Coolpad Legacy launching at Metro by T-Mobile with 6.36-inch screen, 4000mAh battery


A new Coolpad smartphone is landing on Metro by T-Mobile shelves today.

The Coolpad Legacy is available from Metro by T-Mobile starting today. The MSRP for the Legacy is $129.99, but Metro will give it to you for $29.99 if you switch and get a $50 or higher rate plan.

The front of the Coolpad Legacy is dominated by a 6.36-inch 2160×1080 display with a 13MP above it. Around back is a dual camera setup with a 16MP main sensor and secondary 5MP lens to help you capture bokeh photos with depth. Coolpad has also included an Intelligent Scene Mode that’ll optimize your photo capture settings.

A 1.8GHz octa-core Snapdragon 450 processor lives inside the Coolpad Legacy along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage, 21GB of which is user-accessible. If that’s not enough, a microSD card slot will let you add up to 128GB of additional storage.

Rounding out the Coolpad Legacy’s spec list is a 4000mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0 for recharging that battery in a hurry, USB-C, and a rear fingerprint reader. The Coolpad Legacy comes preloaded with Android 9 Pie, and it supports 4G LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, and 71.

With its big screen, equally big battery, and 3.5mm headphone jack, the Coolpad Legacy could be a nice option for folks who want a big screen for watching videos on the go. If the Legacy sounds like it could be your next daily driver, you can check it out for yourself at a Metro store starting today.

Source: Metro by T-Mobile

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  • NardVa

    It’s 2019. 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage should be the minimum on any phone.

    • riverhorse

      Yes. Even 64gb not enough for some of us… and supposedly can’t use an SD card over 128gb.
      Too bad, the only chink in the armor.

  • Nate

    The coolpad phones that I have seen in person, all seem to have terrible screens in regards to viewing angle and overall quality. Wondering if this one will be any better.

    • riverhorse

      I was wondering the same thing, plus price seems too good to be true given those specs.

  • riverhorse

    Additional specs: there is NFC and FM.
    Caveats: BT only 4.2 and SD only up to 128gb.
    Fantastic price, too bad about the storage fail, will keep waiting for something else.
    Barring any firmware bugs and hardware fails, this should be very successful.

    • PsycheInfidelic

      My impression is it will be plagued by bugs, which will never be fixed, just like the Revvl Plus.

      • riverhorse

        At the price still tempted as a holdover.
        ZDNet gave it decent, albeit short term review.
        Would rather have Moto G7+ at whatever price, but there is zero chatter about it.

        • PsycheInfidelic

          The funny thing about the original Revvl Plus was that it would work okay for a few days and then get progressively worse. It had decent short term reviews too. The problem was not that there were bugs; everything does; it was that it was never ever fixed.

          I haven’t seen a G7+ yet, but really liked my G6.

        • riverhorse

          Thanks for the thoughts. You and B’Man have literally stopped me from running out to buy it.

        • PsycheInfidelic

          Well I hope that is the right choice. Second guessing yourself is always troublesome, lol.

          With the Revvl Plus, It is hard to imagine how a device could work all right for a few days and then get progressively more buggy, lagging and just restart. That phone was so bad, over the half the time you could not answer it when ringing. The phone would ring but the dialer would not appear. If you were doing anything on the device (texting, music, etc) and a call came in the phone would lock. I don’t think I ever got maps/waze/here we go to run without crashing.

          If you factory reset the phone, it would work all right for a day or two and it would all start again. If you ran the phone with no sim card and just used it, it ran better but not right. Definitely a software problem. There were 3 patches sent to the device over about 7 months. None of them ever fixed it. I ended up giving the device to a friend’s child to watch youtube on wifi. The 7 year old girl did not like it because it would stop working all the time.

          So at this time, I avoid coolpad because they do not fix errors. There will always be bugs in software. The issue is not that there are bugs. The issue is coolpad never fixed them or was able to correct them. They left thousands of users with unusable devices and continued to sell something that they knew was unusable. That does not speak well of a company.

          The amount of frustration inherent in dealing with that nonsense is definitely not worth it. You made the right choice :)

        • riverhorse

          Thank you so much for sharing and I’m sorry you went thru all that.
          Hopefully the Moto G7 Plus gets here, and soon!

  • Bklynman

    How much will Tmobile will be selling this for? Don’t forgot Coolpad also makes the infamous
    Revel phones!! Which if read the reviews are horrible!!

    • riverhorse

      $30 with Port-in.
      I would pay double for 128gb6gb version.

      • Bklynman

        That asking too much,Tmobile will be selling it $130.00 too? Remember that other Moto,is suppose to come to Tmo, with 4/64.

        • riverhorse

          Oh, your question was about TMo price… My bad, i take it back.
          Moto G7 + ? I gave up hope on it coming. All I’ve seen on the web is re the Euro version.

          I wonder if i still should wait on it…

        • Bklynman

          Yes that the one,Moto G7+,funny how Tmo do things,they stop selling the other Moto,after G7,came out,but still selling the other Moto,with only 16 gigs to it.

    • PsycheInfidelic

      The original Revvl Plus, made by Coolpad, is quite possibly the worst phone ever made. In a side by side comparison, my single core 1Ghz processor with 512mb Nexus One from 2010 ran better, lagged less and was more stable than a 2017 Coolpad Revvl Plus. I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed or frustrated with a product as I was with that revvl plus. Complete junk. I avoid coolpad at all costs.

      • Bklynman

        Don’t forget they came out with newer versions of both phones last year for some crazy reason!!

  • Nikitao1

    Neatly packaged dumpster fire. This is the phone you buy before later spending 6 times the money on an iPhone which is “sooo much better than Android”.

    • Shane Campbell

      dream on

  • Littlalex

    The price I’m looking at is 179.99. What am I missing?

  • KMB877

    How come the Sprint’s LTE bands arent activated?!