T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge receiving March security update


The HTC One M9 isn’t the only T-Mobile phone that’s receiving a software update today.

T-Mobile is now pushing updates to its Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The update is a smaller one, coming in at just 51MB, and it includes the March 1, 2017 security patches.


If you haven’t yet received this update on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, you can check for it by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

Thanks, Rick and Jesse!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge

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  • vinnyjr

    Just got it.

  • Verizonthunder

    If having trouble with update not being received by your device. Just download Opera VPN select Canada, and your update should appear. I am able to get my updates fast on my OnePlus 3 smartphone… Now rocks 7.1.1

  • my update was 51.82. Not sure why it’s a wee bit more than the 51.24 as stated in the article.

  • Giro

    I’m starting to hate samsung, this update broke the fingerprint enrollment on one of my phone and samsung pay didn’t work. On the other is screw up the SD card all data gone..Always something with this updates..

    • HeatFan786

      Backup your pertinent data to Samsung Cloud if you haven’t. See if you have a backup of your SD card data as well. Samsung Cloud backed up my music files and created double files when I had my SD card in my phone after a factory data reset last week. A factory data reset should solve your fingerprint issues and Samsung Pay issues.

    • Todd N.

      Updates don’t touch the SD card so it’s unlikely the update did anything, this is assume you have not rooted your device or tampered with it in anyway. Likely the SD went bad because of a corrupt partition because the microsd was of poor quality. When the phone reboots and detect issues like this you might get prompt warning you of a problem or when things go bad really bad the SD is automatically reformatted.That said, the common cause for this is cheap MicroSD cards. I personally stay away from Sandisk as I have had nothing but bad issues with that brand. I recommend to use Samsung or even better Lexar brand microsd cards. Cheap cards just mean you have a higher chance of data lose… so don’t do it.

      I recommend you remove your SD card and do a factory reset (after you back-up all of your data). If don’t know how to backup data, search on Youtube. After you start the factory reset give the phone 25-30min after the reset to reboot and just sit there to allow it cycle everything back to a “fresh” state. Meaning don’t touch it. I did this after upgrading to Android 7.0 and my S7 has been butter smooth with great battery life. Keep in mind our phones are just like computers/pc, after a while they bog down with crap that is left over from normal use and installing of apps. Factory resets every 3-6 months is a good idea to keep your phone running it’s best and can help reduce common security threats.

      If that doesn’t help, you may just have a bad phone and need to call Samsung/Tmobile. I personally don’t enable auto updates so I can always take the time to back-up my data just in case things go wrong. Stuff like this happens to all mobile devices including iPhones…. you got to be prepared for it.

      • derangedlunatech

        Yeah – so I too lost my SD card. Literally my SD card was working before the update, I was listening to music stored on it. As soon as update was done and the phone rebooted, I got the “unsupported card” error. PC can’t read it, phone won’t reformat it.

        Now I know this *could* have nothing to do with the update, but that is mighty coincidental timing…

  • Eoj Wolb

    I did the update and had no problems with my fingerprints. Not too sure about Samsung pay yet, but looks okay.

  • HeatFan786

    I haven’t noticed any newer features or anything like that. My FP sensor works and nothing about Samsung Pay not working.

  • Brian Richards

    I’m having severe overheating and I’ve gone off network to Emergency Calls Only twice since this update. Sigh.

    • JJCommonSense

      Have u tried clearing your cache partition and rebooting?

    • T Redd

      have you had any crackling sounds from the top speaker?

  • FanboisSuck

    I was really hoping for a battery life fix

  • Daria Munik

    Great model! But a a little overpriced this days ; even for a rugged! I have seen some AGM models around with a better PPR… i have such fond memories of this phone, tho … it started my passion for rugged phones :)

  • shorekitten

    Hopefully it will fix the crappy update from a couple weeks ago that slowed down my phone and kills the battery life. I almost hate to do it.

  • Xman 0824

    Just got it on my Sprint s7. But I haven’t had any battery issues.

  • vision33r

    Every Samsung phone I have runs a custom rom, it’s only in a custom rom that all the issues are resolved such as stuttering, battery drain, and lag.

  • T Redd

    Anybody experiencing crackling sounds from top speaker?