T-Mobile discounting LG V20 to $480, other phones on sale, too


If you’re looking to get a deal on a new smartphone, T-Mobile is now offering discounts on a few different devices.

The LG V20 is now available for $480, or $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $20 each. That’s $289.99 off the V20’s normal asking price.

While the V20 will soon be replaced by the G6 as LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the V20 is still a respectable device. It’s got high-end specs like a 5.7-inch Quad HD display and Snapdragon 820 processor, and there’s a second screen above the main display that’ll show you notifications, app shortcuts and more. The V20 also comes preloaded with Android Nougat.

If the V20’s not quite your thing, T-Mobile is also offering discounts on the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10, LG Stylo 2 Plus, and Kyocera Duraforce XD. Here’s how those prices break down:

Thanks, Cameron!

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  • phillyundead

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried out the v20 nice I had to give up the note 7 and regret it. The thing bootlooped within a month and left me stranded in downtown Philadelphia. My advice is stay away from LG from. T-Mobile really should start selling other android phones.

    • Aaron Davis

      Like the Pixel, maybe?

      T-mobile is too busy being an apple/samsung store to care about any other brands.

      • marque2

        TMo is really good with BYOD. Buy a Moto G5 and bring it in. I know several people with OnePlusX phones on TMo as well. I have put on three Google Nexus phones as well.

        • Rob

          If you’re going to BYOD, you’re better off going to a T-Mobile MVNO. I have Mint and it costs me 14 a month for what I was paying T-Mobile 50 a month for. The only reason to get a postpaid plan these days is if you can’t shoulder the cost of your phone upfront but make no mistake, the price you pay for postpaid is a total scam. It used to be 50 a month with a free phone on a 2 year contract with a termination fee. Now it’s 50 a month plus 30 a month for the phone for 2 years and the cost of the phone IS the termination fee. T-Mobile pulled a fast one on everyone and now they have record profits because they got rid of carrier subsidies and instead made the device itself the contract. Jump and JoD are nice gimmicks when there is actually a device worth upgrading to but I’m down from 80 a month to 14 – that’s almost 800 a year in savings which is enough to buy a new phone, not to mention whatever you get for selling your old one.

        • Acdc1a

          There’s a lot of people, myself included who travel extensively. A T-Mobile MVNO doesn’t give me $0.20 voice calls, free internet, and free text messaging.

        • Bonedatt

          I believe some of them actually mimic T-Mobile’s plan depending on the agreement they signed with T-Mobile.

        • marque2

          You are an individual user, things are more expensive. If you have a family plan there isn’t a decent pay as you go plan that is any cheaper. Just converted to Tmobile One, with 5 phones and expect to pay $135 a month. (Note this is with a $20 discount because two phones use under 2 gigs a month) $27 per phone with unlimited (28 gig) data and 10 gig tethering is not bad.

          You could always get together with a few friends and join up to get a Tmo family, or business plan together.

        • Aaron Davis

          It’s not about using the phone on the network, the problem is that they refuse to offer anything nexus or pixel -related through EIP.

        • marque2

          I bought all my Nexus’es straight from Google. Not sure why you would need one from Tmobile, unless you need the monthly payment plan.

      • phillyundead

        Well, yes. I am annoyed that they don’t have other phones but the pixel was googles fault. I wouldn’t buy the pixel if it was on T-Mobile anyway. Not paying that much for a phone that lacks so many things. I’d like to have a chance to try the Honor 8, or Axon 8 or even the One plus with T-Mobile Jump on demand.

    • All2shop

      I have 4 LG V20’s from Tmobile since day one to replace the Samy Note7 and the LG V20’s has been great 100% of the time. I just ordered the LG G6 on the JOD and there in stock. So I just be getting them sometime next week. You probably got a LG V20 from a bad batch of phones.
      When my Wifey got an Samy S7 Edge sealed in the box from Tmobile the home button was stuck and did not push in or out. Sometime shit happens like that from the manufacture. All you can do is just return it / exchange it.

  • Matt Macaluso

    Rumor is they are removing the V20, and possibly other phones, from JoD. I for one can’t wait to get rid of the V20 and move on to the G6 for a few weeks. Soon after the G6 will be the S8.

    Don’t start fucking with JoD T-Mobile!

    • Joshua Allen

      The v20 is no longer sold on JoD. Sorry fellas.

  • SirStephenH

    I wouldn’t get a V20 until they recognize the camera glass defect. Can’t make a warranty claim until they acknowledge the problem.

    • steveb944

      Breaking? Could just get a case

    • noh1bvisas

      what camera glass defect? i’ve had mine since october (and have dropped it) with no issues.

      • Rollotomassi

        yes i have one and the camera glass broke after 2 months. apparently they didn’t reinforce it properly since it is wider than the v10

  • Francisco Peña

    I was going to get the v20 last month when it was $15, along with the S7/S7e.

    Opted to pass on it as it was too big for my tastes.

  • CousinSkeeta

    Still holding out on the discount s7e for my kid but if its not here by next week then he gettin the v20 if its around still

    • marque2

      They sold it forn$360 about three weeks ago.

      • CousinSkeeta

        That was a flash sell unlike the offer with the v20…

      • james miles

        It was a mistake and they corrected it the next day Samsung stayed on sale I wAs going to buy three went of quick TMobile guy got a memo saying it was a misyake

  • Rick_Diesel

    very discouraging they dont offer this kind of pricing to JOD customers

    • Corey Jalette

      If you email John Legere about it they would help you out. I did that when they had the $360 price. Missed that deal but they paid out my JOD and put me on eip they out the money down to make it 360$ price and they paid the taxes on it. Just bought it out last weekend. Now waiting for the s8+ to get back on JOD. Till then my bill is $30+ cheaper.

      • Rick_Diesel

        get back on JOD? they dont offer it anymore so if you paid off whatever phone you had it on its gone forever (is what my understanding is). Also highly doubt emailing John Legere will do anything

    • marque2

      What does JOD stand for? (EDIT I figured it out Jump on demand – duh on my part)

  • NardVa

    Not going to pay $480 for a phone you sold for $360 just two weeks ago.

    • james miles

      That was a mistake went off sale next day someone goofed up I went in and it was off sale already

      • carlos quintanilla

        I got mine for $360 and a free projector via rebate =). Great phone for $360 $480 not so much.

        • 3165dwayne

          i feel the same way about the iPhone and s8.

  • noh1bvisas

    the g6 is NOT a replacement for the v20. no removable battery, no quad DAC…

  • Rob Daman

    I bought a V20 when the preorders were out and they had $200 trade in rebates. That was October. I’ve been bugging both Tmo and LG and they both point fingers at each other to handle it. I’m out $200 and still making payments. Never ever will deal with rebates again.

  • ValuedOne

    I do NOT trust LG anymore. LG did not fix the LG G4. Nor did they inform customers of a system problem with the phone. My phone failed 20 months after purchase and 21 months after date of manufacture. LG extended but limited warranty to 18 months. So outside of 18 months, you are out of luck. The issue I read is with their manufacturing line that leaves bad contacts on the motherboard. I purchased the phone from T-Mobile, but they referred me over to LG, since I did not purchase extended warranty. LG said that since my phone was out of warranty it would cost me $179 to fix the phone, that I paid $663 just 21 months ago.