T-Mobile Tuesdays will include free movie rental, BOGO candy deal, and more next week


T-Mobile has already confirmed that the focus of November 28th will be #GivingTuesday, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some gifts for T-Mo customers to score as well.

For the November 28th edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mo customers can score a free movie rental from Vudu. Also coming on Tuesday is a BOGO deal on select Hershey’s candies and a BOGO deal on Snapple.

Each T-Mobile customer will also receive $2 to donate to one of four charities on Tuesday. The four charities that you can donate to include the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Feeding America, and Team Rubicon.

T-Mobile will donate more to those four charities on #GivingTuesday any time anyone tweets #GivingTWOgether on November 28th. When someone tweets that hashtag, T-Mo will donate $2 to split between the four charities, up to $100,000.

Finally, T-Mobile employees will each get $28 in their Giving Account to donate to any charity of their choice.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Sharti24

    T(rash)-mobile tuesdays strikes again!

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      You don’t want the sugar rush?

    • F4LL0U7

      I can’t understand the audacity of complaining about free things.

      • Sharti24

        Its not free if you have to bogo

        • Lit

          so its trash if its not free? entitled much?

        • F4LL0U7

          The movie rental is free. Why do you think you’re even entitled to anything at all? This is a promotion they don’t have to do. When they have a week where I’m not interested in anything, I say “oh well” and wait for the next week.

        • Francisco Peña

          Go to Verizon. They don’t have bogos, so you should be happy

        • SirStephenH

          $5.50 of VUDU credit is free. You can rent a movie or wait til the weekend and pick up a $5 movie.

        • SirStephenH

          Also a free bowl at Panda Express.

          They give away at least one free thing every week. You may not always like what they give away but that doesn’t change the fact that they do.

  • Nobody Special

    I will give my neighbor $150 to donate it to one of my relatives of their chosing: me or my cousin or my brother – I am in a giving mood :)

  • Zach Chadwick

    I deleted this app. It’s not that good anymore. I’d use it if there were free pizza, or something that lasted beyond just Wednesday at 3am.

    • Deadeye37

      I liked my free Panda Express bowl last week. Free Vudu credits are great too since I’m a movie fan (I can sometimes grab a decent movie for free for my collection). The $5 movie ticket last week was also nice since I was able to catch a $20 IMAX showing of Justice League for $5 over the weekend.

      But, to each his own.

      • A2theC

        I agree with both of you. I am only really enjoying the entertainment “thanks” or the fuel rewards due to my excess commuting.
        Every other option for discounts I feel are somewhat a slap in the face as we aren’t being “thanked” by the option to buy something we didn’t ask for.

        I believe there should be a couple different ways to get “thanked” each week.
        First option would be ‘roll the dice’ and get random options as it is currently.
        Second option would be ‘pick one’ of a known permanent better option, such as free pizza or $5 VUDU credits/FREE movie ticket etc.

        I do understand these are promotions, not entitlements, but it is included in the services we are paying for as a small payback or rebate for continued patronage. But it isn’t marketed as an advertising platform, though it is, but as a ‘way to thank our customers.’

  • Coty Ternes

    What are the participating stores for the BOGOs? I don’t know where I need to go…

  • Sharti24

    The same offer for the candy bar/Snapple is on the GasBuddy app lol

  • Nobody Special

    THe free panda bowl was ok today.

  • SirStephenH

    I wish they’d bring back the weekly VUDU credit. :-(