T-Mobile OnePlus 6T can be rebranded to international version without unlocking bootloader


When the OnePlus 6T launched at T-Mobile, it was noted that there are some differences between the version that T-Mo sells and the model that OnePlus sells. Now a new method to rebrand your T-Mobile 6T to the international model has come out.

Owners of the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 6T can use this method to rebrand their device to the international version of the 6T without unlocking the bootloader. This is notable because previously you’d need a bootloader unlock to do it, which would also require your device to be SIM unlocked. T-Mo has requirements that must be met in order to get a SIM unlock for your device that could complicate that process.

This new method was discovered by XDA-Developers forum users AnonymousTipster, Dark Nightmare, and iaTa. The method does wipe your phone, which is something to be aware of. If you’re ok with that, you can find the full instructions for performing this rebranding here.

Once you’ve rebranded your device, you’ll be running the same OxygenOS software as the international version. Some folks have been frustrated with the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T and its slower updates compared to the international model, so this is one way to get around that. You can also load OnePlus’s Open Betas onto the phone after the rebranding, and it’s said that you can load a dual SIM tray and have both SIM slots work, too.

Now, it’s worth noting that you should probably only attempt this rebranding if you’re comfortable tinkering around with phones. While the process looks pretty straightforward, you are still flashing software on your expensive smartphone, and it’d be a pain if something went wrong.

The T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 6T does have its benefits, like the fact that you’re able to buy it on EIP. As mentioned before, though, the T-Mo OnePlus 6T hasn’t gotten updates as quickly as its international sibling, which has made some owners upset. If that’s you and you’re cool with doing things like flashing phone software, you can give this rebranding method a try.

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  • Saul Viayra

    I may give it a try long time w/o messing around android

    • MindFog2287

      Trying to remember the last phone I played around with. Perhaps the LG G4? Maybe earlier? Had a Note5 which I didn’t have to do anything to (other than run Nova to get rid of TouchWiz and hide uninstallable apps), and the 6T has been great but would love to try the betas offered by OP. Psyched to try this!

  • steveb944

    This should please everyone.

  • josh smith

    Worked great already on the beta!!!

  • Philip

    Means no Google Pay?

    • bman893

      No bootloader is still locked it will work fine

  • AJBnAZ

    Works as advertised

  • BigDaddy

    Is there that big a difference in how the device runs?

    • PC_Tool

      Yes. It’s much smoother/appears much faster on the int’l version. T-Mo’s builds, for whatever reason, are janky as hell. Night and day difference.

      Now if there was only some way to get Google’s Dialer/call screening on the thing.

  • VanceDuke

    Has anyone else done speed tests and determined the 6T runs slower? I need to compare to my wife’s S9, but I remember my LG G6 getting better speeds, and that didn’t even have access to the latest bands? Am I making this up? Would switching to the international version affect any of this?

    • SpaceGho5t

      I did the conversion last night. Speeds are still amazing, everything seems to be working just fine, I even installed the open beta build afterwwrds, this is amazing.

    • Stinky whizzleteat

      I have an S9+ and the 6t is faster, as it has more ram and less T-Mobile meddling. I did a bit of debloating on my S9+ and the 6t is still faster.

  • Can anyone confirm for me if dual SIM functionality will work with this? I want to have two T-Mobile Sims in my phone and will only do this if it will work.

    • Rob Gates

      Dual sim works but the same imei will show up for both Sims.

      • So if I have a data only sim and my regular sim, I could choose the data sim as my source for data?

        • Rob Gates

          In theory yes. But each slot has the Sam imei whuch may or may not cause issues.

        • I have done the conversion, just waiting for my dual sim tray to come in from china. Will update on how dual sim functionality behaves once that comes.

        • Bee Francis Lurie

          thanks, did you order dual dim tray from oneplus?

        • Ok so my tray arrived. I ordered it from an ebay seller and it took a week and a half to arrive from china. Unfortunately the seller lied and sent a oneplus 6 tray instead of a 6t tray so i had to file it down a bit. Now it fits and everything works perfectly just as if it was an international version. You can select the default sim for talk, text and data. Everything works amazing, hopefully we will also still have the ability to get OTA but if not sideloading is fine.

        • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

          Question I have a oneplus 7 pro did the international flash on it… Will the sim be unlock or do I have to request tmobile to unlock it

    • Albert Orange

      Unless you have gotten the phone SIM unlocked, both slots will still be locked to T-Mobile…. If you have already paid your phone off and gotten the SIM unlocked, then this shouldn’t be a big deal to you because you would have already had the ability to unlock the bootloader.

      • Stinky whizzleteat

        If you flash the Intl. Room, you can unlock the bootloader. No code required.

        • Albert Orange

          But the SIM slots would still be locked…. meaning only T-Mobile SIMS can be used in either slot. You still need T-Mo (or 3rd Party) to unlock the SIM slots to use the phone with other carriers.

        • Stinky whizzleteat

          I dont care about SIM slots…..and I prefer T-Mobile over the other carriers Ive used like Verizon, and Sprint.

      • Rene Shabastari

        He says two T-Mobile, which this enables no matter unlock status, since T-Mo doesn’t support dual SIM until you do this conversion. But A for effort buddy

  • Ed moon

    Would you need to swap out the Sim tray to run dual sims? Could I run a Data only Sim in addition to I have mobile hotphot in addition to my phone plan?

    • SirStephenH

      “it’s said that you can load a dual SIM tray and have both SIM slots work, too.” ~Article Above

  • Michael Elkin

    Need to do this. I have a Tmobile version and it is horrible constantly lagging even for basic things like making and receiving phone calls.

    • yankeesusa

      Something must be happening like a rogue app. no issue with lagging at all on my tmo 6t. In fact on many forums i have seen nothing but praise on the speed and fluidity of this phone.

    • Stinky whizzleteat

      You might want to do a reset on your phone. I haven’t had so much as a hiccup with mine.

  • Website Administrator

    Yes! I may do this with my phone at some point.

  • Stinky whizzleteat

    It’s worth it to flash over to the intl. room if you like to tinker. It was easy to do, just follow the steps posted on XDA. Although I prefer to use Samsung devices, I thought I would get the 6+ just to see what the hype is all about. It’s a really solid phone, fast and fluid. Will I buy another? I’m not sure, it depends on what OnePlus brings with the 7. If it has wireless charging, and an IP rating I’m all over it. I just wish their Audio tuner had more ass behind it. An EQ, just doesn’t quit cut it in this day and age.