T-Mobile will reportedly launch a free mobile video service in the coming weeks


We’re still waiting for T-Mobile to launch its new streaming TV service, but according to a new report, T-Mo has a new mobile video service coming very soon.

T-Mobile is planning to launch a free, ad-supported mobile video service in the “next few weeks”. That’s according to a report from Cheddar, whose source claims that this new service will offer live content and will work on phones and internet-connected devices. T-Mobile will reportedly preload the service on many of its devices, including Samsung phones.

Details are light on what kinds of content this upcoming mobile video service will offer, but it’s said that T-Mobile is planning to use ads to subsidize the cost of licensing content in addition to earning it additional revenue.

Today’s report mentions that this upcoming mobile video service is separate from the streaming TV service that T-Mobile previously planned to launch in 2018 before delaying it to 2019.

Mobile video is a big deal, as many consumers rely on their smartphones as their main source of entertainment. We’ve seen other U.S. carriers try to launch their own video services recently, like AT&T with its Watch TV service and Verizon with the recently shuttered go90. Now T-Mobile apparently wants to try its hand at mobile video, perhaps as a preview to its upcoming pay TV streaming service.


UPDATE: Xumo, the company that the original report claimed would be licensing its technology for this free T-Mobile mobile video service, has denied today’s rumor. “We’re working with Metro by T-Mobile on a stackable content app launching on two phones next month,” Xumo said.

Source: Cheddar

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  • One can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with the recent Netflix price increase. Maybe the Netflix On Us deal is on its way out and T-Mobile will start pushing its own video streaming service as an alternative. All speculation of course, but the timing is interesting.

    • dcmanryan

      Netflix is as good as gone IMO.

    • Yonatan Ben Magen

      Considering that Sprint Inked a deal with Hulu, it’s doubt that after the merger that we will get both or the option. Frankly I rarely watch Netflix – it’s getting harder and harder to find decent shows to watch (although I do pay an extra $3/mo for UHD and 4 screens – but I’ve been mulling going back to the free plan as my eldest has been on a friend’s account for years even before T-mo added the perk).

      But with Netflix losing Disney and other content and pushing for more created content with recent price hike -its doubtful that Netflix would sever the revenue (and subscriber base that T-mo provides even more so as more and more competition enters the field.

      With Hulu dropping prices on the Ad version even more so.

      I recently added an OTA antenna, got tired of going over Comcast’s 1 TB cap -can’t wait for 5G to kick Comcast to the curb or have the option.

      I digress -but I beta tested Hulu in 2006 and cut the cable cord in 2006 – we streamed and rented DVDs till about 2010-11.

      But Ad TV sucks – even free streaming of a few shows is annoying as hell, I forget how bad OTA commercials were not to mention what a huge time suck. I do watch 2-3 CW shows but OMG seeing the same ad 5X back to back -makes me want to never buy Vitamin water or ever consider American Family insurance .

      We used to switch quarterly between Hulu (after they monetized) and Netflix during the great recession.
      But now we pay for Prime Video, Hulu (ad-free) CBS AA, Starz (and we just rotate it with HBO and Showtime) and we get Netflix free of course.

      So post merger we could end up with Hulu Ad version, after the Netflix contract comes up for renewal.

  • mikeZo6

    ” T-Mobile is planning to launch a free, ad-supported mobile video ”
    screw that ad’s no thanks

  • the martian ambassador

    I have a pretty low tolerance for commercials except for news or sports programming. It will be interesting to see if the data consumed will be exempted from the data prioritization threshold.

  • Eric A

    Doesn’t this concept already exist? It’s called Youtube.

  • Philip

    Any news channel?

  • Red

    “Stackable content app”? Someone wanna translate?

    • Jay Holm

      I’m womdering the same thing.

    • Nobody Special

      The term “Stackable content” basically mean all of the episodes for that particular season will be available to be streamed via the app as opposed to only the last 5 episodes.

      So if you started watching in April a weekly television series that began in January…. because the content is stackable you can start at episode #1 (which was aired in January) and continue watching all of the episodes thereafter to the present day.

      Many of the large television networks only allow you to watch the last few episodes via their app, so it will be comforting to know all of the episodes will be accessible to the viewer.

      • Red Lloyd


  • Ilene

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