iOS 11.2 update released by Apple with date bug fix and faster wireless charging


Usually when Apple releases a new iOS update, it’s done so in the middle of the day on a Monday or Tuesday. That’s not the case with iOS 11.2.

Apple released iOS 11.2 at around 12:00 am PST on Saturday. The update is available to the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad Air and later, and the iPod touch 6th generation.

To download iOS 11.2, grab your iOS device and go into Settings > General > Software Update.


Apple hasn’t officially said why it decided to push iOS 11.2 in the early hours of a Saturday morning, but it’s likely related to an iOS date crash. An Apple support document explains that some devices would repeatedly restart on and after December 2, 2017 due to a bug that is related to local notifications. If you’re running an iOS version earlier than 11.2, Apple recommends turning off all notifications to avoid this bug.

Also included with this update is support for peer-to-peer payments with Apple Pay Cash. However, the feature doesn’t appear to be live quite yet. iMore‘s Rene Ritchie suggests that Apple Pay Cash will launch early next week, likely when iOS 11.2 was originally slated to be released.

iOS 11.2 adds faster 7.5W wireless charging to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X as well as three new live wallpapers for iPhone X, improved video camera stabilization, and a Podcasts app feature that’ll automatically advance to the next episode from the same show.

There are also some notable bug fixes included in the iOS 11.2 update. Apple addresses an issue where the keyboard could respond slowly, it fixed a Messages bug that could cause the keyboard to overlap the most recent message, and it fixed a bug in the Calculator app where entering numbers quickly could lead to an incorrect answer being displayed.

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  • Mario

    What a difference now on my SE. Battery slightly better as well. But performance feels almost as iOS 10, if not very very close to it.

  • Dave Lopes

    Anyone else notice a performance improvement? Any new bugs?

  • Sharti24

    These updates are becoming a joke. 8 updates in 2 months? Get real apple

    • (J²)

      Apart from the bug fixes which are always released, this update 11.2 was planned. It has been rumored all year that Apple’s P2P payment platform wouldn’t be ready in time for the iPhone launch. It was also speculated that Wireless Charging may not be enabled at launch (but instead a later update).

      To be fair, Apple chose to release the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, 6 weeks apart. That means bugs unique to the iPhone X couldn’t have been addressed in earlier versions of iOS 11.x

      I wouldn’t say, that iOS has more bugs than previous versions but instead, Apple has been committed to addressing them (large and small) rather quickly versus ignoring them. I’ve been using iPhones and upgrading every year since the iPhone 4 in 2010 and can attest to this.

  • T Redd

    I hope this helps with the slow hotspot.