T-Mobile and Sprint confirm that merger has received U.S. national security approval


Following a report that the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint had been approved by a U.S. security committee, the two carriers have confirmed the news.

T-Mobile and Sprint announced tonight that their merger has been approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The deal has also been okayed by Team Telecom, which consists of the U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense and reviewed the merger for any possible national security, law enforcement, or public safety issues.

“These approvals assure the strong partnership both companies have with the U.S. government will continue with the New T-Mobile,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “We look forward to continuing our discussions with the remaining regulatory agencies reviewing our transaction to share our story and subsequently achieve similar positive results.”

Recent rumors claimed that Deutsche Telecom and SoftBank, T-Mo and Sprint’s parent companies, had said they would stop using Huawei networking equipment in order to help the merger win approval from CFIUS. Some U.S. government officials have concerns that Huawei’s network equipment could be used to for Chinese spying, but Huawei has denied that its equipment has any kind of back doors. Neither T-Mobile nor Sprint made any mention of Huawei in their announcements tonight.

Getting approval from CFIUS and Team Telecom means that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger has cleared a couple of hurdles on the way to completion, but it’s still got a few more to go. Those include getting the green light from the FCC and earning antitrust approval from the Justice Department. The deal is also facing opposition from groups like the 4Competition Coalition, a group of companies that includes Dish, C Spire, and the Rural Wireless Association.

T-Mobile and Sprint expect their merger to close in the first half of 2019.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    Well I hope we get some type of special new T-Mobile merger package deal in Celebration when it finally clears which it appears it will. I think the merger will be great for coverage and speeds Etc I just hope lower prices an offer more fingers crossed like I said I was for the merger in the beginning but as time went by I got a little skeptical with T-Mobile changing their packages and raising prices on add-ons like the plus package and they’re low-budget offering package is a joke Plus getting rid of the international package with unlimited 4G LTE that signal to me that they don’t want that out there because they want to sell that separately at a higher price we’ll see fingers crossed that the consumers win

    • (J²)

      This is as likely as Comcast or Spectrum lowering the price of their Gig internet tier.

      T-Mobile will always remain competitive and run attractive promotions but expect prices to continue to increase.

      • Robert Roll

        i think what will happen is the base price for T-Mobile one or its equiv will not go up in price.. however the price for the Extras like One Plus and One Plus International now the Global option will go up one plus used to be $5 now its $15 and the Global option which has everything international did plus some extras is now $50 it was $25

        • (J²)

          Most likely, I think the future of the structure would lead to those add ons being changed and possibly more being introduced.

        • slybacon

          And T-Mobile One Plus 5G…

        • Acdc1a

          Close. We already see different tiers of “unlimited” plans. Next up is different speed tiers on 5g. To get good service you will pay more, probably much more.

      • dtam

        Just hoping they don’t touch my grandfathered lines. 8 simple choice lines for $180 after tax

        • Pak T

          Ya me too. Still under my 5 lines $125 with frees and taxes (but not including services like insurance or equipment). We are limited to 4GB of high speed data per line but in the last several years had one line exceeded that only two times. Paying $10 each time to extend extra data to get through the last week of the billing period was MUCH cheaper than upgrading to unlimited plans.

        • dtam

          My 4 gb is coming to an end on 2/29 though…back to 2.5 gb again which is too bad because I think 4 gb was the perfect amount

        • dcmanryan

          Same. If they ever quit honoring the hookup 20% off promo I’m good as gone.

        • Romdude

          They have generally kept grandfathered lines except when it is stuff like the spectrum is being reapportioned and they can’t keep it anymore. I’m still on simple choice, original jump and unlimited data for $20 so I’m good and they just boosted midband in an area I sometimes visit.

      • slybacon

        Why are prices going up, besides from speculation of 3 nationwide carriers? I think the only way prices go up is to connect to 5G, which is what AT&T did today with 15 GB of 5G for $70 per month. Perfectly reasonable to assume if you want the latest and greatest, you will pay a premium for it.

    • Red

      Breathe, man, breathe! My gawd someone get this man a tank of oxygen, stat!

    • bman893

      TMobile is just a big scam they’ve been playing everybody with this whole uncarrier BS to bring in a lot of Fed up customer and they looked a lot of money doing so with knowing that this is all going to be behind them soon they knew this merger was going to happen years ago and if you look at their promotions in the way there timed it works out perfectly with this merger which tells you every move that John legere e made was a scam just to bring people in to make the company look good to make it more profitable looking to its shareholders John legere ignore TMobile actually give two shirts about being an uncarrier or about actually helping anybody there are big corporation no better than Verizon or AT&t they’re just better at playing the we want to help you cardso to think that this merger is going to be anything but profitable for them and horrible for every customer in between is pure insanity they have done nothing but prove time and time again they are going to no matter what they say now raise the rates as soon as the merger happens this is not maybe this is 100% you have to start paying attention to the small details and company especially with a merger is on the horizon they are going to make every little small change they can notice all the little fees are now creeping up n and once the company merges everybody is going to be in massive trouble maybe not right away but definitely within the first year or two companies are going to start coming together such as Verizon AT&t in the new TMobile instead of pretending to work against each other they’re going to actually do what they originally intended to and work together and raise instead of p dramatically and evenly so no one carrier is the better off is everybody raises their rates extremely high then it becomes a form of Monopoly that isn’t illegal because it isn’t one company controlling it but yet a group of companies coming together to create a monopoly

  • Bye Bye Sprint, not nice knowing you

    • JStatt

      Not a done deal. Bigger approval is DOJ and FCC, of which neither has approved yet.

      • Considering the FCC has a Verizon shill for its chairman, I concur. It ain’t over yet.

        • Acdc1a

          Verizon wants this merger, bad.

        • dtam

          Because everyone can raise rates again?

        • Acdc1a

          Pretty much

      • I know thanks for reminding me :)

      • (J²)

        “The deal has also been okayed by Team Telecom, which consists of the U.S.
        Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department
        of Defense”

        The DOJ has approved.

        The FCC is going to approve the merger but likely with conditions.

        • JStatt

          You’re right. I didn’t quite read that part haha. Pretty significant milestone in that case. This is very close to reality.

        • Website Administrator

          It’s worth noting that this is approval regarding national security. The DOJ still need to approve it for antitrust reasons.

        • (J²)

          Based on the article I’m pretty sure this was a blanket approval.

          Generally, the DOJ doesn’t give formal approvals – they sue when they feel that a merger needs to be blocked.

          Which is why we never really hear anything unless the DOJ is against a merger.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Does this mean, the Verizon guy (Can you hear me now?… Good), which became a traitor and became the Sprint Guy… could now possible become the T-Mobile guy???? He is the Benedict Arnold of the Wireless industry bahahah.. Tmobile. I can see it now. The Verizon/Sprint/Tmobile Guy needs a lift, and the Tmobile Motorcyle girl rides up to him, and says “Why are you so yellow? (Get it? Sprint? Yellow?) Hop on, and let me show you how fast Tmobile is…” And we see the merging of the yellow and pink colors zooming off of the motorcyle… Marketing genius right there….

    • dtam

      Definitely down to get Carly back

      • Bryck

        Down with Carly too.

        • Seanjeep

          Let John waive the magenta checker flag