Costco offering $150 Cash Card with purchase of T-Mobile Galaxy S8


Looking for another deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8? You may want to visit Costco.

The bulk retailer is now running a deal on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that’ll get its members a $150 Costco Cash Card with the purchase of either T-Mobile model. The Costco Cash Card will be delivered via mail-in rebate.

Also of note is that this deal includes Samsung’s offer of a free Gear VR with Controller, and Costco says that Galaxy S8 and S8+ buyers will receive a Tylt Power Essentials pack with activation.


Samsung is also running an offer that’ll give Galaxy S8 and S8+ buyers a free Entertainment Kit with a Clear View Standing Case, 64GB microSD card, and six-month subscription to Netflix. To get this bundle, you need to register with your device in the Shop Samsung app. It’s unclear if this offer stacks with Samsung’s Gear VR deal, but it could be worth trying to get both.

Costco’s $150 Cash Card deal is valid from May 4 to May 11, so you’ve still got some time to take advantage of it. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ just launched, so getting a $150 Costco rebate is a pretty nice deal for the new Android flagship, and the added accessories make the offer even better.

Via: Reddit
Source: Costco

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