T-Mobile offering free unlimited high-speed data, calling, and texting in Russia for 2018 World Cup


After giving customers free data and calls in South Korea for the Olympics earlier this year, T-Mobile is now making a similar offer to subscribers heading to Russia for the World Cup.

From June 11th through July 20th, T-Mobile customers traveling to Russia will get free unlimited high-speed data, calling, and texting. The offer is open to T-Mo customers on postpaid plans and is automatically applied, so anyone traveling to Russia doesn’t have to worry about remembering to add this feature to their plan.

T-Mobile One customers already get unlimited data in Russia, but it’s only at 2G speeds. Having unlimited high-speed data will help customers traveling to the World Cup share photos and video, stream, and stay connected with speeds that ought to be much faster. Free calling is a nice touch, too, letting subscribers talk to family back in the U.S. without worry about per minute calling fees.

Are you or anyone you know going to Russia for the World Cup? If you’re planning on watching the matches, which team are you supporting? It’s Germany for me!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • pda96

    I’d rather get a no strings attached S9 BOGO deal.

  • Adam Thodey

    Can we get this for the Gay Games in Paris in August?

  • Omar Boyer

    That’s so good I used verizon before there with their travel pass 10 bucks a day . Good but pricey . When I turned on my Verizon note 8 after getting off the airplane in Moscow it instantly connected to MTS RU and got 4G LTE icon . Coverage was solid then once in a while it would switch to Beeline and only get 3G . I wonder what carriers T-Mo Roams on Russia ? Hopefully MTS also and gets 4G LTE because coverage was the best on MTS and 4G was crazy fast and available everywhere . And I know have TMobile so this sounds good for me .