T-Mobile Revvl Plus launching November 17th with bigger screen and dual rear cameras


T-Mobile’s own-brand Revvl line of smartphones is growing today with the debut of the Revvl Plus.

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus will be available this Friday, November 17th. It’ll cost $8 down and $8 per month for 24 months on EIP or $0 down and $9 per month with an 18-month JUMP! On Demand lease.

As its name suggests, the Revvl Plus is bigger than the Revvl that launched in August. The Revvl Plus features a 6-inch 1920×1080 display and a 3,380mAh battery. It’s also packing an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and around back there’s a dual camera setup with 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel sensors.

Inside the Revvl Plus’s black and magenta-colored shell is a 2.0GHz octa-core Qualcomm MSM8953 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a microSD slot for adding more storage. The Revvl Plus includes support for LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, and 66.

Rounding out the Revvl Plus’s feature set is a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and Android Nougat.

The Revvl Plus looks like a nice addition to T-Mobile’s own-brand smartphone lineup. It’s a few bucks more per month than the standard Revvl, but it’s still got a pretty affordable price tag, and those extra dollars get you upgraded specs like a bigger screen, bigger battery, and dual rear camera setup.

Does the combination of the Revvl Plus’s price and upgrades have you interested in T-Mo’s newest phone?

Source: T-Mobile


  • Alex Pilaia

    What kind of octa-core processor? Clock Speed? They might as well have added 1 GB more of RAM to compete with the other phones out there…

    • Ascertion

      Mediatek most definitely. Only cat 4 LTE whereas flagships are shipping with cat 16 LTE.

      • Mark McCoskey

        And T-Mobile was just pushing Gigabit LTE. Need X16 or better for that.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          You also probably need a high end CPU to be able to handle it, which $200 phones don’t have.

          The entire concept of faster wireless is pretty much a placebo at this point. There’s not much practical application for it outside tethering to a router, and they purposely limit your bandwidth for that use case. The actual reason gigabit wireless is important is so small businesses in outlying areas can get fast internet where there is no wired infrastructure, and to improve throughput in congested areas. Which means even those without the capability will get a benefit from it because it offloads enthusiasts’ high usage traffic to another band.

        • marque2

          My LG G6 a current model 600 dollar phone with 5 bars in my current apartment runs 1/7 of the speed of the 120 dollar LG Atria I used with 3 bars in my old apartment last year. Unless there is something seriously wrong with the LG G6 I own – I doubt my speed problem has anything to do with processor speed.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          What does any of that have to do with gigabit LTE?

        • SirStephenH

          Phone models very widely but for the most part a more expensive phone will get you higher speeds. You could’ve just received a bad G6 though.

        • marque2

          Next time I fly home ill see if I can in hand the Atria from my kids and compare speeds. I might have a bad H6. It has other problems.

        • marque2

          I have an LG G6 one of the latest higher end phones and get whopping 3mbs speeds with 4 -5 bars. I think Tmo needs to upgrade their regular network first before I worry about gigabit speed. My phone should easily routimely get 20 mbps and up to 100

        • Trevnerdio

          I regularly get 80+ here in Tallahassee, pretty common to peak over 100, with over 200 being my highest in another Florida city. Their network is pretty solid in most places that I go, but you’re right, it varies wildly.

        • SirStephenH

          Sounds like you’re most likely on band 12. T-Mobile only has 5+5MHz of band 12 which, along with it being low-band are the reasons why it’s so starved for capacity (capacity + signal strength = speed). This will all change with the band 71 rollout.

      • AnthonyReyes

        stop comparing this budget phone to $900 dollar phones

        • Ascertion

          I am only informing the others that may be interested.

      • Acdc1a

        The person spending less than $200 on a phone has no idea what you’re talking about.

        • SirStephenH

          They’ll complain all the same when they realize that they’re not getting close to the speeds of everyone else. Most people will assuredly believe that it will have support for all of T-Mobile’s technologies because it’s a “T-Mobile brand” phone.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          They won’t complain, they won’t even notice. Never underestimate how little the average consumer knows or cares about this stuff. In my many long waits at their stores I have never seen a single person ask how fast a phone is. All anyone ever asks about is how much they cost or for a specific brand or model. The person who asks for the former doesn’t give much of a crap about speed, and the latter are usually just getting whatever they were told was good by someone. Speed is very seldom the deciding factor either way.

        • SirStephenH

          Oh they’ll complain. I see people complaining all the time about speeds and coverage and blaming the network when it far more often than not comes down to the phone they’re using.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          What gives you that idea? There are dozens of factors that can cause slowness. Given that most use cases for people involve YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and Facebook, and that even the lowest end phones can do them without breaking a sweat, how can you blame that over network congestion, software bloat, or any of the other super common issues on mobile devices? After all, a 16×16 modem does not mean a thing if you load your phone up with 30 apps running as admin like so many people do, or you are out in the busy part of town on Friday night and the tower backbones are swamped.

        • The Borg

          That’s me lol

    • Alex Wagner

      I asked T-Mo for more info regarding the processor earlier this morning but haven’t heard back yet. Will update the post when I do.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile says that it’s a Qualcomm 8953 processor.

      • Tale 85

        I got the same answer 8953 which is the Snapdragon 625. I’d love to know who’s making it for T-Mobile. Obviously Alcatel comes to mind, but it just doesn’t look like anything else they’ve made. ZTE maybe? Big screens are their style.

    • Joseph McCovery

      Snapdragon 625 is what I found when Googling MSM8953.

    • SirStephenH

      The article above says, “a 2.0GHz octa-core Qualcomm MSM8953 processor”.

  • Ascertion

    I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of like the magenta tint on the back. Just my preference.

    I am upset that it’s another 6″+ phone with not-so-small bezels. All of the flagships seem to be getting larger and larger. Soon everything will be note sized.

    • 8tackOnTit

      This in not a flagship phone. Your comparing a $200 phone versus a $900 flashsip smartphone. You don’t want bezels then you have to open your wallet more

      • Ascertion

        Just because this is not a flagship does not render my point irrelevant.

  • MadMartigan

    Will have to see it in-store. Might trade my Revvl in for it, but since it’s a fall-back device, unless they really improved it, I’ll probably just leave it.

  • Mark McCoskey

    Surprised that Band 71 is not offered.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Good catch it completely left my mind that band! That’s highly needed especially considering 2018 is around the corner and it means this band will be in more markets to utilize it! I am glad you mentioned I’ll hold off for that reason.

    • Tale 85

      This might be useful when Band 71 comes up.
      “That’s all about to change. Qualcomm is releasing a number of components to phone manufacturers as part of its RF Front-End portfolio that include support for Band 71, which comprises the 600MHz band. These parts, which include a Low-Band Power Amplifier Module, an Adaptive Aperture Tuner, along with Duplexer and Diversity Receive (DRX) Filter, work with the baseband inside any number of Snapdragon chips from the 200, 400, 600, and 800 series to support Band 71.”

  • resource

    Any updates on the Black Friday sales?

    • dcmanryan

      Leaked all over reddit.

      Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ free with qualifying trade-in: S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, LG V20, LG V30 qualifying devices.
      LG V30 free with qualifying trade-in: S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, LG V20, LV V30 qualifying devices.
      Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Free Galaxy Tab E with new or existing tablet/MI line when you purchase the Note 8 on EIP. Free Samsung Gear Kit via samsungpromotions.com
      On Us: Additional line of service FREE. Every T-Mobile customer with at least two voice lines can get an additional line free after bill credits! That’s not all, T-Mobile One customers will have the option to duplicate one of their lines completely free with DIGITS!
      21st T-Mobile Tuesday Accessory Codes: This Tuesday we will be randomly giving away accessory promotion codes for up to 75% off select accessories from T-Mobile.com! Be sure to check the T-Mobile Tuesdays app!


    • dcmanryan

      Yes but tmonews will not let me post links. 20th_24th_deals search for that on reddit.

      • SirStephenH

        You can post links, you just have to wait for Alex to approve posts with links in them.

        • dcmanryan

          I did that. It was not approved because it disappeared. More than likely because it’s not officially released or confirmed yet.

        • dcmanryan

          I’ll try again and add this is NOT official. Don’t go out and buy every v20 in sight and possibly find out you can’t trade it. Take this as a credible rumor at this point.


      • marque2

        What does “duplicate a line with” digits mean?

        • dcmanryan

          Well a T-Mobile VP said the guy who posted all this on reddit was misinformed and the original guy has now deleted his post so who knows if any of it will end up true but to answer your question a duplicate line with digits is if you say you bought an Apple Watch with data. That normally would cost you $10 extra a month. If this proves to be true you’d get that for free.

          T-Mobile VPs statement….
          Readers: One of my best Retail store leaders shared this link with me. I can’t tell you anything specific at this time other than the original poster is misinformed in a very big way. Stay tuned for potential future official promotions from T-Mobile. :)

        • marque2

          Thanks for explaining DIGITS. The BF promo as posted on Redditt did seem too good to be true. It was like all the promos for the whole year in 4 days.

        • dcmanryan

          I agree. I should have known better than to post it but I was excited and he seemed quite credible. Hopefully the real deals will be released tomorrow. I’d still be happy with a V20 deal. Those phones didn’t just disappear even though they did disappear from the website.

        • marque2

          I am pretty frustrayes with LG Nexus 4 great phone – Nexus 5 what 4 should have been. 5x excellent except both started bootlooping. LG Atria for 120 bucks was amazing. Top of the line G6 – No one can understand me unless I am ON speakerphone and the GPS started clutching so it won’t reset for two days after a flight (it should take a max of 12 minutes and actually seconds if both gps and towers are used) don’t know things seem to be going downhill with top end LG phones for me.

  • Matt

    Looks good but I am going to wait to replace my current phone until more 600mhz capable phones come out.

  • Denzel

    The revvel sucks as a primary but it’s good for a back up phone. it’s too slow and I had issues day one. I’ll give it a second shot if I wasn’t getting a pixel or Samsung in the next couple days

    Edit I just noticed it has soft keys on the phone and not on screen unless there is a setting for it

  • SirStephenH

    Only 1080p and 2GB of ram and no band 71 support? That’s a big PASS.

    • Ty Christensen

      Yes, 3GB RAM would have been nice and band 71, in a mid-range you’re not gonna get a QHD screen but they could have done the other two things, too bad.

      • marque2

        When you add up all the things that would be nice you end up with a $600 phone. 2 gigs of RAM is reasonable for most people. I doubt in would notice the difference – but then I tend to close apps I don’t use.

    • NardVa

      All Android phones should be 3GB ram minimum.

    • Mike

      For only $200 what do you expect?

    • Derek

      No offense, but you sound like a tool!
      90% of homes have big 60 inch screens that use 1080p, what makes you think you need anything higher on a 6 inch phone. I have a 6 inch with a 1080 screen and can’t see the pixels. Not to mention, you get better battery life as well.
      Also 2Gb of ram is just fine. Unless your some sort of power user cropping photos and making “movies” on your phone, you probably won’t need more.

      • SirStephenH

        No offense but you sound like the tool here, starting off with an ad hominem attack.

        “90% of homes have big 60 inch screens that use 1080p”

        I’m sure that would be news to the TV industry that sells mostly 40″ and smaller screens and sees the majority of large TVs being sold with 4k because 1080p looks like crap on large screens.

        2GB of ram is useless this day and age. With it you could call, text, and view simple web pages, that is it. Even then everything is slow.

  • Nobody Special

    When a T-Mobile store unbox and gives product reviews of it’s own product turns a great experience to a staged one. Please leave the unboxing to the critics and customers! If T-Mobile opened up a box with a damaged phone in it, im sure we would not have been prevy to it. It’s just not the same when you review yourself…lol

    • Jeremy Turnley

      That’s kinda true, but unboxings aren’t reviews, they’re just phone porn with a glimpse of what is included besides the phone (and basically clickbait at this point).

      Besides, none of the major review sites even bothered to look at the Revvl. This is likely the only decent unboxing video we will get for this phone, and the only real reviews will come from minor sites and individual purchasers.

  • Grandy Cuban

    I own a Revvl. I have not been able to confirm all the horribleness noted by reviewers. While the picture taking quality is disappointing, engaging the developer options of eliminating animation effects along with the installation of the latest Microsoft Launcher has made for a very stable and snappy phone.

    That being said, I was hoping to be given the opportunity to upgrade to the rumored Revvl T2 http://www.gsm-specs.com/specifications/t-mobile-revvl-t2/ and Revvl T3 Pro http://www.gsm-specs.com/specifications/t-mobile-revvl-t3-pro/

    These were reported to come with 3 & 4 gig of RAM, respectively. Not only was the increased RAM appealing, but also the inclusion of a smaller 5.2 inch screen on one of the options.

    The larger these phones become, the less they will be able to fit in a pant (or even shirt) pocket. Is the intent for us to carry them in hand at all times? Like most people seem to be doing?

    I don’t understand the wisdom of keeping the RAM at 2 gig despite the addition of an octa core processor. I have a crazy theory that has no research basis about this RAM stuff: I wonder if the big name, popular phone manufacturers put some restrictions on phone distributors such as TMO with respect to what phones with 3+ gigs of RAM they will allow to compete with their own. I think people are beginning to look more closely at phones that offer 3 or 4+ gigs of RAM

  • Billy_Boy2019

    I can’t wait for this phone to release I will probably be the first one to buy it. I can’t wait for Fri to get here. I have the iPhone X 256GB, Samsung Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 XL; wifey has the Samsung Note 8; daughter has the iPhone X 64GB, son had the Astro or something like that. When my daughters iPhone X came I kind of felt bad and I told him he can USE the Pixel 2 XL so I gave it to him with a zagg glass screen protector and in a Defender Otterbox case. When I seen this phone I told my son that I’m buying him a brand new phone, I told him it’s slightly better that the Pixel phone. I said, it has beautiful colors on it, a large screen, 2 cameras and it looks like a great phone for you he got so happy.

    So, again I can’t wait for Fri to get here

    • Captain Insano

      Lying to your kids early?! Nice. Lol. Like your choice in phones. I have the 7+ and the note 8. How is the pixel XL in your opinion?

  • IThoughtAsAChild

    What is band 71 good for? My S8 has it? What does it mean for the Memphis, Tennessee, east Arkansas, Northern Mississippi, Mid-South area?

    • marque2

      Nothing at the moment. Tmo is planning to roll out band 71 nationwide over the next two years.

    • SirStephenH

      Only the S8 Active and V30 have band 71 support currently and will be the only ones for the rest of 2017. Nearly every phone released in 2018 will have support though.

      Band 71 is low-band which means that you’ll see far better coverage indoors and over long distances especially where band 12 isn’t already available. Even if you have band 12 in your area you’ll see better coverage and capacity (speed) with band 71. Band 71 has been deployed or will be deployed by the end of the year in Wyoming, Northwest Oregon, West Texas, Southwest Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, Western North Dakota, Maine, Coastal North Carolina, Central Pennsylvania, Central Virginia and Eastern Washington. Other areas will follow over the next two years as the spectrum is freed up by TV broadcasters. In the end T-Mobile will have nationwide band 71 coverage over their entire network.

      • IThoughtAsAChild

        This is good because signal penetration is my biggest gripe in addition to spotty service all around the area..

  • mreveryphone

    Played with this phone tonight and it’s surprisingly nice. It has a nice screen and the dual cameras have the portrait mode and it does a good job for a $200 phone. Everything else seemed snappy, but you could tell the 2gb’s of ram was trying to hold as many apps in memory as it could before getting taxed. As long as you close apps occasionally you should be fine with this phone. It’s definitely a good bang for the buck phone option. But if you really want a good bargain device the htc U11 tmo offers is the absolute the best at this price option.