T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update will resume on May 13th


Last month, we learned that T-Mobile quietly paused the Android 8.0 Oreo update for its Galaxy Note 8. There was no restart date for the update at that time, but now we finally know when the Note 8’s Oreo update will resume.

T-Mobile says that it’ll begin pushing the Galaxy Note 8’s Android 8.0 Oreo update at 10:00 pm PT on May 13th. The update includes Android 8.0 and “bug fixes and software improvements”, just like the previous update, but it’s got a newer N950USQU3CRD7 version number.

There’s no word on why the Note 8’s previous Oreo update was paused, but at least we now know when the update will resume its rollout. If you’ve got a Note 8, start looking for the OTA — or manually checking by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually — once Sunday night rolls around.

Via: Android Police
Source: T-Mobile

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  • JB

    Will folks who took the previous Oreo update recieve this one as well?

    • TaekwonBo

      Wondered if you got the last update, if this will have something different. I got the last update and it working well.

      • Awesome Bryner

        You will get it and watch it will be worse.

        • Jonathan Fregoso


        • LARRY

          Cool if it does I’ll flush the note 8 down the toilet like a good morning….well you get the point lol, and do my t mobile insurance claim and get another, that’s why I pay in. On it every month. The first update April 1st killed the battery, so I’ll give it a try if not swissssshhhh caboooooom.down the porcilin god!!!

        • Fernando Molina

          Insurance claims are for accidents only. Just because you pay, it doesn’t mean you should destroy the equipment just to get a new one. That’s is considered fraud.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s a newer version with fixes for the original release. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t.

    • LARRY

      We will see?? The first April 1st was corrupt

    • Petey07

      I got the Apr Oreo update, and it is now being updated with this new version.

    • bellken

      yes, and, this one is a lot better

  • Jonathan Fregoso

    Animations need to be fixed. Crap is so slow when reading your fingerprint.

  • Jonathan Fregoso

    Just updated….what’s new?

  • CousinSkeeta

    Way better more ram left faster overall better

  • Matthew Nabung

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Updated last night. Don’t know what’s different but there either there must have been something wrong or they needed to include the security patch update?

  • Galaxy_Fan

    Received the update download this morning. It says to make sure the McAfee application is updated to the latest version (4.9.491592 or higher) before installing update.

    I disabled McAfee first thing upon receiving the phone. Do I need to enable and update the McAfee app to the latest version before I run the update?

    • Iphart

      I didn’t, and it’s fine.

  • Chevy Wyte

    Does any one have a bluetooth issue. When I connect to my car the music sounds like a scratched CD.. I’ve tried playing music with an iPhone and it’s fine so I know it was the update

  • Bklynman

    Wow just was checking on TMO site,sorry have no other place to put this,TMO stop selling stop selling the Gal 8plus,that had short life.

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    So is it safe to update? I have not gotten the update, but I can always manually check.

  • I successfully installed the update to Android 8.0 on my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8. The only problem I encountered (since fixed) was with my yahoo email app freezing. By clearing its cache, I solved the problem. No other problems or glitches have been found.

  • humpfh

    EPIC fail, Samsung. The stock messaging app has easily lost half it’s functionality, and while you can get SEVERAL other after-market ones that are much better, the now non-functional stock one can’t be disabled. :-/

    AND, I never got a force crash before. Now they’re constant. (Several times a day).