T-Mobile tweaks JUMP! On Demand pricing for Samsung Galaxy S9+


One week after it began taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, T-Mobile has made a small pricing change to one of Samsung’s new flagships.

T-Mobile has confirmed to me that it’s tweaked the JUMP! On Demand pricing for the Galaxy S9+. Previously, the phone cost $120 down and $31 per month on JOD, but T-Mo has removed the down payment for “eligible well-qualified customers”. With a $0 down payment, though, the JOD monthly payment for a GS9+ will increase to $37.67.


According to an internal document shared with TmoNews, T-Mobile support is texting customers that’ve already pre-ordered the Galaxy S9+ and informing them about the change. For customers that haven’t yet pre-ordered, the down payment should be updated in T-Mobile’s system and customers who qualify should have the $0 down payment option.

With the increase in monthly price, customers who get the $0 down JOD payment option for the Galaxy S9+ are paying the same amount over a full 18-month JOD lease as they would with the $120 down payment option. Not everyone wants to fork over $120 as a down payment when they get a new phone, though, and now well-qualified customers won’t have to when they get a GS9+.

Thanks, anonymous!

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  • bluesc13

    Who’s well qualified customer ? I just double, mine still say $120 down.

    • MadMartigan

      Off the top of my head, but pretty sure it’s close to: Credit rating above 700, or have been with them with no late payments for 2 or more years.

      (Could be wrong)

    • Murphy

      Good credit or a year of consecutive on-time payments

      • Jeremy Turnley

        From what people on XDA have been saying, it’s both a year AND good credit, or 3 years without a credit check. However, some people have been getting by with less, so there’s obviously some reps who are doing things different from others up to this point.

        • Murphy

          My credit score was in the 500’s before I upgraded to the V30, but I had 12 consecutive payments on time, so got it for 0 down. Those payments were showing them independently of the credit bureaus that I was responsible, so I don’t think it’s both as you say. I’ve gotten my score up to the 700’s since then though. (hallelujah!).

        • Corey Jalette

          You need a certain credit class, you’re considered well qualified after 12 consecutive on time payments. But you also have to be a customer for 3+ years.

  • Not really “paying the same amount” since the point of JOD is to switch after a few months. Old pricing, after 6 months you’ve paid $300. New pricing, after 6 months you’ve paid $225.

    • Galaxy_Fan

      That is how I look at it also. A $120 down payment really changes the overall price if you only keep the phone for 6 months or less.

      I have not kept a phone with JOD for more than 4 months. Now that I have (and love) the Note 8 it looks like that is going to change.

    • Alex Wagner

      You’re right, Lucent. I tweaked the wording of the post to reflect that.

    • argenys

      Yup, atm i’m on a S+ to Note rotation and having to make a down payment changes everything. I’m happy they gave the $0 down option again.

  • Francisco Peña

    XDA folks are saying they are paying $41.xx on JoD, so I guess teh difference is the tax.

    • Corey Jalette

      $37.67 is the price before local taxes.

  • Murphy

    I just pre-ordered after I saw this post and yes, it is now 0 down. The rep wasn’t even aware until she looked it up. $37 monthly though. Only 4 more dollars than I was paying for the V30. RIP LG. Hello Samsung!

    • bkat11

      Did we just become best friends? LOL same here!

    • Prasanna Venkatesh

      Too bad I had done a BOGO deal with them on the S8+ only a few months ago. Need to check if they are doing trade ins..

    • Trevnerdio

      Saaame here haha my third V30 seems more or less “fixed” but I’m done giving LG chances. They used to be okay, but they can’t help but sabotage themselves constantly.

  • teckn9ne23

    Im 20 year customer great credit never recieved any text or call from care preordered on the 2nd.So something is not right with the system.Edit never missed a payment or latefee credit is 767

  • Aaron A.

    Just called T-Mobile rep and still asking $120 down to upgrade to S9+ JOD..
    2yrs+ T-Mobile customer with no late payment and credit 700+ so don’t know what the reason is.

    • justin yarbrough

      they told me you have to have been with them for 3+ to qaulify why isnt that on this page uncarrier my ass

  • Matt Macaluso

    I cancelled my S9 and switched it over to the S9+. Boom!

  • Ron Kinsey

    I have the Original Jump. I wonder how that will work? I logged into my account and is asking the 120 down. I have several lines, never late and many years.

  • Praisedeath

    When we first released the S9 and S9+ for pre-order the $120 down payment was required, a few days later we made any new orders that are on Jump on Demand for the S9+ $0 down. We cannot apply a credit since you ordered before that policy is in place. You do have the option to cancel the order and then reorder without the $0 down but you’d lose your place in line. I know that it may seem like you’re not getting a good deal, but you’ll pay less per month for your lease than others now will and you’re not paying more than anybody else would be since the price of the phone does not change. If you pre ordered the ohone before March 5 then your sol, you have to cancel your order and reorder it again, TMobile doesn’t know when your phone will ship.

    • Android_God

      Who’s,”we”? Is this now a T-Mobile sponsored website?

      • Pak T

        Likely a T-Mobile employee posting with their own account and sharing some info with us.

    • Matt Macaluso

      That’s not what the document above states. It says those that ordered, and qualify, will be getting a text instructing them to call in an take advantage of the new pricing. It’s not automated as new EIP doc. need to be signed. I changed mine from an S9 to an S9+ yesterday with no issues.

  • Android_God

    Is this now a T-Mobile sponsored website?

    • Cobra

      It’s tmobile news

  • Toasted_Cracker

    They have literally done this with every single JOD phone in recent memory. It starts as a down payment then a week or so into the pre order they change it. I swear it’s a fucking cash grab.

  • tommest

    I pre-order on the regular jump. I rather pay more at least I get to ship my phone back each time I upgrade.

  • mreveryphone

    Card just got charged so looks like we are getting these early…

    • bkat11

      What card?

      • John

        My credit card that I put my down payment on got charged today as well

        • bkat11

          Oh haha me too just happened

        • Phillie Blunt

          They didn’t charge me I ordered mine at 9pm on the dot

    • Scott

      Same here…. Hoping that the ball gets rolling….

  • bkat11

    Actually T-force on twitter gave me a second option which I think is much better…they offered to give me a $120 bill credit which I got right away instead of cancelling and reordering. Didn’t cancel my order and I still get the JOD payment amount of $31 rather than $37 which I think is a way better option.

    • John

      This is the same deal I just got…
      My pleasure! I see that you have been with us for over 6 years! Thank you so much for sticking with us! I took a look into your account and I do see that you qualify for well qualified pricing if you were to order today on Jump on Demand for your S9+. I don’t want you to lose your place in the order line. What I can do is place a $120 credit on the account as a bill credit to make up for you paying the down payment before we changed it. Sound like a plan? *HeatherReta

      • bkat11

        I think it’s better…save a little on monthly payment and get a free month of service

        • Matt Macaluso

          You may even get the $120 back again if the system automates it. They told me when I did JoD this time that I had to pay the $20 upgrade fee, but they would credit it. There is no fee, like I told them, on JoD. I got the manual credit and then the $20 was never charged.

    • John

      Using Twitter has been the best way to get customer service. They are always helpful.

      • bkat11

        I don’t even bother calling anymore

        • Sal Monella

          Most companies respond on Twitter, but most tell you to call them, not even DM.

  • Sal Monella

    When are they going to be shipped? March 16 on release day?

    • John

      My order just changed status to shipped with a UPS tracking number. Sometimes in the past phones ship early, sometimes it’ll say shipped but not leave the facility until 2 days before release date. Who knows what it’ll be with this phone.

  • Jtx Scbua Turtle

    I just called for JOD on the phone. It is still 120;00 down for s9 plus. Too bad. The regular S9 is zero down but not the S9 plus.

    • Matt Macaluso

      Mine was $0 down.

    • John

      I asked for the new $0 down promotion on Twitter. They instantly gave me a $120 credit and I got a new email with updated pricing. I was expecting it to go up to the $38 a month but it’s only $32 a month with no money down.

  • CJ

    OK So I am confused, I have jump on my s7 and I did the trade in offer for the S9 plus. So they charged me 120 + tax. They said i get bill credits of $15 did i pick the wrong promotion? Should i have done jump on demand or jump instead? Or Do I still have jump does it carry over?

    • tommest

      Depends on you if you want to ship your phone back or return it at the store.

  • tommest

    I already received my tracking number from ups getting my galaxy s9 plus on March 13-14

  • Matt Macaluso

    Out for delivery!

    • Scott

      Dd you get something from UPS or t-mobile? On the T-Mobile site, it says the same. “Delivery March 12” but the tracking # on the UPS site, says it hasn’t even been picked up, yet….

      • Matt Macaluso

        UPS send me delivery notification emails. It just came… un-boxing now!

        • Scott

          Oh I hate you…… lol

        • Matt Macaluso

          Meh. Let down as we all thought… Missing S-Pen already.

        • Scott

          ???? the S9 doesn’t have a pen. That’s the Note series.

        • Matt Macaluso

          I’m “upgrading” from the Note8.

        • Ron Kinsey

          Notice much a difference between the note 8 and the s9?