LG V30+ offers more built-in storage, coming to T-Mobile on November 17th


Nearly one month after the LG V30 launched at T-Mobile, it’s been revealed that a second version of the LG flagship is making its way to Magenta.

The LG V30+ will launch at T-Mobile on November 17th. T-Mo says that it’ll be available in “limited quantity”, so if you want a V30+, you may want to act fast.

Pricing for the T-Mobile LG V30+ will be set at $130 down and $30 per month for 24 months, which is total price of $850. The V30+ will not be offered through JUMP! On Demand.

So what’s the difference between the LG V30 and the LG V30+? They’re largely the same, including the 600MHz LTE support on T-Mobile, but the V30+ comes with 128GB of built-in storage while the V30 has 64GB. Both phones do come with a microSD slot for adding more storage if you need it.

T-Mobile also notes that the LG V30+ comes with a “premium headset”.

Other features of the LG V30+ include a 6-inch 2880×1440 display, 16-megapixel standard camera with f/1.6 aperture, 13-megapixel wide angle camera with f/1.9 aperture, and a 5-megapixel wide angle front-facing camera. There’s also a Snapdragon 835 packed into the V30+’s body along with 4GB of RAM and a 3,300mAh battery.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • blitz4075

    The Un-Pixel from the Un-Carrier

  • Peter Smith

    What is the point of this phone?

    • riverhorse

      128 gb storage PLUS sd slot is HUGE in the Western Hemisphere.
      I personally will not buy 64gb anymore unless price is ridiculously low.

      • Charles McCaskill

        Why do you care what the internal storage is when you can buy a 400gb SD card?

        • (J²)


        • riverhorse

          Hhmmm…You two social justice crusaders just made something up and are complaining about that made-up story.
          This rings a bell…

        • superg05

          if they made something up why are you complimenting them?

        • g2a5b0e

          With your logic, why do we need internal storage at all aside from storing the OS? Some of us prefer it as opposed to fiddling with a card that can become corrupted or lost. It’s personal preference.

        • Charles McCaskill

          People just wanna complain to complain.

        • riverhorse

          Try to inform yourself if possible, don’t embarrass yourself.

        • Charles McCaskill

          That something you were told growing up?

        • riverhorse

          Thank you sir. Someone been eating Nestle Trollhouse Cookies.

        • Charles McCaskill

          Internal phone data never gets corrupted or lost….got it.

        • g2a5b0e

          Sounds perhaps like you’re trying to be sarcastic. Not sure, but I’ve never lost a phone or had my internal memory go bad & while that’s only a straw man’s argument, I think we can both agree that the chances of either of those things happening is significantly higher with a memory card.

        • Charles McCaskill

          I agree with that.

        • UBloMe

          Because internal storage is faster

        • Charles McCaskill

          LOL…faster to do what?

  • GinaDee

    Does it come in black?

    I wonder is v30 sales have been sluggish to begin with?

    • riverhorse

      Available in black.

    • Francisco Peña

      when the prices drop $200 in about 3 weeks, I’d say yes

    • UBloMe

      I didnt get it at launch because its only available in Silver.

  • Paul G12K

    HTC U11 plus

    • riverhorse

      Only available in certain parts of the world, and there are NO plans for expansion.

      • Paul G12K

        Next? What does that means? Really what does that mean?

        • riverhorse

          It means…
          It means, that…
          That Plus model doesn’t count, since only the small non- Plus version is widely released.
          Unfortunately this also applies to many other flagships.
          Btw I love the Plus more than any other phone along also with the Mi Max 2, I wish HTC would change their mind and release it here…

  • riverhorse

    LG V30 Plus is right now the best flagship “available worldwide” at the best price point.
    The only significant minus is not rootable.

    • lordabits20

      fake news

  • lordabits20

    this phone is irrelevant at this price point!
    LG continues to be underestimate samsung and apple.

    • UBloMe

      It comes with the HQ headphones and more storage for $50 more. And its in black. Will worth it IMO.

  • Mike

    This phone would sell better if it was atleast $100 cheaper.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      It would sell a LOT better if it was at least $500 cheaper!

      • Bklynman

        This phone would be selling better if TMO,sold more than just the silver one.

        • MattPortland

          The + will be available in black, but I agree about the standard V30. Although I like the silver there needs to be some variety.

        • Zygmunt S

          Is this confirmed info about black V30+? If so that’s great!
          Don’t know why TMobile only offer silver in V30…

        • MattPortland

          Well, not really. I read it at Android Police. I should have mentioned that. The person that said that says they work for T-Mobile.

        • Mike Thaler

          What diff. does color make? Don’t most people use a case?

        • UBloMe

          Hell No I dont use a case. Have Nexus 6 still in mint condition

  • Ty Christensen

    If the V30+ had 6GB RAM then it would be worth it otherwise it’s a waste, yes the internal storage is faster than just adding a micro sd card but that doesn’t matter to most people and 64GB is plenty for me, I’m fine with my 16GB Nexus 4 at the moment and have 2GB free, lol.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Does anyone know if the JOD price has dropped on the OG V30?

  • Noel

    What this phone really needs is an increase in battery capacity..something like 4000mAh. Despite the fact that i am not much of a fan of the 18:9AR screens…i will gladly accept this phone if the battery was close to 4000+mAh.
    Big battery and the 16:9AR screen is the reason why my first choice device is the Mate 10… followed by the newly announced HTC U11+ despite it having 18:9AR screen.
    A capacious with multi hours stamina battery is KING and a key buying decision.

    • Nick Zhao

      i dont think phone makers are ready to make large large battery phones yet after the samsung note disaster

      • Noel

        How did Huawei do it with 4000mAh battery on the Mate 10 and 10 Pro, how about HTC of all OEMs with a 3930mAh battery on the U11+ just under 9mm thin? It is doable and also a huge selling point that a lot of OEMs are failing to implement in their flagships.

  • steadymobb

    Or you can get the note 8 for cheaper rn

  • tranceformer978

    This would have been great if I didn’t get the Note 8 on sale last week.

  • lordabits20

    this needs to compete with the One+ price point! LG is delusional at this price point this phone has no place on the shelves.

  • Philly Jim

    The V 30 + was supposed to have 6gb of,ram i was holding out for it…………..

  • Nionx

    Does it come in additional colours? That violet is amazing

  • CJNewYork

    To really make it a cut above the V30 it should’ve had 6 gigs of ram. It’s a good option, but still gonna wait for the price to drop. My V20 is still doing it’s thing.

  • el_perezo

    Lg charging 800$ for this phone meanwhile Tmobile stores have this display on the “shitty phones wall”

  • el_perezo

    Also it’s really starting to suck going into Tmobile stores. It’s like if you don’t buy an expensive speaker they give the ugly face. It has turned into like walking into a dealership.


    $800 for the 64GB version.
    $850 for the 128GB version.

    $50 for 64GB isn’t bad, considering that’s Apple and Google will charge you $100 for it. But with the micro-SD card slot, a U3 is about $25 so I would probably not bother with the additional storage model.

    • UBloMe

      Plus headphones

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I’d hope that LG worked with T-Mobile to make this available for jump on demand with certain agreements.

  • UBloMe

    What would make this phone the best phone would be the ability to unlock the bootloader and root. To pay $850 for a phone and never be able to root it sucks. I know you could always buy the unlocked version when it comes out and get both but dropping $850+ all at once is tough for some people.

  • Joseph Olson

    I personally have had 6 SD cards corrupt on me. Thanks to an HTC One (M8).