T-Mobile Moto Z2 Force update brings security patches and more


Moto Z2 Force owners, it looks like there’s a new update coming your way.

T-Mobile is pushing an update to its Moto Z2 Force that bumps the phone to version NCX26.122-59-8. The update includes the August 1, 2017 Android security patches, front-facing video camera improvements, and more.

Here’s the full list of changes included with this update:

  • Android security updates through August 1, 2017
  • Insta-Share Projector Netflix support
  • Google Daydream support
  • Wired headset compatibility improvements
  • Front-facing video camera improvements

This update is rolling out over the air, so if you haven’t yet received it, you should get it in the coming days. You can also check for it manually by going into Settings > System update.


Thanks, Nick!

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  • aglee89

    Does anyone have this phone, wondering how it is?

    • Aaron A.

      Lol I was gonna ask the same question.

    • PiCASSiMO

      This is a phone that should have been priced accordingly. $500, not $750.

      It will be on sale in the next month or two, when the V30 and Pixel 2 arrive, along with the iPhone 8.

      • Iphart

        Exactly, I hope you’r right. I will bite when it’s $400-500.
        Do not need BOGO with extra line.

        • Ty Christensen

          $300 today only and includes free pico projector, bite away!

    • Mike-Mike

      i have it, and I’m a pretty big fan of it.

      I have a $25 Verizon Flexible Glass Display Protector on my Tmo Z2 Force, and I’m scratch free. I had the same product on my 1st gen Z Force Droid and never had a scratch.

      Everyone likes to talk about how the screen can scratch. The point it it won’t break. Buy a good screen protector and you wont scratch or break. Every other phone on the market will scratch and break. Other phones may not scratch as easy, but they will scratch, and they will definitely break

      the battery is smaller than it should be, but you have near stock android, and the 835, so it should last you all day. If you put a Battery Mod on, you have no worries at all.

    • Skankhunt42

      its pretty rad. i was iffy about buying it as i already own the g6 but 2 weeks later i feel like it was worth it.

    • theicehog

      I really enjoy the phone especially the fingerprint scanner. You can use the scanner as a home button, back button, background app button, and to turn the phone on and off

  • ransack

    The update killed my phone erased the emei off of it

    • spicymeatball

      Did you find a fix? T-mobile is sending me a new phone to a store for me to pick up by Friday. It better be new and perfect. This is a brand new phone. Seems like an update went out long enough to kill my phone and then they pulled it. Ugh!

      • ransack

        I just got home from T-Mobile they gave me a brand new z2 force

        • spicymeatball

          Thanks! I should have just gone to the store.

        • ransack

          Did you get a new phone

        • spicymeatball

          I hope it’s new. I got a replacement and it looked good, but it had previously been setup as a guest account. I has to reset it. It updated without any hiccups. I’m a peeved it wasn’t new, new.

    • Bradley Allshouse

      The same exact thing happened to me! The replacement I got looked to be good. Even though I know it was refurbished. I was not that worried since the phones haven’t been on the market long…