Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launches today at T-Mobile


Today’s the day that iOS fans can pre-order Apple’s new iPhone 8, and Android fans have their own new flagship available to them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 officially launches at T-Mobile today. The Note 8 comes with 64GB of built-in storage and includes a microSD slot if you need more storage. Color options include Orchid Gray and Midnight Black.

Pricing for the Note 8 is set at $210 down and $30 per month for 24 months on EIP, which works out to a full retail price of $930. If you’d prefer JUMP! On Demand, you can get the Note 8 for $0 down and $39 per month.

Also of note is that T-Mobile is still running its Galaxy Note 8 buy one, get one deal. With it, you can buy one Galaxy Note 8 on EIP and then get a second Note 8 (or Galaxy S8 or S8+) for free. Both phones must be purchased on EIP, and you’ll need to add a line for the second device. You’ll then go to T-Mobile’s Promotions Center and enter the promo code 17SAMN8BOGO, and T-Mo will send you a prepaid MasterCard for the value of your second device.

Additionally, if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before September 24th, Samsung will give you a free Gear 360 camera or a free accessory bundle that includes a 128GB microSD card and a Fast Wireless Charging Convertible Stand.

Lots of folks pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8, and many of them have already received their device. It’s good to see the Note 8 actually launch, though, because it gives folks the opportunity to check out a Note 8 in-store before agreeing to drop hundreds of dollars on the flagship device.

If you’re one of the lucky folks that already got a Galaxy Note 8, what do you think of it so far?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Micho

    I Bought the Note 8, received it on September 8th. So far what I think, I can’t wait to get the LG V30 lol. I can’t really explain it, but I didn’t get the same feeling I got when I bought the Note 7, the Note 7 was so difficult to give up. I guess at the time the Note 7 was truly different then the rest, the Note 8 Feels like Samsung didn’t try, just got a galaxy device, added a camera and a Pen and thats it. Don’t get me wrong, its a nice device and its one of the heavy hitters in the Smart Phone arena, but just disappointed that it lacks innovation compared to its sister brand Galaxy.

    • Sharti24

      Switch to iphone. You’ll be happier

      • Micho

        Hahaha Hell no!! Thats the opposite of innovation ! iPhone is just a rip off of different phones, the only thing I can say is that the IOS they develop is more suffisticated but thats about it.

      • Fan_Posting

        Also, I have both brands, Note 5 and iPhone 7 plus. One big stand-out for Apple is the software updates. I wish Samsung and the respective carriers did the same.

      • MattPortland

        Oh thanks for that joke. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

      • MadJoe

        I honestly tried, but because iTunes was such a nightmare but integral to the iPhone experience, I just couldn’t. In other words, ‘Happier’ is not how I would choose to describe the way iTunes makes me feel.

    • 1ceTr0n

      Buy a V30 or wait for Note 9

      • Philly Jim

        If I am able to get or if there even is such a thing called theV30plus which gives you 2 more gigs of Ram then I might go for it last year was the only yrs I didn’t get a Note figured I would try something else, obviously got lucky I didn’t get the 7, oddly enough I ordered a spigen case and glass screen protector from Amazon for the N8 almost 3 weeks ago thinking I’m in this time, but the more I read and the more videos I watched I wasn’t Impressed the nail in the coffin for me was the placemant of the finger print reader. but sorry there’s no way I can justify a thousand $ for a phone, my v20 with 3 extra batteries an iron blaster and a good camera is good enough, I guess with age I stopped being a special whore, and will never pay that kind of money for a phone, on a side note I had the S7 Edge also I usually have two phones,, sold the edge in preparation for the N8 oh well there’s always next year.

        • carlos quintanilla

          Yea I love my v20. Also have 3 removable batteries. Dont get me wrong potable chargers are great if you like carrying around a battery pack in your pocket and extra cable while your phone charges. Pretty disappointed that v30 wont have removable battery. I was finally feeling like I had found my new favorite line of phone. I am a heavy phone user so by 1 P.M im down to 10% and have to change out the batteries. I loved my note 4 this but had to retire it.

      • Jamal Rahsaan Knox

        Bingo. I’m waiting for note 9.

    • HeatFan786

      What could you do though? 4K display? Gotta get the battery for it and Samsung played it safe there. 4K isn’t necessary on a 6.3″ screen. FP sensor isn’t going anywhere that quick. Very little concerns with the Note 8. Only room for spec increase and dual cameras. Note 7 had a huge upgrade because it was a jump from the Note 5.

      The Note 5 didn’t have an Iris scanner, SD slot, water resistance, etc. That’s why the Note 7 felt like a huge upgrade.

    • AA-Ron

      That’s why I didn’t but it, it’s basically an s8 with a pen. I used to buy notes because spec wise they were always a major step up from the rest of the line. This one just feels like s more expensive s8 plus. If it included a faster processor and T-Mobiles 600 mhz i would be all over it.

      • MadJoe

        I don’t have any experience with the S8 personally, but the extra RAM and the S-Pen I think elevate this over it for certain people, and if you can get the Note 7 discount, it’s absolutely worth it. Of course, if battery life is your thing, continue to avoid this pig. It eats battery for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and multiple snacks between each meal. In order to get 24 hours out of it with light to moderate use I had to reduce the screen resolution and shut off “always on display” at a minimum. I now carry a 10,000mAh backup charger just in case.

  • AnthonyReyes

    I like how it launches today but I know tons of people who already had it delivered

  • tranceformer978

    Anyone know what the payment plan is for Jump1?

    • Prode

      same as EIP

  • mreveryphone

    This note is hands down one of the best phones out. The 6gb of ram really helps the note software out a lot. The dual cams are nice and the spen is of course the icing on the cake. App pair is genius and should have been implemented a long time ago.. Now I want to see what the Pixel 2XL is all about. But right now the Note 8 is where it’s at…

  • William Kirschman

    I played with it at the store today. Beautiful phone but would be $10 per month more than my G6 on JOD. Waiting to see what the V30 is on JOD.

    • DM725

      I also have a G6 International (which is better save for the LTE reception than the U.S. Version) and the Note 8 is a noticeable upgrade. Definitely worth the extra cash per month.

      That being said, I am a huge fan of LG V Series and if you only have 1 phone and you love music than the V30 is the way to go. I have the luxury of having the G6 with the Quad DAC for music.

    • Mike

      It’s worth $10 more on JOD. The price of the G6 is really low on swappa and ebay so I wouldn’t get it on JOD.

    • Rumors on pricing of V30 is around $750. This would have been my next phone if Sammy didn’t have this sick discount for former Note 7 users. My total for Note 8 was $556, and I still received the free wireless charging pad & SD card. That’s a price I could not pass up.

  • Nicolas Lalaurette

    Former Note 7 owner and proud owner of the Note 8 now. I had to give up my Note 7 for a Note 5, I never liked the way the s7 or edge felt on the hand, specially coming from a Nexus 6 before the Note 7 arrived. The Note 5 felt amazing ergonomically compared to the Nexus 6 (and the Nexus 6 felts great) but the phone was already dated a year ago, so you can imagine how it felt 2 years after release. Don’t get me wrong, it was still going strong till I switch it, my only gripe with the Note 5 was that I could never go through more than 12 hours of battery with light mixed use (not a heavy user when it comes to mobile media, I much rather use the computer or my smart TV). With the Note 8 I went 40+ hours of light mixed use till I had 5% battery, granted I didn’t have a chance to sit down and explore all the details, I used it as I would use the Note 5 (I usually kill the battery the first couple of days testing the phone out. Now keep in mind, I don’t know if the phone is worth $930, if it wasn’t for the discount I received for being a former Note 7 owner, there was no way I could justify buying or leasing this phone.

    • MadJoe

      I agree with everything except your claimed 40 hours of battery. I can’t eek out more than 20 hours and I’ve set the resolution down to 1080, and leave most things off like wi-fi and whatnot. Still only get ~20 hours at best.

      • Nicolas Lalaurette

        I guess I don’t use the phone as much as you do. I keep bluetooth and wifi on all the time, I stream about an hour or two of spotify a day, I check emails through the day and I might check social media once or twice. I’ll try to replicate and see if I can get a screen shot. I can’t do it today because I charged my phone this am when it was 50% for like 30 min before I left for work. So far I’m at 53%.

  • noh1bvisas

    i’ve had my mote 8 a few days. i’m pretty pleased with it. any questions, i’ll try to answer.

    • Iphart

      Looks gigantic to me.
      How practical carrying it around? i.e. putting it in your jeans pocket?

      • DM725

        I have no issues, Slim Clear Spigen Case from Amazon is on it too.

      • noh1bvisas

        it’s fine, for me. guy pants. had the v20 before, it’s only a very tiny bit longer. maybe 1/8″.

      • MadJoe

        I have a bulky Spigen case on mine and it fits fine in my jeans pocket. A female coworker did show me how funny it would look in her tiny pants pocket, though, and we both got a good laugh as more than 3/4 of the phone stuck out.

        For reference, my previous device was the S7 Edge, which I admit is a great size, and if the Note 8 had been that size and maintained its screen to chassis ratio, it’d be even better, but it’s also pretty great for what it is. That battery life, though…

  • J.J.

    Had mine since the 7th. If you have the funds it’s an instant buy. At this point the battery is still my only concern. But to be honest im constantly on it with screen set at UHD

    • MadJoe

      The battery has been more than a little disappointing. I’ve set my resolution to the 1080 setting and it still barely lasts 20hrs before needing a charge. Ugh. Absolutely everything else is (now that the Bixby button is disabled, anyway) perfect.

  • MadJoe

    I wouldn’t buy an iPhone 8 for my own reasons, but I couldn’t disagree more about the new processor not being enough of an upgrade over the iPhone 7. Take a look at the benchmarks, it is ripping the living hell out of them and it makes a legitimate real-world difference in the device’s performance. It bodes well for us Android users, though, because either Qualcom will up their game to compete with that, or the Note 9 will have a comparatively bad-ass Exynos to compete (the Exynos is better than the Snapdragon, anyway, I wish Samsung would just use it exclusively for their flagships already). Either is good for us, really.

  • Arigney09

    So I’ve just received my Note 8 today after ordering a day or two before the official release date (from T-mobile’s site) and I was wondering how do I go about choosing which gift I want? Am I supposed to be getting an e-mail?

  • samsung freud

    I had been waiting for the unlocked version from samsung on pre-order.
    I found out that my local bestbuy had the unlocked in stock, locally.
    It took me about 2 seconds to login to samsung and cancel my order and about 10 minutes to get to bestbuy and pickup an unlocked note 8.
    I won’t be sleeping much tonite.