T-Mobile celebrating first anniversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays with a ‘Thankathon’


We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of T-Mobile Tuesdays, and it should come as no surprise that T-Mobile has got something planned for the event.

On June 6th, T-Mobile Tuesday will include gifts like a free T-Mobile trucker hat, $0.25 off a gallon of gas at Shell (up to 20 gallons), and two free rentals from Redbox, one of which you can give you a friend. Prizes will include 100 LG G6 phones, 5,000 $25 Lyft credits, and a free year of Baskin-Robbins ice cream for a winner and three friends.

T-Mobile will also be hosting a “12-hour thankathon” on Twitter. During the event, which starts at 9:00 am PT, T-Mo will be giving out prizes that anyone can win. The prizes will include a free year’s worth of gas, free movie tickets for a year, $2,000 to spend at StubHub, and more. To learn how to enter, you can follow @TMobile on Twitter.

T-Mo is also kicking off a contest today with a grand prize that includes a trip for four to Las Vegas to see an event of your choice at T-Mobile Arena. To enter, you’ll need to tell @TMobile on Twitter about your favorite T-Mobile Tuesdays gift using the hashtags #Thankiversary and #contest.

Finally, T-Mobile has teased some of the gifts that it’s got planned for this summer. T-Mobile plans to offer $4 tickets to “this summer’s hottest movies.” We already know that the first is Wonder Woman, which you can get a $4 opening weekend ticket to today. The other movies will be announced later this summer.

T-Mobile is also going big with Baskin-Robbins in June. One one Tuesday in June, T-Mobile customers will be able to get a free Baskin-Robbins ice cream worth up to $4, and every week in June will include an offer for a second Baskin-Robbins sundae for $0.99 when you buy one at regular price. And then there’s the prize of a free year of Baskin-Robbins ice cream that’ll be available on June 6th.

So that’s how T-Mobile is celebrating T-Mobile Tuesdays’ first birthday. Which T-Mobile Tuesdays gift or prize has been your favorite so far?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • F4LL0U7

    I like ice cream.

    • Sharti24

      And pizza!

      • F4LL0U7

        Could you imagine if they had free pizza AND ice cream for a day?!

        • Sharti24

          All you can eat pizza and ice cream. Cicis and then baskin robins FTW!

        • Oh chit!

        • Sharti24

          Called it! Theyre doing a $4 promo card to Baskin Robins. Ok now free cicis to top it off :D

        • John

          They kind of did. The first few weeks they gave away Domino’s Pizza and a Wendy’s frosty!

  • Corey Jalette

    I hope they have enough of those hats. Saw a pic of them and they’re pretty nice.

  • Brian S. Hill

    I think the 25 cents off gas is great…. how about adding other stations, though? And send me s trucker hat, dog scarf, glove, whatever… in the mail. I don’t have time to go out of my way to a Tmo store just to pick something up.

    • Derek

      Come on man, don’t be so naive. THAT’S THE POINT! To get you in the door of a store, so you’ll be hounded by questions or see something “shiny and new” and so you’ll spend more money.

    • Randy Speer

      Also….its free!!! How first-world is it to say, “don’t make me go get my free stuff, bring it to me at your expense.” There seriously isn’t a better example of entitled, ungrateful, selfishness. You don’t have time to go “JUST TO” get free stuff, then you don’t get it lol. Simple. If owned T-mobile, id deactivate your T-mobile Tuesday app for that comment. And you can get mad, but I’m right. Just see how you react when you spend an hour cooking a meal for your kid, and then say dinner time and they say, bring it to me in my room, then they don’t like it when you get there.

    • Petey07

      Its perfect for me since I only pump at Shell. That’s the only reason why I have the TMO tuesday app Lol

      • Huh, for me its the opposite. Shell is almost always the most expensive gas in town so I only shop there when I get these codes, as it then becomes the cheapest. It’s usually 5 to 10 cents per gallon higher than everywhere else, and sometimes even 15, so these perks actually make it reasonable for me.

    • Sayahh

      Okay. Just send me a check and I’ll mail you these freebies.

  • MindFog2287

    $4 WW Ticket!!!

    • I paid $4 for wonder woman in 3D(normally cost $13.50)

      • MindFog2287

        Yep! My ticket was going to be almost $18!

    • They_Call_Me_Bruce

      The IMAX 3D ticket I got has a regular price of $20.50. Not that I have or would pay that price, but that’s what they’re asking.

    • Mike

      I got my WW tickets for $4 in XD.

  • geolemon

    Uh… I’m a new t mobile subscriber (2 months), I’m the primary on the account.
    There’s zero information here on this site that I can find, on, you know – “what the h you are talking about”.
    Nothing free has ever hit my mailbox, and if there’s an app for it It’s not described anywhere here.

    • thepanttherlady

      Go to the app store (if you have Android) or iTunes and download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

      • geolemon

        Awesome – I swore I looked, but apparently not. It’s a specific app, not the T-Mobile main app.
        Got it now – thanks! (nothing there but a message to “check back next Tuesday”, so we’ll see if that’s an error or not next Tuesday)

        • Reagan1

          Good luck. Had the app for months and never used. Most of the offers were blah and those that were good seemed to expire in about five seconds. I’m sure there are some good things there, but nothing special, IMO. I’d take $1 a line discount if they offered instead. Ha

        • Honestly, gifts have been getting crappier and crappier ever since a few months after the service launched. Best one recently has been basically gas and almost nothing else. Sometimes you get good stuff like Wonder Woman tickets, but there’s some weeks I see posts on here and then don’t even open my app. Next week looks alright, but I expect it to go downhill a few weeks from now.

        • Mike

          What do u expect some weeks are gonna be better then others. Remember this is a free service T-Mobile decided to give to customers. I don’t see any other carrier doing this as well so just be thankful.

  • Scott Wittig

    Has anyone actually won the contest, something other than the already free stuff? Because that would be cool to win the big prize. The free stuff they have is awesome though.

    • matt

      The instant winner game is based on the time of day you clicked on the game. So I figure the odds are 86,400 you will win

    • JBLmobileG1

      I won a $40 Chuck E. Cheeses gift card last week (even though it wasn’t the BIG prize it was still cool and its enough to take my kids out for a little fun one of these nights)… so winning is possible. ;)

    • Mike Thaler

      About 4 years ago got a free tablet. A number of people volunteered to test something (can’t remember what) and they said they would give a tablet to one of the group. I won.

  • Billy Lese

    Im on the phone right now with T-Mobile and theyre telling me they cant beat ATT or Sprint deals. They say its best to go to them. This came from “Duban”..the floor supervisor for tmobile customer care. They just lost Four customers..myself and three children. ATT THANKATHON TMobile.

    • Joe

      At least he was honest with you.

    • Sharti24

      what deal are you looking for with tmobile?

    • Andrew

      More information– how many lines? Rate plan and promos compared?

    • Billy Lese

      Long story but TMobile kept my daughters $50 cash for restocking fee even though she never even looked at a phone yet alone touched one. TMobile did give me credit for that… interesting they wouldn’t give my daughter back her cash though. Secondly, sim cards at Sprint and att are free (anything to get me as a customer) with 5 lines. Lots of negotiating power. TMobile? $25 per sim card. $125 fee? No way for me. TMobile did apologize for both incidents but said that’s just their policy and too bad they can’t do anything about it. I told them I also have a policy and theirs don’t meet and or agree with mine. I have choices as a customer and my policy comes first.

      • Derek Mounce

        AT&T and Sprint give u sim cards for free but technically so does T-Mobile they say $25 but really that is just an activation fee

        Sprints activation fee is $35 each line plus $35 everytime you upgrade when I upgraded my Note 4 to the LG G5 T-Mobile didn’t charge me $25 for the new sim yet i read from friends (or friends of friends) that with the whole Note 7 battery catching fire incident Samsung told people to exchange them.

        Sprint did so by making them pay a $35 upgrade fee which I think is wrong since they sold faulty phones as for AT&T i can’t speak for their activation/upgrade fees cause i hadn’t read anything about that in a few years i know it used to be like $30 for activation fee i don’t know about upgrade fees tho

  • lomsha

    Nooo not Redbox, digital please.

    • Mike Thaler

      People still rent discs???

  • JayBEE

    Atom Tickets sucks. That is all.

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