T-Mobile Tuesdays will include $4 Wonder Woman movie ticket, Groupon discount next week


Been wondering what T-Mobile has in store for the next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays? Wonder no more.

Next Tuesday, May 30th, T-Mobile customers can get a $4 ticket to see the new Wonder Woman movie. The movie opens on June 2nd and you’ll be able to get a $4 ticket for opening weekend. The offer appears to be running through Atom.

Also coming to T-Mobile customers next Tuesday is a $10 discount on a local deal at Groupon and a free Wonder Woman digital comic from DC.

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive Warner Bros. Studios replicas of the Godkiller sword and Wonder Woman’s shield, each with a certificate of authenticity. This prize also includes a check for $1,359 for taxes or other expenses.

Twenty-five first prize winners will each get a $200 eGift Card for Groupon. Finally, 100 second prize winners will each receive a $50 Groupon eGift Card.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Sharti24

    First the movie tickets were free
    Then they went to $2
    Now they’re $4

    Next they will be full price.

    Thanks but no thanks t-mobile

    You’re dead to me next tuesday

    • Gilbert Anthony Erentreich

      Free WAS nice, but usually the free or 2 dollar tix were for a certain day and only that day. Whenever they do the 4 dollar tix it’s usually for your choice out of multiple days which is cool if you can’t go out to the movies on a Tuesday night. So I don’t mind the 4 dollar ticket but I tend to stretch that 4 dollars by getting an Imax 3d or 4dx ticket (the ladder being almost 30 dollars for a single ticket)

      • Eric Harlow

        Yeah I used the last T-mobile Tuesday’s offer for the movies and I believe if I remember I only paid 3 or 4 dollars for the Beauty and The Beast 3D Imax movies. which is normally $20+ dollars

      • Tony Chen

        over here my movie ticket is $12.50 non 3d. $28.50 for 3d movie
        $4 movie ticket discount from t mobile you can use it for 3d movie. and you got people complaining abouit a $4 ticket? wtf is wrong with these people

        • Athan Broers

          I work in a parking garage and people complain about $5 for the whole night and will turn around and leave. If you can’t pay $5 for parking maybe you shouldn’t be going to eat out.

    • Mike

      Stop complaining and be greatful the movie ticket is $4 when movie tickets can cost $15 and iMax , XD,and 4dx costing even more.

    • Daaa Tigers

      Free movie = tuesday only
      $2 = weekday only
      $4 = opening weekend

      Stop complaining!

    • neice

      in sure the 4 dollars can be used for a 3d movie, thats what we did when logan came out we got d-box tickets for 4 bucks that was awesome

    • Tony Chen

      your complaning about free stuff? hahaha

    • Tony Chen

      over here movie ticket is $12.50

    • Tony Chen

      over here 3d movie ticket is $28.50 per ticket. t mobile $4 movie ticket works with 3d movie seats and your complaining? are you serious?

    • Sharti24

      It’s funny to see all you people get fired up lol. I like free food instead :D

    • Grymtyrant

      Quit your bitching. Don’t get it if you don’t like it. You’re getting an awesome discount on a movie that is just coming out.

    • matt

      Two dollar tickets are only good on Tuesdays. Four dollar tickets are only good for a week. That’s how it works.

  • Joe2050

    Never heard of Atom, I guess this is a great way to promote the site.

    • Gilbert Anthony Erentreich

      Atom is an awesome app.. you could pre pay for your concessions and have an express line to pick them up at participating chains, also when you first sign up use the code “gift” for 5 bucks off.. Atom also frequently does bogo offers on tix or free popcorn, 5 bucks off,etc. for new movies. Just be sure to check the app and their social media for the deals

  • Daniel

    I though for a sec this might be cool, but on Atoms website it says ‘Ticketing not available at this location’ at everything within 40 miles. Way to fail again, T-Maybe.

    • Shockrum

      Didn’t have this problem with my location…do you live in/near a major city? I’m surrounded by AMC theaters.

  • Dark enV

    I’m gonna bet that we can’t use that for tickets opening night on Thursday.

    • Lawrence C

      Well you can use it for opening day. I just did. Smh..

      • Dark enV

        Cool. Last time they gave us discounted tickets we weren’t able to. Too bad my IMAX theater doesn’t have a Thursday night showing but I’m happy either way.

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  • impasse

    a) can you really only get tickets on atom up to six days out? i wanted to get tickets for next thursday (yes, showtimes are posted for the theater on other online ticketing sites).
    b) anyone having issues getting the groupon code to apply? chatting with customer service and they’re saying there’s some kind of “known issue” but the rep couldn’t actually tell me what it was.

  • Lawrence C

    People complain about everything, even for free stuff. First world problems. Smh