T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan price increase coming next week


A T-Mobile plan pricing increase is coming next week.

T-Mobile says that the Unlimited 55+ plan will cost $70 per month for new customers starting March 15. That price is $10 more than the Unlimited 55+ plan currently costs. The $70 pricing will include taxes and fees and requires autopay.

While the price will be going up, the Unlimited 55+ plan will continue to include two lines of unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE smartphone data along with other T-Mobile One benefits. And just like it is now, the plan will only be available to customers who are age 55 or older, and age verification will be required.

Customers that are currently signed up for the Unlimited 55+ plan at its $60 per month rate will not be affected by this upcoming price increase.

It’s never exciting to see price increases, but at least with this Unlimited 55+ change, we’ve gotten a heads-up one week before the increase goes into effect. So if you or someone you know has been interested in T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ rate plan, you’ll want to sign up sometime in the next week.

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  • Willie D

    And so it begins, the higher prices because they’re bigger and no longer looking to “scale”, now they’re looking to profit based on “price” – And going after people older, who actually USE LESS DATA, and are mostly a generation who makes a few calls here and there, and looks at devices as being more “emergency devices” than a daily driver, even if they do make a lot of calls, they’re still costing the company less. Way to gouge people TMo.

    • Matt Terk

      Having unlimited data on a senior plan is kind of a novel concept, no?

      • Harry Ballsak

        20 years ago 55 year old was born in 1943
        today a 55 year old was born in 1963
        in 20 years a 55 year old will have been born in 1983.

        The 55 year olds of today and tomorrow are not the same ones as yesterday. I was born in 1968. Old to some but I’m not a Luddite.

        • Matt Terk

          Always welcome the wisdom of Mr. Ballsack ;)

        • RockvilleRoadrunner

          I heard Verizon was testing a similar plan for 55+ in Florida for $60 a month. I hope they roll it out nationaly and scare Mr. Legree.

        • Just like Verizon to do that, so it may happen but probably have a lot of fees and fine print attached if it’s anything like other ideas they ‘adapted’ from other people.

          Innovation isn’t that company’s strong point, except perhaps in engineering. Gotta give the remaining R&D folks props for what they accomplish, in spite of the rest of the company.

        • David Hoffman

          Exactly. 55 year old here. Lots of YouTube on the T-Mobile Coolpad Defiant at work and on the road. I still dislike The Facebook a lot and don’t use it much. Old enough to remember coffee percolators on the stove, but wise enough to know drip coffee is better tasting.

      • I’m 62. Born in 1956. Last month, my primary phone exceeded 50 GB data use. My other phone clocked in around 24 GB.

        I’ll grant that my use is atypical. I’m retired, so I have the time to spend on the Net.

        You should remember that most of the people who developed and built the Internet were nerds like me and a lot of even older folks than me.

        It’s a good idea to have a sense of history.

    • Chris Keller

      I agree. This isnt what we want to see from T-Mobile. Still not a bad price for 2 lines but it’s clear the uncarrier path is disappearing and becoming more carrier like

      • MrJohnDoe

        T-Mobile always has sales. Wait til black Friday.

    • Jason

      I always thought it was priced too cheap. It was a temporary loss leader to capture a greater share of the elder market, but it wasnt going to last forever. That generation has the most net worth by far by the way. They are hardly poor. $35 per line for 2 lines is still very very cheap for an unlimited plan

      • When you think about it, the same plan is $25/line (4@$100) on MetroPCS.

  • Zbum

    I just did this a few weeks ago….called Tmo about adding pin number to my account….rep on the line said I was eligible for price cut since I’m over 55….saved me 20 bucks….$70 TO $50….thanks Tmo.

  • Jason Caprio

    I have been predicting this and it’s coming true. Once T-Mobile is no longer the “underdog”, their prices will be right in line with Verizon and AT&T. The “Triopoly” is going to be real.

    • Jason

      There is no comparison in prices. I mean the taxes and fees alone in my area make the other 2 dramatically more expensive. They dont include Netflix, thats $11 a month there alone. And even this revised senior plan is an unheard of 35 a line with taxes and unlimited data. So yeah the day ATT and Verizon offer ANYTHING for 35 a line including taxes and fees let me know

      • Harry Ballsak

        The 55+ plan doesn’t include Netflix either Einstein. And my taxes/fees are under $4.50 per line with Verizon.

        • Jason

          I wasn’t talking about the senior plan in the first part of my response. I was responding to his general comment on tmo prices. And no Verizon’s taxes are not $4.50 in this area. Not even close. You obviously dont live in a high tax urban area. And by the way 4.50 a line, even if true, is a substantial savings. I mean thats serious cash on a 4 line plan.

        • Harry Ballsak

          I live in state where my sales tax is 9.75% on most things except groceries where it’s still 7.25%. Cell phone bills are 9.5%. I’d say 10% is pretty high tax rate. Also you CHOOSE to live in a “high tax urban area”

        • Jason

          It doesnt matter where I live or what the tax rate is, the bottom line is that Verizon charges it on top whereas for us its free.

        • Harry Ballsak

          Good for you. Glad you get good signal. I pay more but I actually can USE my service

        • MrJohnDoe

          I have no problems with my T-Mobile service. Choose what’s best for you.

        • bman893

          Ok so have your $10 cheaper service + netflix lol good luck because tmobile was just dfoingba bait N switch there going to add back taxes and take away netflix soon and there reasing all jod asnd eip down payments plus alot more tmobile was good 5 years ago now there just cheap bs i will gladly pay $15 more for Verizon i have a work phone note8 with tmobile and a persinal note 8 firm verzion ya no joke i use my personal phone for work 50% of the time so your saving 15$ to get 50% less service

        • Jason

          Dude, did they teach you to speak English where you’re from? Heh listen to me closely, learn to use SENTENCES. Use periods, use capitalizations, use something. With all due respect, you’re not a likely Verizon customer are you? :-P I mean: remedial English skills, probable meager income as a result (or cause). You don’t strike me as an extra $20 a month. And by the way, where does Paco get his predictions from? Are you prognosticating a future of taxes and fees added back on top through a head of lettuce? Or perhaps it was the sooth sayer standing outside of the Lowe’s with you :-P Yeah..

        • Jason

          Oh and just for my edification I went and looked up Verizon’s taxes and fees per line in myr area. Verizon actually has a website to find out how much they are ripping you off. Lets take the senior plan’s $35 a month. Verizon Administrative Charge (nobody even knows what this is: $1.23, Regulatory charge: $0.21, Federal USC (5.08% of bill): $1.78, City tax (6%): $2.10, State sales tax (9.2%): $3.22, State and local 911 fee: $0.95. Grand total: $9.29. Per freakin line. THAT is how much Verizon is ripping you off by not including in its bill like Tmo. And every time those taxes and fees go up you’re stuck holding the bag, where for us, its all built into the price.

        • Harry Ballsak

          Yeah except that is wrong because you’re not taxed on the entire bill. We have 4 lines total taxes/fees is $17.80 or $4.45 per line despite having a 9.5% sales tax and $1.16 9-11 fee per line.

          Guess what T-Mobile is required to pay those taxes too whether they make you pay them or not. You think T-Mobile is getting off Scott free from those? How much longer do you think t-mobile is going to keep doing that?

        • Jason

          Yeah no, you’re not charged sales tax on a portion of any item in this state. It is off the total. And what difference does it make to me if Tmo is paying the taxes behind the scenes? Yeah, so what, that makes their plans substantially cheaper.

        • Harry Ballsak

          it makes difference because on day they raise the price while still claiming to pay the taxes. they already done that twice in the last 2 years.

        • Jason

          They havent raised prices once for existing customers. Every single rate plan has pretty much allowed current customers to keep their grandfathered price. That is another reason why you’re sh-tty taxes on top Verizon system is even worse. Because Tmo doesnt tack on additional prices when taxes go up. We dont even see t

        • Harry Ballsak

          Jason you do get that T-Mobile want to GAIN customers not just keep the ones they have. Quit thinking everything is about YOU. Big Picture. See it.

        • Jason

          Hey I hate to break it to you buddy, that is a HUGE deal and an infinite praise upon Tmobile on the policy for existing customers. You want to know how most companies operate? My Comcast bill goes up $10 a year on tax and fee increases regularly. Do not ever discount what Tmo brings to the industry. The very fact that they pay the taxes, build them into the plans, and then dont jack up prices for existing customers is a HUGE DEAL. And that is a part of the reason they are growing so quickly

        • Harry Ballsak

          Jason just unbunch your panties and grow the f–k up snowflake. Let me guess you were probably born after 1985. Man your generation is whiny entitled bunch

        • dcmanryan

          Slow night at the window? Wise wisdom from a troll with a user name like yours. Really? How old are you? Guessing you are still in your Mom’s basement borrowing money to pay your inflated Verizon bill between your 4 hour shifts at McDonalds and Taco Bell and spend the rest of your time chasing Pokemon. Harry Ballsak? What a loser you are. Make me a Frito Burrito you biatch.

          T-Mobile is cheaper in every aspect compared to Verizon. We don’t need a troll to explain to us that if T-Mobile does not have good service in one’s area Verizon, Sprint or AT&T may be a better option. For most, T-Mobile is on par with the other carriers or exceeds them so obviously the better value to those with a minimum of 2 brain cells and can add without using a cash register.

        • riverhorse

          Forever, while you stay active with your plan.
          When and IF[BIG if] they ever change that, it will apply to NEW subscribers ONLY.
          Any other questions Mr. Politeness?

        • Wazoolie

          Yes it DOES include Netflix, imbecile!

        • riverhorse


        • You are right as I provide this information below as proof:


          No the “free” Netflix plan is not included on the TMO One +55 plan. During the launch press conference John Legere specifically addressed that plan (along with the 2 x $100) and said those plans were just too discounted to be able to offer the Netflix on Us promotion and was therefore not financially possible.

    • (J²)

      You are right, to an extent. As service improves and in some ways, exceeds competitors – prices will continue to rise and rightfully so. After all, these network upgrades don’t pay for themselves. If I’m not mistaken, the money used in the incentive auction has to be repaid to the parent company.
      Isn’t the regular T-Mobile One plan already $70 for a single line? If so, this would simply be a pricing alignment / ending of a “promotional” plan. We all know, T-Mobile rewards those who have more lines.

  • SheriffBart

    We are signed up for this plan. We add the hotspot for an extra $20 for both lines. So $80/mo isn’t bad. Used it overseas twice at no extra charge. Saves us a bunch versus Att or Verizon. T-Mobile Tuesday’s saves me $5/mo on Shell gas discounts.
    Only problem is the spotty service in the UP of Michigan. But for the savings, I’ll keep it.

    • Harry Ballsak

      Savings don’t mean squat if you don’t have service. Pretty rural up there except maybe Marquette. And Houghton is college town. Also you have to pay extra for hotspot?

      • Kaulana1989

        You can pay extra for unlimited 4G LTE hotspot tethering

    • SteveD

      T-Mobile is building up Michigan right now. Just wait a bit.. It’s coming.

  • Nobody Special

    the onDemand tablet Plan was removed quietly from my Simple Choice Plan as an available plan option :(

    Luckily i still have 2 i will hold onto till the end of time !!!!

  • Jason

    No it’s 9.29 per line as Verizon told me LOL (see below). I don’t know if you’re just math deficient but a close to $15 price variance on a $75 plan is a substantial 20% savings. If you think 20% savings on anything is negligible, you’re not very smart

    • Harry Ballsak

      Depends on where you live. My taxes/fees are $4.45 a line. So on Verizon’s $75 plan is would be $79.45 total. You also didn’t take coverage into consideration Jason.

      • Jason

        I highly suspect your $4.50 is fake. Now I dont know that for a fact but the fixed fees alone on what I stated below are $2.15. Are you telling me that all of your state and local sales taxes and 911 fees are about $2? Do you live in the sticks or something? Does your state not have a sales tax? That sounds suspect. But maybe you live in like Oregon

        • Harry Ballsak

          Why would I lie? yes my states sales tax on phone is 9.5%( data is NOT taxed ) everything else except groceries is 9.75%

          Go Unlimited
          Devices and add-ons $231.00
          Surcharges $7.40
          Taxes and government fees $10.40
          $248.80 Due March 18
          Autopay March 18

        • HelpStupidPeople

          My bill must be fake also Verizon unlimited beyond $74.96 including military discount. $4.96 in taxes and fees.

  • Joe Blo

    I only want 1 line. How much is that ?

    • David Hoffman

      $75.00 in Georgia for 50GB of 4G LTE before de-prioritization or routine throttling.

      • Joe Blo

        No I mean one over 55 phone line.
        I lived in Macon when I was little.

        • Matt

          You can only get 2 lines for that price. You cannot get 1 line under the Unlimited 55+.

        • Sharti24

          Yes you can. Its $50 for 1 line

        • tmo_repatl

          1 line is currently $60 ($55 w/autopay) and will remain the same price after March 15…the only change is for 2 lines on the 55+ plan…it’s currently $70 ($60 w/autopay) and will increase to $80 ($70 w/autopay)

        • Sharti24

          How is one line the same price as two lines? One line is currently $50 and two lines are $60.

        • In the cell business every line has a value to the companies. An account with an extra line or two is worth more to them even if you don’t really pay much extra.

          That’s why the pricing appears odd to most people. Me? I’d gladly pay 5 bucks for another line to use on an old phone. Or, even the same one using Digits.

          If you’re over 55 and have good signal where you live, I’d jump on it before next week.

        • Sharti24

          Currently 1 line is $50. 2 lines are $60. Thats an amazing deal. I currently have 3 lines for $80. Still an amazing deal!

        • I agree. It’s a great deal. As long as it meets your needs.

          It meets mine. Meets yours apparently too. It’s a super deal for us.

          Despite what some others have said, Tmobile has committed to locking our price as long as we remain on the same plan. So, even if their advertised price increases, we are locked in. That’s an even better deal I think.

        • Magenta Man

          Correct. With Autopay.

        • Just get the two lines for $55.

  • lastxit

    I think I will keep my 4 lines for $100. The only person who suffers is my daughter because she uses up her data within 2 weeks.

    • Sharti24

      How many GB’s do you get a month

      • lastxit

        4GB per line. Old Simple Choice plan.

        • Sharti24

          Looks like she needs to use more wifi. You dont wanna switch to the 1 plan for $40 more? Includes taxes

        • Whoaaa Nelly Johnson

          4 GIGS is insanely low. I consistently use around 80-120 a month

        • Sharti24

          I use 60-70gb on tmobile 1. Lastxit only gets 4gb of LTE data per line

  • Sharti24

    Mlb tv is useless if you want to watch your hometown team. Tmobile tuesdays are normally a miss. I dont really care about a $2 credit each week to dunkin (some people dont even have them in their area) sure its nice but it wouldnt keep me around just because i get a small perk once a week

    I have tmobile only because its cheap. i pay $80 total for 3 lines of tmobile one

  • James Smith

    Lol, they think their shitty network is worth all of these prices increases.

    • Sharti24

      Lol true. Tmobiles competition is Sprint and should focus on taking their customers away first. Verizon and Att customers are too loyal and dont like change. They are willing to pay more for the big 2’s coverage reputation

      • All of the numbers I’ve seen indicate that T-Mobile has taken customers away from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. T and Z may be doing well in other businesses but they are seeing Zero or Negative growth in the consumer cellular business. T has has been losing lines to TMO consistently for a few years. Z, to a lesser extent.

        The nature of cellular is that each carrier has areas in which they have better coverage and other areas that are lacking. There is no single ‘best’ company. For each individual, their best choice is the one which has good coverage where they live, work and travel regularly.

        They all have dead zones. I have found that TMO’s ability to seamlessly switch to using WiFi without dumping the call or other glitches gives them coverage in most areas that works for me. Its a huge advantage that is not reflected in the maps.

        Your blanket statement ‘drops the call’; not the microphone.

        Note: I don’t work or speak for anyone but myself. No company pays for my opinions. Can you say the same?

        • Sharti24

          Yes i can say the same.

          Why does Att and Verizon have twice the amount of customers than Tmobile? Coverage and reputation thats why

        • SteveD

          Not true at all. AT&T and Verizon have achieved the status they have through being granted enormous blocks of spectrum nearly for free back during the days when cellular was it’s infancy. They have also achieved their size due to being around and being carve-outs from the Bells during the anti-trust days. They are also the results of the conglomeration of the megacarriers through mergers and acquisition.
          They’re also as big as they are through sheer longevity and being the only game in many markets for a very long time.
          To infer that there is or was a level playing field that all carriers began from is disingenuous.

        • Excellent answer. Very true.

          That’s one reason why subscriber growth and loss tell the story more accurately.

        • Botiemaster

          Just let the noobs think how great ATT and Veri is. They can’t hope to understand why ATT and Veri currently have more customers. They only know that they do and it must be because best services. Nevermind Tmobile has been upgrading and dishing out cash like they own a money tree. If they go on hoping Tmo is as in the dumps as they were, someday it might come true. But they certainly aren’t going to give credit where it’s due for their cheaper and improved plans over at ATT/Veri.

        • Nobody Special

          being able to automatically switch from cellular to wifi and vice versa isn’t really a T-Mobile feature…. it’s an ability that is based on the type of device you are using.

        • Bryce Elliott

          I’m trying to figure out what numbers you’re seeing? Ever since AT&T and Verizon released unlimited data, Verizon’s been gaining customers every quarter. AT&T has slowed down their customer loss tremendously.

          Sure, there is no single “best” carrier for coverage, but there is an overall “best”, meaning you’re comparing everywhere in the United States, not just one specific area.

          T-Mobile’s WiFi calling feature really is only useful for when there is an open WiFi network, which is really only in peoples own home, malls, shopping centers, coffee shops, and a few fast food places. When you’re out on the road with no cell service, hang it up. Not to mention, there’s quite a few people that don’t have WiFi at their own home.

  • Ver

    Idiots shouldn’t be raising this price.

  • (J²)

    In case anyone has forgotten, this plan’s normal price is $70 for one line and $50 more for a second (for a total of $120).

    This plan still offers a savings of $50 if you have a second line, otherwise the plan is at normal price.

    How is this surprising or fall outside the norm for T-Mobile?

  • the martian ambassador

    This announcement lacks some detail. I would imagine they are going to keep the first line at $50/mo and raise the current second line cost from $10 to $20/mo. It will still be a good value.

  • Dave Sam

    Is this change suppose to take place march 15? I signed up for this planned today and they are charging me 80 dollars(70 with auto-pay)

  • Donna Weiss

    If you have unlimited data, then would you need Wi-Fi. I do not have cable, therefore no Wi-Fi, and I’m thinking of changing to
    T-Mobile. Can someone clarify this for me?

    • the martian ambassador

      That depends. You get “unlimited 3G tethering” which is ok for basic stuff and 480P streams. The data limit for both phone and tethering combined is 50GB per month/line before prioritization. You can get T-Mobile Plus which gives you 10GB of 4G tethering, and T-Mobile Plus International will give you unlimited 4G tethering on the line , but again up to 50GB/month so it’s not really “unlimited”.

      • Donna Weiss

        I’m just trying to get the most for my money (like everyone else) without getting cable. I’m disabled and on a very limited income. I think 50 GB of data would be enough, but I was concerned that I would still need Wi-Fi. Thank you for your response.

        • the martian ambassador

          You can always add a second line, which on this plan will be 10 or 20 dollars depending on when you sign up. Then you would theoretically have 50/GB per line/month or 100 GB. That should be enough.

        • Donna Weiss

          I already have 2 lines for me and my husband, but I still thinK 50 GB will last us a month. And the $60.00 price is the only reason I’m looking into TMO. As I said I was only concerned that I would still need Wi-Fi to perform some tasks. Another plus is you get Netflix included with your plan. So therefore you cannot beat the price!

        • the martian ambassador

          FYI: Netflix is not included under the 55+ plan since it is already deeply discounted.

        • Donna Weiss

          Thanks for that important piece on info. I appreciate your help. Now I must decide what to do. Thanks again.

        • Sharti24

          Do the tmobile one plan and then add unlimited hotspot tethering for an extra $25 month and cancel your cable internet

        • TaskForce141

          Web browser: Be sure you are running an ad blocker and turn off the auto-play of videos. That is the biggest data waster, aside from intentional video streaming.

          If you use the wi-fi hotspot on your phone for an extended amount of time, take off the case so it won’t heat up as much. Your phone will be running hot because at least two of the 4 radios would be on (LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, bluetooth).
          Hint: turn off GPS and bluetooth if you don’t need them. Saves battery, too. Some suggest plugging in your power cord while hotspotting, but charging the battery simultaneously will put even more stress and heat on the phone.

    • Norman Harris

      Do you stream video? Do you use it at ordinary resolution such as 480p or higher resolutions such as 720p or 1080p. If you watch nearly all of your video in standard resolution AND you do not watch a bunch of streaming movies {such as on Netflix} and your T-Mobile coverage is good where you are, not 1 bar you will be able to operate well without home internet provided through WI FI. If you are Currently operating with no Home Internet, then you will not need home internet to make your T-Mobile unlimited data function, in fact you will be better off with T-Mobile unlimited data than you are with whatever data you currently have from your cellular provider. I hope that you are noting that I am using the term “Home Internet” to refer to the internet or data service provided by a cable Internet Service Provider {such as Comcast, Spectrum, WOW! or COX} or a DSL or Fiber Optic Internet Service Provider {Usually a wired phone provider such as AT&T, Frontier, DSL Extreme, even Verizon in the NorthEast{NYC} } WI-Fi , on such internet services, is actually traditionally provided by a WIRELESS ROUTER that you purchase yourself, then set up to provide WI-FI {Wireless Internet Access} to your computers, laptops and other devices that connect wirelessly instead of through an Ethernet cable or USB. Many of these Wired Internet Providers have confused consumers by building wireless routers INTO their MODEMS then providing support for those routers, often with an additional monthly fee, to have Wireless Access for your devices {WI-FI}. If you don’t need home wired internet, then you don’t need the WI-FI these corporations offer. If you need to access the internet through a desktop or laptop computer using wireless, you simply change your phone into a wireless access device by setting up WIFI tethering. on the phone, then computers, tablets can get on the net through your T-Mobile data on your phone. It will be slower than most wired providers can provide but that is only important when you watch videos or need to download a LARGE FILE such as a WINDOWS 10 operating system update. I’ve put a lot of info here but essentially I don’t think you need ISP Provided Internet with their WIFI and T-Mobile Unlimited Data.

      • Donna Weiss

        You gave me so much to think about! But basically this is what we do in our household: we do not stream video, I download music and books, my husband looks at DIY projects on UTube and minor video watching. We currently have Consumer Cellular with just 10 GB of Data. That’s about it.

  • TaskForce141

    I think the 55+ crowd figured out how to cast video from their phone to their living room TV (got some help from their kids?).

    Or an older person signed up for the 55+ plan, then gave it to someone younger.
    Kind of like buying alcohol for minors! Good families help one another! ha, ha.
    These two scenarios = T-Mo price increase.