Latest T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ updates hit with ‘small delay’


Remember when T-Mobile had to pause updates for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and it took a couple of months before new updates were released? Well, it looks like the latest update is being paused, too.

T-Mobile announced new updates for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ this week, but they’re now on hold. A T-Mobile support rep has confirmed that there’s been a “small delay” with the updates. The good news is that the rep says that this delay isn’t as significant as the previous one and that we should hear more “in the very near future.”

As a reminder, these new updates for the T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ are supposed to include RTT updates and enhancements to DIGITS. They’re also supposed to bring some bug fixes and system improvements.

It’s understandably frustrating when a new update is announced for your phone but then it gets delayed, and that’s probably doubly so for Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners who just had a long wait for a delayed update. Here’s to hoping that this latest delay is as short as the T-Mo support rep makes it sound like it’ll be.

Thanks, Mike and Jonathan!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • bkat11

    This is a joke

    • Sharti24

      Samsung is a joke

      • Francisco Peña

        your momma is a joke.

    • Kevna

      Update is back

  • Albert Orange

    This is why I like my iPhone. Updates straight from Apple… with no carrier molestation.

    • bkat11

      Good for you

    • Francisco Peña

      Good for you. I bet you like pages and pages of little icons on your homepages.

      • bkat11


    • Reagan1

      About the only good thing I can think of for the iPhone. Tried to use one multiple times and just don’t like it…too tied into Apple. Family member got locked out of their iPhone account this past weekend and it’s probably easier to break into the CIA than reset your Apple ID password. Good luck with your iPhone, I’ll stick with Samsung/Android.

      • Zach B.

        I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone list having great security on a product as a negative..

        • Reagan1

          Not what I said, but enjoy your iPhone.

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    DONT UPDATE!!! My phone has been acting up all crazy since I did the update yesterday!!!

    • bkat11

      Like how?

      • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

        1. Very Glitch and sticky
        2. Text messages dont always go through
        3. Apps are very slow to open
        4. Battery DRAIN, and fast charging isn’t very fast anymore

        • bkat11

          Yikes! Ok good to know

        • Alex Rud

          Mine is fine. I would restart your phone, and if that doesnt work, reset it.

        • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

          Clearly those are the same “solutions” I could get by calling tech support.

          Resetting my phone should not be an option, though I may have too

        • Kevna

          Just noticed this morning there is an update to the Samung Experience launcher in the Galaxy apps store. Small update but it says bug fixes

  • vrm

    The last “update” (June) introduced several bugs, including security issues and left several bugs from before intact. I disabled samsung pay on the lock screen but after that update, it randomly shows up when swiping lock screen- clearly a serious security issue. Samsung seems to have little regard for security.

    Long standing bug in settings for pay where you get to toggle off quick checkout is still there, after several updates.

    In apps settings, when I disable background activity for samsung apps to save battery, they turn back on by themselves.

    How is samsung able to charge nearly $900 for this junk ?

    • Reagan1

      Noticed the Samsung Pay lock screen issue as well. Asks you to accept a bunch of new disclosures/disclaimers/etc. Stopped using SP because of all these shenanigans and glad I did.

      • vrm

        Ironically, samsung pay was the only reason I bought galaxy s9+. I was leaning toward oneplus 6 or even moto z3 play, both of which are regarded better by their users (well, moto z2 play as the z3 was just released).

        The extremely poor user experience, thanks to bugs, usability issues and horrible battery life out of the box makes me wonder what you can’t sell with a good marketing budget.

  • Chad Spencer

    6 days later and still nothing.

    • Kevna

      Update is now available.