New OnePlus 6T leak gives us a close look at its dual rear cameras


As we get closer to October and the OnePlus 6T’s expected launch, more details on the device have trickled out.

First up, a new image shared by claims to show off the dual rear camera setup of the OnePlus 6T. It looks similar to the dual rear camera setup on the OnePlus 6, complete with two vertically-stacked cameas in the center of the phone and a flash below them. One big difference with the OnePlus 6T, though, is that there’s no fingerprint reader below it.


OnePlus has already confirmed that the OnePlus 6T will have an in-display fingerprint reader, so it’s not too surprising that there’s no rear fingerprint reader included as well. This image does appear to confirm that the 6T will indeed feature a dual rear camea setup like the 6 before it, so don’t expect any major camera upgrades with the new model.

This leaked image isn’t the only thing that’s come out today that shows the OnePlus 6T with a dual rear camera setup. A official OnePlus 6T teaser commercial has found its way online, giving us a brief glimpse of the phone’s rear cameras. You can view the ad, which originally aired in India, below.

The OnePlus 6T is expected to launch in October, and rumors have said that it’ll be available from T-Mobile. If true, it’ll be the first time that a OnePlus smartphone is sold by a carrier in the U.S. Most of the features of the device are still unknown, but we do know that it’ll ship without a headphone jack. The good news is that with a release expected to happen in October, we may not have much longer to wait before all is revealed.

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  • JohnnySocko

    Really curious about the pricing on this one. I am a G6 user who was holding out for a price reduction on the G7, but I would go for the OP6 if the price significantly undercuts the G7. Then again, the OP6 may not be available for JOD.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      The whole selling point of OnePlus is that they give you the important parts of a flagship for the price of a midrange. They have top of the line CPUs and over-the-top RAM, but skimp on screen res and use cameras that are a year or so behind. I’d be shocked if these retail for over $600, and I am betting on closer to $575.

      JoD is a good question, though. I suppose it depends a lot on how well T-Mo thinks they can sell them after returns.

  • pda96

    No headphone jack = no sale.

    • Phone Guy

      Hello 1990’s. You want your phones with headphone jacks back.

      • Ver

        You keep saying that but jack’s are better. The connection is more solid. I don’t want to have charge ear buds. It drains the battery on the phone. They are easier to lose Every time someone wants to keep a feature someone plays the “you are in the old days” card which is crap. I like removable batteries too. Much more practical. It’s smarter People complain about the look of say a note 4. They would rather have all glass which is just stupid Drop it and … Well, it’s just stupid. We put them in a case anyway! Never mind. I can hear you now. Samsung and Apple just want to drive the market. It just annoys me. Greed


        This is one of the stupidest comment I have read. 1990s really? The original iphone came out in late 2007 and the first iphone to get rid of the headphone was around 2 years ago (2016). You are the type of consumer corporations love. They give you what they want you to have and you accept it

        • Trevnerdio

          It’s true, many smartphones before the first iPhone (and even some after) required a mini-USB adapter or a 2.5-3.5mm conversion for audio.

        • The Oppo phones Apple copied when they designed the iPhone 4 had no headphone jack.

      • Jerry Rich

        Yes I do want a headphone jack.. What has your idiotic “Hello 1990’s” remark got to do with anything?

        • Phone Guy

          Its not idiotic. Only your comment is. Wake up. Look around at what is happening with phones. You won’t be able to keep your T-Mobile Sidekick too much longer.

      • pda96

        Prove to me, that dollar for dollar, a wireless headphone sounds better than a wired one, and that it’s more convenient to use (i.e. without having to replace the battery or recharge), and I’ll campaign for a wireless world. Otherwise, give it a rest.

        • Phone Guy

          I don’t need to prove to you ANYTHING. Nor did I tell you that it sounded better or was better dollar for dollar. Wake up and give it a rest as well.

          Oh, by the way, a full computer and keyboard works better than a phone, so I am sure you carry that with you everywhere rather than your your phone.

          So many freaks on here.

        • pda96

          I got it now. You are just a troll who likes to make ignorant and provocative statements.

        • Phone Guy

          No, wrong again. Get an education. And enjoy your wires as they tangle around your neck.

          As I said, so many freaks on here, especially pda96.

        • pda96

          Come on, dude. Give me an intelligent answer instead of resorting to name calling. Use that pea-sized brain of yours. You “don’t need to prove anything” because you don’t know how. You just get a kick out of making condescending and derogatory comments. Grow up!!

    • dcmanryan

      Right or wrong it will be sooner than later you won’t own a phone then. The no headphone jack is the way it is now and people have complained and they don’t care.

      • pda96

        It’s not like OEMs will stop making phones with jacks overnight. There will always be a phone out there with a jack. I can always keep my phone longer. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • Wireless still isn’t as good as wired. Especially if you have a dedicated DAC because you bought a phone specifically for the sound hardware, like a Vivo.