T-Mobile adds Alcatel One Flip basic phone to to its lineup


In addition to the Kyocera DuraForce Pro, T-Mobile today added a more basic handset to its shelves.

The Alcatel Go Flip is now available from T-Mobile. Priced at $3 down and $3 per month for 24 months for a total of $75, this basic phone features a 2.8-inch 320×240 display, 5-megapixel camera, a Qualcomm processor, 521MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a microSD card slot. There’s also a 482mAh battery powering this whole package and 4G LTE support.

While the Alcatel Go Flip probably isn’t going to be a good option for folks used to smartphone life, some people prefer a simple phone for calling and texting that’s also cheap. We don’t see many basic phones released anymore, so if you or someone you know is looking for just such a device, the Alcatel Go Flip is something to consider.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • riverhorse

    Back to the Future!

  • michael costello

    Does it support mobile hotspot?

    • Nobody Special

      Mobile hotspot (available as an add-on purchase) as stated on the Alcatel website. So i think it is available using the T-Mobile Network.

  • Sharti24

    I wonder how this compares to the ZTE cymbal z-320

    • Nobody Special

      ZTE Cymbal does not have the Mobile Hotspot feature.

  • Jovian Fry

    wait a sec, this phone is actually a big deal, because it is the first basic phone, the first flip phone on tmo to have wifi calling!

    also, it doesnt just have lte data, it has volte on B2, B4, and B12.

    this means it is the first basic device that offers full voice coverage on par with tmo’s latest flagship smartphones.

    side note: tmo’s zte cymbal does not have a wifi chipset so no wifi calling on that one.

    • UniBroW

      Nice catch on the details, I haven’t been looking for one myself but it’s been a problem with these in the past

    • Sharti24

      Thank you for the comparison. Im looking for a flip phone for my parents, It seems like the specs on the zte cymbal are slightly better though. If tmobile ever shuts down its 2G Edge network, this phone would be a perfect replacement for people who want a flip phone


    My take:

    1. These phone should be selling for $30 max. Not $75.
    2. These should be on additional lines costing $5/month max, which includes unlimited calling, texting, and data. Compare this to the $20/month for actual smartphones that will be using data on a regular basis.

    Instead, it’s expensive and will most likely cost $20/month to use.

    I would purchase a pair of these phones for my boys, if could pay no more than $5/month per line.

    • riverhorse

      They have hotspot.

      • PiCASSiMO

        That’s fine. Restrict that feature for anyone with $5 voice/text plan. Keep data only to 100MB for minor downloads of e-mails, etc. This would do NOTHING to the network bandwidth.

  • Jovian Fry


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  • Rob P

    Waste of space and money why not add ixiomi oppo haweei Asus other brands besides the same old tired brands give more choices lineup has sucked for a few years now unless u are a samsuck or crapple fan boy

  • Donald G Lagasse

    Jovian Fry was right! This is a big deal in its own way. Sure its not a Flagship phone, sure its not going to cause the envy of your friends, (until they learn the secret of what this phone is really). Not just for GrandPa & GrandMa like all other flip phones to date. Its a better flip phone with very respectable LTE Band coverage, not found elsewhere to this point. It is a T-mobile Hotspot. It is a light and INEXPENSIVE phone, you can drop in your pocket or purse or beach bag or use on a bar run one night and get you calls on without the fear of having to track/protect your $700 phone when all you want is to make or get a simple call. (Now the secret geek side on how to use this phone.) With your Beta tester new free line for life from T-mobile you can have your Monster Flagship remain secure at home or office, for when you just want simple out and about, and get your work or home number calls to come from the boss or wife (or vice versa in order of importance) to you on this phone. Simple, easy and cool! Not for everyone but T-mobile just gave you a new tool, leveraging technology(Digits) – like no one else! If its not for you, don’t be so negative, just go find another way to make yourself happy. I am grateful to T-Mobile after my 14 years with them and where they have come from and where they are going! Something for everybody no matter how you slice up your technology life and give you some affordable options for those special occasions.

  • Sean B

    Lol, I love how you duplicated a sentence with the specs on it. I smell copypasta going on there. What has journalism come to?

  • Nobody Special

    I bought the Alcatel Go Flip phone a few weeks ago…. it has it’s pros and cons…. I’m not going to list them all…. but I only use it for its WiFi calling and WiFi hotspot capabilities. It has an FM Radio integrated into the phone, I don’t need that feature… but it’s there for people that want it.