T-Mobile shares more info on 600MHz spectrum transition process


Last month, T-Mobile revealed that it spent nearly $8 billion on 600MHz spectrum, making it the biggest spender in the FCC’s auction. Now T-Mo has revealed more details on its plans for deploying that spectrum for consumer use.

T-Mobile has posted an animation that shows the phases in which the 600MHz spectrum that it purchased will be transitioned to its use. There are 10 phases in total, each with its own deadline for the TV broadcasters to transition the spectrum to T-Mobile’s use.

The image you see at the top of this post shows the regions in which broadcasters aren’t in the wireless band, which means that T-Mobile can begin deploying its network this year. You can then watch the animation slowly fill in with more magenta as it progresses toward July 2020, when all of the 600MHz spectrum should be transitioned for T-Mo use.

As a reminder, T-Mobile has said that it plans to have a Samsung device with 600MHz support in time for the holidays. No other devices have been confirmed for 2017 yet, but T-Mo has said that other manufacturers are making plans for their own 600MHz products.

Which phase of T-Mobile’s 600MHz transition is your part of the country in?

Via: Reddit
Source: How Mobile Works

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