradient design. In the images, we can see the hole-punch camera that’s centered at the top of the Note 10’s screen, and there’s a small chin at the bottom of the display.

Around back there’s a triple camera setup, and on the side of the Note 10 we can see the volume and power/lock buttons. There doesn’t appear to be a dedicated Bixby button like on past models. We can also see the S Pen stylus, which matches the color of the phone that it comes with.


The Note 10 in these images is the standard model that’ll reportedly have a 6.28-inch screen. Samsung is also said to be working on a Note 10+ with a larger 6.75-inch screen and a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor on the back to help capture depth info for photos. Both phones will also reportedly be available in 4G LTE and 5G versions. One thing that none of them are expected to include, though, is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

There haven’t been any leaks or rumors related to the Galaxy Note 10 on T-Mobile, but considering that T-Mo has sold Samsung’s previous Galaxy Note phones, it seems likely that the Note 10 will be available from T-Mobile as well. We don’t know which of the four rumored models will be sold by T-Mobile, but the good news is that we only have a few more weeks before all will be revealed.

Source: WinFuture

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  • DirtyTesla

    Man that hole looks so stupid. Ruins the whole phone for me.

    (realize I said for me, you can still like the phone if you want)

    • Iphart

      I like it !
      Too bad no headphone jack.

      • Thomas Stinson

        The headphone jack isn’t a big deal to me I’ve been using my gear iconx 2nd gen since they came out and i can count on three fingers the last time i used the 3.5 jack

      • DirtyTesla

        Yeah that suuuucks I want THE JACK!

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