T-Mobile offering $50 off Apple Watch Series 3


After recently running deals on the iPhone and iPad, T-Mobile is now kicking off an offer on another Apple product.

T-Mobile today launched a deal that’ll get you $50 off the price of an Apple Watch Series 3. To get this discount, you’ll need to buy the Apple Watch on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and activate it with a qualifying DIGITS plan. Once you do, you’ll get $50 worth of monthly bill credits.

This limited time deal is available online and in stores, and both new and existing customers can take advantage of it. All Apple Watch Series 3 models qualify for the $50 discount, including the 38mm, 42mm, and Nike+ variants. Pricing for the Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $399.99 for the 38mm versions and $429.99 for the 42mm models.

One other detail about this deal that’s worth noting is that it’s not stackable with the offer of three months of free service with the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 3. With this offer, you get three months of unlimited LTE data on your Apple Watch for free, and after that you’ll pay the regular price of $10 per month with autopay.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sucks deal!!! Stay away of $120 annual for the DIGITS plan. Get a Series 3 not LTE for better price and not need the Tmo line for the most of the important things.

    • Sectime

      Add the words; FOR ME, then I agree with you. For the rest of us who own it the cost is the cost.

    • Jeremy Antequera

      But isn’t the whole point of the series 3 to have cellular data? Makes no sense, if that’s the case just buy a series 2 for a discount.

      • The Series 3 works perfectly with your iPhone to make and receive calls, at less you are a runner and left your phone at home would be fine but if you always with your phone there’s not sense to pay any cost monthly for a line of data that is not unlimited only for make some calls.

        • dcmanryan

          So true. Who in their right mind would pay $10 when Bluetooth is free? Even if you’re a runner etc. I’d find a $10 phone case on Amazon for my arm or something before paying $120 a year so I can leave my phone home and the rare occasion it might be handy.

        • Lit

          I tried that with an arm band and it sucks. The extra weight is very noticeable. Still though, I do agree that $10 per month is pretty steep. I wish there was a lower tier option with just some data. I just need to take calls and receive text.

  • polz

    So if you are going to a cellular company to purchase an Apple Watch Seried 3 I am guessing you are purchasing LTE unit…so relaity is since the two promos are not stackable essentially you are savings $20 and not $50 since the $30 data savings is gone. What T-mobile should really do is still breakdown credits via EIP for 24 months that ties in both $50 savings and 3 free months of data…if consumer leaves then lose $50.

    • The profit for Tmobile is the charge of the DIGITS Line, that at other effects is an additional line but without full speed and unlimited data. So the $30 savings are not so bad receiving at front but this is a joke at any cost.

      • polz

        So if I already have (and pay) for a Digits line then would they charge you twice? I am getting ready to add this sevice and am interested on how this will work out.

        • Well that depends what Digits line you have? I have one when Tmobile giveaway to whom participate as beta testers in DIGITS and then told me that the line is only voice not data included so I will need another DIGITS with the data plan (bummer). So maybe is not your case but I think if you are ready paying for the DIGITS could be includes in your Apple Watch Series 3 LTE.

        • polz

          Yeah, I have the same one you have.

  • mikeZo6

    24 month credit wtf what a joke no deal tmo rip offs again

  • Nearmsp

    Ideally, for $ 2 per watch, 4 watches in our household would have been on T-mobile device plan. With $10 per month per watch, not even one watch will go on an LTE plan. I rarely go out without my iPhone, so my series 2 watch is just fine. Even add a phone line on family plan is $10. So how is the same charge for an Apple Watch justified?

  • Javon K (GlenCoco143)

    I just got my Apple Watch series 3 not too long ago, my mother actually knew the manager at Verizon (bc that’s the service she has) and he actually took over $100 off the price. She gave it to me as a gift so all I’m paying is $10 a month for the service.

  • mlody_me

    I wonder when we can expect any deals on iPhones? Hoping to upgrade my mother to + size iPhone before the year ends.