T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and LG G6 receiving security updates


T-Mobile is now sending security updates to two flagship Android smartphones.

First up, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is now receiving a 99.38MB update to version G892USQS1ARA1. The update changelog only says “The security of your device has been improved”, and after updating, the About Phone screen shows that the GS8 Active is now on the January 1, 2018 Android security patch level.

T-Mobile’s support page says that this Galaxy S8 Active update also includes various bug fixes and security improvements.


The T-Mobile version of the LG G6 is also receiving a software update. This update bumps the G6 to software version H87211g and includes the December 1, 2017 Android security patch level. Also included are “software stability and bug fixes“.


If you’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active or LG G6 and haven’t updated your phone recently, be on the lookout for your phone’s update in the coming days.

Thanks, Phil and Bill!

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  • Francisco Peña

    slow day at the mothership?

  • Sayahh

    Phandroid reports that S7 Edge update is out, as well.

    • Bob

      It sure is because I received mine.

  • SirStephenH

    It should be noted that the Android January 1 security patch contains fixes to Meltdown and Spectre. Congratulations to S8 Active owners for receiving this patch.

    • dooj

      i thought those were vulnerabilities were exploiting holes in code for Intel hardware. LG’s Snapdragon is made by Qualcomm.

      • SirStephenH

        The vulnerabilities are in Intel, AMD, ARM, and IBM chips.

        Both the Snapdragon 835 (S8 Active) and Snapdragon 821 (G6) use core designs vulnerable to both Spectre variants. Of the two only the S8 Active received the January 2018 patch with the fixes, the G6 received the December 2017 patch.

  • TheBest

    Just got it on my S7 flat.

  • Bklynman

    Now that the 9s are coming out,I wonder how much these phones will drop in price?

  • Hector Rivera

    I got it on my S7 edge on Friday, January 19

    • dtam

      got mine yesterday

  • decisivemoment

    How about an update to unlock the phone and unlock the CDMA frequencies it’s endowed with on the hardware side? I’ve always wanted a versatile and unlocked rugged phone and it was very disappointing to see the SM-G892″U” turned effectively into a “T” or an “S” with crippleware disabling BC0-10 or Band 71 respectively.