Next T-Mobile Tuesday will include free MLB.TV Premium, chance to win MLB All-Star Week trip


Next Tuesday is the day that T-Mobile customers will can sign up for a free MLB.TV Premium subscription, and now T-Mo has revealed what else is has in store for the April 4 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

The big gift for all T-Mobile customers next week is a free one year subscription to MLB.TV Premium, which gives you access to every out-of-market game for the 2017 MLB season as well as features like home or away broadcasts, live game DVR, and multi-game viewing. Also included is a free subscription to the MLB At Bat Premium app for iOS and Android.

You will have to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app (Android, iOS) to get your free MLB.TV Premium subscription, so be sure to have the app ready once the calendar flips over to April 4.

Other gifts available to T-Mo customers on April 4 include a free baseball movie rental on VUDU and a $2 Dunkin’ Donuts promo card.

Next week’s grand prize is an all-expense-paid trip to MLB All Star Week, which takes place July 9-12 in Miami, Florida. Other prizes will include $100 and $50 MasterCard gift cards for MLB gear.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Corey Jalette


    • Grayline S. Lowe, Jr.

      You are correct, sir.

  • Deadeye37

    VUDU is back….although we’ll see if we have to get a baseball movie. I’m not a baseball fan (unless I go to an actual game, then its kinda fun).

  • steadymobb

    Except the games are always blacked out unless you’re out of town. Great if you’re a fan of teams in other cities though.

    • Eric Butler

      MLB made deals with all the teams’ local stations over the winter where you can stream through them now so you’re covered.

      • steadymobb

        Ooo nice – I hated that, it made it useless. Good to know!

      • Elf

        Actually, it’s not quite true that all blackouts will be lifted. There are still several caveats in place. And if I’m reading it correctly, Dodger fans in SoCal who do not have Spectrum cable (formerly Time Warner) will still have Dodger games blacked out since their games air on the channel owned by Spectrum.

    • Kevin

      It’s 2017. Use a VPN. Problem solved.

      • steadymobb

        … On my phone through the app? I don’t care enough to do that. But when I see used it every once in a while it’s just been annoying. I’m any case, it sounds like Blackouts won’t be an issue this season so not concerned

  • Sharti24

    Can you use the code on a tv? Ie roku or amazon firestick mlb app

    • Ianpaps

      Yes, sign up first on your T-Mobile phone using your data, not wifi (has to identify you as T-Mobile customer). After that you can sign in anywhere using your username/password on any app (Apple TV, roku, etc)

  • coakl

    Incredibly complex, detailed, consumer-unfriendly blackout rules at:
    Bottom-line: If you live in the “home market area” of a team, you probably won’t see any games with that team, whether they’re playing at home or away. There’s a few oddball exceptions, but don’t count on them.

    • stuman19741974 .

      In Chicago, I believe we will finally be able to watch Cubs games on the NBC Sports iPhone app!

  • coakl

    Incredibly complex, detailed, consumer-unfriendly blackout rules at:
    mlb. mlb. com/mlbtv/help-center/blackout-info.jsp

    Bottom-line: If you live in the “home market area” of a team, you probably won’t see any games with that team, whether they’re playing at home or away. There’s a few oddball exceptions, but don’t count on them.

    • cortexiphan1

      Many quality inexpensive VPN’s will help get around that…

  • The One

    Baseball is boring! Give us access to the NFL or NBA network!

    • Locust Gee

      NHL too.

    • steveb944

      Other carriers have that.

      • The One

        Exactly my point! That’s what the people want T-Mobile to provide.

        • steveb944

          My point is other sports are under competing contracts.

  • Corey Jalette

    Is it tomorrow yet?
    Can’t wait for the s8/s8+ to be announced.
    Need to know pricing before I jump to a new phone. If it’s way to much, I’m getting the iPhone 7+ again. I’ve seen rumored pricing but I want to see what carriers are going to charge and what goodies come with the phone if any.

    • Andrew Singleton

      once you put your hands on an s8+, you will start vomiting money.

      • Corey Jalette

        Oh I’m sure. Lol. About 3 hours left till we find out.

  • steveb944

    One of the best weeks it seems for me, not sure why they would limit it to a baseball movie.

  • Sharti24

    So we cant watch local baseball teams unless youre out of the area or use a vpn? Who would ever purchase this?

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  • vinnyjr

    Best BaseBall app made. $129.00 to purchase. If U R a BaseBall fan this is a must have. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere!!!

  • Dave Eisterhold

    So how does one get the 2017 MLB freebie? MLB.TV log in & account registration requires full payment …. is there a code sent your email or do you get a phone text? The T-Mobile Tuesday’s free stuff instructions aren’t very clear sbout claiming this.

    • B.Cook

      Quit the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and then go back in. It is a bit slow in switching screens. You should see a REDEEM button to press, just wait a bit, then another screen will appear giving you directions to go to MLB.TV where you put in your phone number and MLB account info. Got mine to work. You might need to turn off your WiFi as well.