T-Mobile pushes updates to Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Galaxy J7


We’ve already seen T-Mobile push updates to its Galaxy S7 and Note 8 in the past couple of weeks, and it looks like some older Samsung devices got updated, too.

T-Mobile recently pushed updates to its Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy J7. The updates began rolling out on November 22nd and according to T-Mo, they each include “various improvements and security updates.”

If you haven’t gotten a new update on your S6, S6 edge, or J7 recently, then you can either way for the OTA to hit your phone or you can check for it manually. If you’d prefer the latter update method, then you can go into Settings > Software updates > Download updates manually if you’ve got a S6 or S6 edge or Settings > About device > Download updates manually if you’ve got a J7.

Thanks, Allen!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S6, T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge, T-Mobile Galaxy J7

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  • Bklynman

    Not only was it security up date,but update to Andion 7.1,my sister phone got it last night. This was for the J7. Mid range all the way.

  • OMG! Samsung waits these updates for such a long time. Appreciate all new things about Galaxy

  • coakl

    I don’t expect my S5 to get Android 7, but the least T-Mo could do, is give me the security patches. Samsung did release them for the S5 (S5’s in Europe and Asia have already received their security patches).

    • Bklynman

      If midrange phone can updates,no reason why phones like S5,Note3,can’t. Which I have. I know it could take 7.1,with no problem,then I wouldn’t have too buy new phone,just like you do for the same reason,security,last update my note3 got,was last June.