Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays to include $4 movie ticket, online cooking class, and San Diego adventure grand prize


T-Mobile wants to help get you excited for next week by revealing what it’s got in store for the next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

For the November 14th edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mo customers can get a $4 ticket to the new movie Wonder, which will be released on November 17th. Also coming to T-Mo customers is $20 in diamonds for Forge of Empires, a mobile game on Android and iPhone.

Next Tuesday will also bring the return of the $3 off $5 at Panda Express, and you can check the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to see if it’s your turn to get a free bowl for that restaurant.

Rounding out next week’s gifts is a free online cooking glass from Panna, a $20 hoodie or henley plus three-pack of socks and shipping to Basic Outfitters, 30 percent off plus free shipping at, and a Buy One, Get One deal on cones at Baskin-Robbins.

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive a four-day, three-night San Diego adventure vacation. This includes airfare for two to San Diego, Calif., two nights in the Kimpton Solamar Hotel, a $500 bank card for spending money, a dinner cruise, a kayak and snorkel tour, mountain biking, a 60-minute biplane tour over San Diego, and a speedboat tour. The winner will also get a $600 check for taxes and other expenses.

Two first prize winners will receive a snowboard signed by a LifeProof-sponsored athlete and a swag bag with a LifeProof gift card for a free case, a LifeProof t-shirt, and a LifeACTIV armband with quiuckmount, and LifeACTIV multi-purpose mount with quickmount.

Fifty second prize winners will each receive the aforementioned LifeProof swag bag.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    “Next Tuesday will also bring the return of the $3 off $5 at Panda Express…”

    Can it really be called a return when it didn’t work last week?

    • JStatt

      Panda failed so epically

    • steveb944

      I tweeted Panda about their broken site and they never responded. Worst affiliate ever.

  • Joe2050

    I would prefer monthly bill credits to my bill, i’m sure most would agree.

    • Timothy Poplaski

      Monthly bill credits would cost T-Mobile money. You don’t think T-Mobile actually pays for any of this stuff do you? Well, except the Netflix?

      T-Mobile Tuesdays’s let’s them charge advertisers for the privilege reaching millions of potential customers with really high engagement rates. I wonder how many additional clicks Panna and Basic Outfitters will get just from this article? Much less buzz elsewhere and then directly from people using the app.

      • Fabian Cortez

        T-Mobile Tuesdays’s let’s them charge advertisers for the privilege reaching millions of potential customers with really high engagement rates.

        From what I remember, that’s not how it works.

        T-Mobile doesn’t charge the advertisers anything. It is simply a win-win (win-win-win?) situation for all (3), not both, parties involved.

  • SirStephenH

    Is it really “online cooking glass” or is it “online cooking class”?

    • Echo2062

      Definitely class. They don’t even sell cookware, as far as I can tell.

    • Nobody Special

      Personally, I would prefer cooking glass.

    • Nyankana

      How exactly do you cook a glass online?

  • Francisco Peña

    I like the movie tickets. We planned to see that movie anyways.

  • lomsha

    Meh let me choose the movie to watch.

    • Myl35

      yea like they did before! I remember seeing Fast and furious in 4DX for $4

  • dcmanryan

    Just bring on the BF ad already.

  • IThoughtAsAChild

    Free hoodie and socks? Oh yes I do want..

    • Nobody Special

      Let me go read it again… cause I don’t see the words “Free Hoodie”. I would like it to be free, but knowing how some of these T-Mobile Tuesdays operate…. We may be given the opportunity to buy a $130 dollar hoodie for $20 dollars. But, I have my fingers crossed that I’m wrong :) and you are right :)

      • IThoughtAsAChild

        Ahhh! You are right, the hoodies are $30 so $10 discount. So unless I win the grand prize this will be a nothing Tuesday for me. I still have $40 in BR cards though..

  • Good

    Panda express is a scam anyway

    • Sayahh

      I know, right? They don’t even sell any pandas.

  • imrf

    They need to just stop with this gimmicky crap and just lower our bills. Most of this is just pure trash that nobody wanted in the first place.

    • Neil

      The same happened to me also!

  • Ryan Hogrefe

    Basic Outfitters check out is failing. Kept giving errors and now I’ve got 5 20 dollar charges and no order number or confirmation of order.

  • Brooklyn

    how have the entries for the grand prizes changed recently? Are we automatically entered or we have to actively enter to win?

    • Sharti24

      At the bottom on the app you have to hit. “Play now”