T-Mobile reportedly working on new program for customers to buy phones


There have been some rumblings lately about JUMP! On Demand and whether or not it’ll be going away soon, and while there’s still nothing official on the matter, a new report has come out that claims that T-Mobile may have another program for buying phones in the works.

A new report claims that T-Mobile is planning a new Un-carrier move that wants to give customers a phone-buying plan that’ll be commitment free and include a lifetime warranty and insurance. This way, if you break your phone and want a new one or you just want to switch from your current device to a new one, you can. That’s according to marketing materials allegedly seen by Android Authority, who claim that this new plan is likely to launch in Q3 2017.

The current JUMP! On Demand program lets you trade in your phone for a new one during the lease period. However, insurance isn’t included with JOD!, and your device must be in good working condition when you want to trade it in for a new phone. By including insurance, is an improvement that this rumored program could offer over JOD!.

Today’s report also claims that T-Mobile plans to offer its own device. As with T-Mo’s rumored phone payment program, details on this device are pretty light, but the report does say that T-Mo’s phone will be focused on offering flagship-tier features and a more affordable price.

Source: Android Authority

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