T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer discounts for TGI Fridays food, movie tickets, and more next week


After offering pizza deals this week, T-Mobile Tuesdays has another food offer lined up for you next week.

On Tuesday, January 15, T-Mobile customers can get $5 off any appetizer at TGI Fridays. Some of the appetizers included on the TGI Fridays menu include mozzarella sticks, boneless and traditional wings, spinach and queso dip, loaded potato skins, and pan-seared pot stickers.

Other gifts coming next week include $5 off a movie ticket and no fees from Atom Tickets and 40 percent off plus free shipping from Reebok.

Next week’s grand prize is a trip to Miami for Premio Lo Nuestro, the Latin music awards show. One winner will get a trip for two to Miami, FL, from February 20 to February 22 and will attend the Premio Lo Nuestro awards show on February 21. The trip includes round trip airfare for two, two nights in a hotel, two tickets to the 2019 Premio Lo Nuestro show, two pre-show passes, and ground transportation between the hotel and event. The winner will also receive a check for $1,028 that can be used for taxes or other expenses.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Deadeye37

    Sweet, I’ll take that movie discount and go see Aquaman. How I miss those $5 credits to VUDU, though.

    • the martian ambassador

      I saw Aquaman last week with the Atom offer..It’s a fun movie and just $3.50 for a matinee.

  • steveb944

    They’re starting 2018 strong.

    • JG


      • steveb944


  • Alex Pilaia

    There should be a constant in the 2019 Tmo Tuesdays options. I get they want to change the prizes up weekly, which is fine. But a lot of the customers dont care about a lot of the prizes. How many people actually shop at Reebok?? There should be 3 constant categories every week, and the customers can choose 2 of the 3 every Tuesday: $3 Dunkin Card, 1 FREE Vudu Rental, .50 off a Gallon of Gas at Shell. This way the customers are actually awarded with something they can use. Everyone drinks coffee/tea, everyone drives a car, and who doesnt like a free movie rental at home??

    • JG

      $3 Dunkin Card, 1 FREE Vudu Rental, .50 off a Gallon of Gas at Shell. This way the customers are actually awarded with something they can use. Everyone drinks coffee/tea, everyone drives a car, and who doesnt like a free movie rental at home??

      Those may work for you, but personally, not so much.

      Dunkin & Shell would be basically useless to me. Not because I don’t drive or like tea, but because I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts or Shell Gas station close enough to make it worth while.

      I’ll also note that no, everyone doesn’t drive. As confirmed by an acquaintance of mine from Uni, residents of New York City infrequently see the need to obtain their own car. I’d assume the same holds true for other larger cities. It’d probably be more economical to rely on public transportation, taxis and ride-share programs than to have to invest in insurance, parking, maintenance, etc for a personal vehicle. I didn’t drive for the 6 or so years I spent working on my various degrees. My own legs and the local bus system got me everywhere I needed to go.

      As to Vudu, proximity isn’t an issue like with Dunkin or Shell, and I do love to watch movies. But personally, I prefer Redbox to Vudu. I’m going to show my age here, but I still prefer optical discs over streaming. I don’t have anything against streaming per say, I was just using Hulu last night. But discs have some advantages to. As much as Pai might want you to believe, killing Net Neutrality has not, nor will it improve rural broadband access. But with discs, you don’t need to worry about having an internet connection. There’s no buffering lags or eating into potentially limited data caps. Netflix, for example, uses some 7GB/hr on UHD. A single 90min movie per week would consume 42 of the 50GB T-Mobile allots customers prior to potential deprioritization throttling. And discs usually come with extra bonus features that are generally absent from streaming services.

      • the martian ambassador

        Streaming is limited to 480P on T-Mobile One (unless you have One Plus add-on). I’m on 55+ plan which doesn’t include free Netflix, but I do a good amount of video streaming without hitting the limit.
        I would love to have the Dunkin cards on a weekly basis, but I only get gas every 2 or 3 weeks, so a weekly Shell offer wouldn’t be much of a benefit. I would prefer that they let you use the discount for a longer period, rather than by Friday at midnight. I sometimes don’t fill the tank all the way when the Shell offer is coming up. :-)

  • Renaldo Epps

    When this was introduced it was supposed to be free stuff. When did it become discounted items?

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Reebok 40% discount was pretty good deal. I order nice shoes and free delivery is fast shipping like In one day.